Here’s Every New Starbucks Drink for 2020—So Far

We have the details on every Starbucks new drink for 2020. Each one sounds better than the last!

If you’ve visited your local Starbucks since the beginning of the year, you may have noticed a few new additions to the menu. The popular coffee chain has already launched six new beverages for 2020 (with more to come, we’re sure!), including both hot and iced options. These drinks are currently available under Starbucks’ new ‘to-go’ model.

Here’s what you need to know about each new Starbucks drink.

Almondmilk Honey Flat White

Honey, honey, how you thrill me! This flat white will have you singing ABBA, thanks to its delicious combination of blonde espresso, almond milk, and honey blend syrup.

“Starbucks Blonde Espresso pairs well with the lighter texture of milk alternatives, especially almond milk. It’s a little bit nuttier, so it complements the almond-based milk,” explains Starbucks product developer Raegan Powell.

Plus, a tall contains two shots of espresso, so it packs plenty of energy to power you through the morning! Learn how much caffeine is in your cup with our guide to Starbucks coffee sizes.

Coconutmilk Latte

As you can probably see, non-dairy milks are a huge trend at Starbucks right now. The Coconutmilk Latte puts a fun spin on the popular espresso-based drink, using steamed coconut milk and a touch of cascara sugar to achieve the perfect balance of sweetness.

Can’t make it to the store? Try these Stabucks copycat recipes at home.

Oatmilk Honey Lattevia

Oatmilk Honey Latte

Oat milk is all the rage right now, in large part thanks to its creamy texture, which mimics cow’s milk more closely than other non-dairy options. To that end, it’s really no surprise that Starbucks is now offering oat milk as a dairy substitute in select stores in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin.

Those lucky locales also get the Oatmilk Honey Latte, which is made from Starbucks Blonde Espresso infused with their Honey Blend, steamed oat milk, and a honey topping.

“When I think about oats and winter, it’s very natural to pair honey with oats,” Powell says. “Just think of a lightly sweetened oatmeal cookie or a warm bowl of oatmeal.”

How delicious does that sound? Hopefully, this tasty drink gets released at all locations soon. In the meantime, order up something special by following our guide to the Starbucks secret menu.

Iced Golden Ginger Drink

If you’re in the mood for something a little cooler, the new Iced Golden Ginger Drink is perfect for spring. This bright yellow beverage features ginger, pineapple, and turmeric flavors, all shaken up with coconut milk and ice.

“Its vibrant color and sunny flavors make you think of springtime,” says Kris Murray, product specialist for the Starbucks Beverage Research & Development team. It’s truly a perfect spring recipe.

Iced Pineapple Matcha Drink

Green tea fans will definitely want to try this new iced drink, which is made with premium matcha green tea, pineapple and ginger flavors, coconut milk, and ice.

“At first sip, you get some of that pineapple flavor complimented by the coconut milk, with matcha and ginger flavors really shining through at the end,” says Murray.

Nitro Cold Brew with Salted Honey Cold Foam

Rounding up the lineup of new Starbucks drinks is the Nitro Cold Brew with Salted Honey Cold Foam. The smooth nitro cold brew you love is topped with a salted honey cold foam and a stripe of sweet and salty toasted honey—yum.

As an added bonus, this seasonal coffee drink has just 40 calories and 7 grams of sugar in a Grande, making it a perfect healthy Starbucks drink.

iced guava passiofruit starbucksvia

Iced Guava Passionfruit Drink

Locking in all the best flavors of summer, the Iced Guava Passionfruit Drink is the all-new Pink Drink we can’t get enough of. Guava, passionfruit, ice and coconut milk are all tossed in a tumbler and shaken up, so every flavor blends and hits the taste buds at the same time.

With all these delicious new Starbucks beverages to choose from, you’ve got a tough choice ahead of you the next time you pull into the drive-thru.

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