Starbucks Just Revealed Its Next Pack of Color-Changing Cups, and People Are Obsessed

Starbucks' color-changing cups are finally back and still full of magic—now's the time to collect yours.

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If you’re looking for a bold way to sip your morning coffee, Starbucks has you covered. These reusable Starbucks color-changing cups literally change color when there’s cold liquid in them, making them the perfect vehicle for your iced latte. We expect the cups to sell ridiculously fast!

Psst: You’ll need a set of cups for Starbucks secret menu drinks.

What Colors Are Included?

Starbucks’ color-changing cups come in pink, blue, green and yellow. The cups change color dramatically when you pour cold liquids in them. The pink cup shifts to a vibrant purple, the green turns into a soft sunset orange, the blue transforms into a pretty violet and the yellow becomes a bold red color.

We’ve never seen anything prettier!

How Much Is the Set?

Each set of four stackable cups retails for $36.90. However, there is a catch—these are only available in Singapore as part of this beautiful summer merch collection. If you want to get them stateside, snag them on eBay, where they’re currently being sold for $49.45.

If you’d prefer something more local, grab one of the cups from the current Starbucks cold cups collection. These might not be color-changing, but they’re all super cute and perfect for your iced coffee. And of course, they’re available at retail stores and Starbucks in the US. Don’t forget to bring your reusable cup to Starbucks to take advantage of that sweet 10-cent discount, too.

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