Elevate Your Deck Décor with Our Favorite Ruggable Washable Outdoor Rug

Updated: May 03, 2024

Ruggable outdoor rugs are known for the fact that they're machine-washable, but their versatility and stylishness are just as noteworthy.

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One of the worst-kept secrets of adulthood is burdensome rugs. When I moved into my first apartment post-college, I had no idea that rugs, of all things, would rack up the highest tab. Between kitchen mats, area rugs, welcome mats and runners, there are so many rugs to buy—and maintain.

They’re expensive, yet they’re hard to keep clean and nice-looking. And, in my experience, unless you’re spending thousands, they don’t last long before morphing into a sad, matted mess. I resigned myself to the fact that with each new rental agreement came a whole bunch of credit-card swipes and a new batch of semi-disposable rugs.

This exact gripe is how Ruggable has found its success. According to the chitter chatter I’d heard both online and off, the brand’s machine-washable carpets lasted longer, looked cuter and came at a fair price point. Who could resist? Well, certainly not I.

After finally testing a Ruggable outdoor rug, I find myself among the brand’s thousands of fans. Keep reading for my full experience.

What is a Ruggable outdoor rug?

Img 8678 RuggableAnnamarie Higley/Taste of Home

Similar to Ruggable’s indoor carpets, the machine-washable Ruggable outdoor rugs consist of two pieces: the decorative rug cover and the nonslip rug pad. The two pieces cling together with a patented technology comparable to Velcro.

Although the decorative rug cover is on the thin side, the included pad has a substantial pile height and cushion to it. Note: There is an ultra-cushioned rug pad available for an additional cost that pairs with indoor rug covers, but the outdoor rug covers only work with the standard rug pad.

The indoor and outdoor rug covers come in a handful of materials, including plush, shag, classic, faux hide and jute, as well as a variety of sizes and shapes, from narrow runners to large circles to small mats.

And that’s not to mention the range of styles for sale. On the site, you’ll find separate pages for Scandinavian, geometric, farmhouse, modern, Moroccan and vintage rugs. And that doesn’t even begin to cover the diversity within each category. I chose the Arcadia Multicolor Rug, in keeping with my affinity for vibrance and florals.

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Ruggable Outdoor Rug Features

Most importantly, the Ruggable outdoor rug covers boast the indoor rug covers’ claim to fame: They, too, can be washed and dried in most standard washers and dryers.

The patented two-piece rug system, the parts of which can be purchased separately, grip together so you needn’t worry about folding or slipping. Also, the standard rug pads work with all rug covers of the same size, so they’re technically interchangeable.

My specific 5×7 indoor-outdoor rug is made of durable polyester. It’s water- and stain-resistant, thanks to an internal polyurethane barrier. It’s also slow to grow mold or mildew or to fade. These elements add up to a rug that’s able to withstand, well, the elements. See more outdoor-ready decor.

How We Tested It

RuggableAnnamarie Higley/Taste of Home

The Ruggable outdoor rug has been doing its thing on my deck for two weeks now.

Outdoor Testing

It was a little tricky to set up the rug by myself because the cover and pad are so clingy when in contact with each other (ultimately a good thing). So, I’d recommend two people lay out bigger rug covers to ensure they’re applied straight and smoothly to the pad.

The rug is in an area that doesn’t get a lot of action in terms of foot traffic but tons in terms of sunlight. Despite this, there are no signs of discoloration. And it’s picked up no real dirt or stains, which is still notable because anyone who does walk over the rug is wearing shoes.

Moreover, it hasn’t moved at all. The rug is tucked under the corners of some outdoor furniture, which I’m sure helps its cause, but the pad seems to keep the cover in place to prevent any wrinkling or folding.

It did rain heavily once during these past two weeks, and the rug took more than 24 hours to fully dry. While still wet and damp, the rug was a bit slick to walk over. I was slightly surprised by the lengthiness of the drying process, but all that said, I’ve observed no mildew or mold growth, so I can easily get past it.

How to Wash Ruggable Outdoor Rug?

 Ruggable Before And After 3Annamarie Higley/Taste of Home

And what’s a Ruggable outdoor rug review without a synopsis of the washing experience?

Because my rug didn’t organically acquire any stains, I decided to dirty it myself in order to assess just how easy Ruggable carpets are to clean.

I spilled a glob of salsa on the rug cover’s cream-colored flower to really make a mark. From there, I spot-treated it with my trusty Spray ‘n Wash, as I would my linens and clothing. (I couldn’t find anything about spot-treating on Ruggable’s site, so I trusted my gut.)

From there, I swept the rug, which I’d definitely recommend. Mine was littered with leaves and seedlings that I didn’t want to get stuck in my machine.

Based on Ruggable’s handy reference guide, I knew my 5×7 rug cover would fit in my top-loading Amana washing machine that’s 3.5 cubic feet. (I Googled the capacity of my machine model, and it popped up at the top of the results page—easy peasy!) In fact, I had room to spare; I probably could’ve tossed in some dirty clothes too.

I washed the rug cover on the delicate setting with mild laundry detergent, as per Ruggable’s instructional video. The explainer, however, mentioned nothing about water temperature, so I went with cool water to be safe.

Next, I dried the rug cover on the delicate setting to ensure it was only exposed to low heat. Because of this, the rug cover required two cycles to get fully dry; the Ruggable site warns of this with larger rugs.

Afterward, the rug looked just as bright and brand-new as before! No salsa in sight. Plus, it smelled so fresh. I’m looking forward to tracking its longevity in the coming months.


  • Attractive, with style options for everyone
  • Comfortable on the feet
  • Interchangeable
  • Washable, even at home
  • No slip
  • Reasonable price point


  • Slow to dry after rain


Can Ruggable rugs get wet?

Ruggable outdoor and indoor rug covers are specially made to be water-resistant so they’re easier to clean and so spilled liquid doesn’t seep through to the pad. Moreover, they can be washed and dried. So, in these capacities, Ruggable outdoor and indoor rugs can both get wet.

The Ruggable outdoor rugs, specifically, hold up fine in the rain, too, as long as it’s not going to precipitate for a prolonged period of time. In this event, bring the rug indoors so it doesn’t grow mildew.

Do you need the pad with an outdoor Ruggable?

Rug covers and rug pads are sold separately, but it’s not recommended that you buy a rug cover on its own if you don’t already have a Ruggable rug pad. The rug pad is what lends much of the cushion as well as the nonstick quality. So even outdoors, a rug pad is strongly suggested.

Do Ruggable rugs actually fit in the washer?

Yes, with some exceptions. The online guide mentioned above indicates which size rug covers fit in which size washing machines. For example, a 9×12 outdoor rug only fits in a washer with a capacity of 4.2 cubic feet or more, meaning I wouldn’t have been able to wash a rug of that size at home. My 5×7 rug, on the other hand, fits in all washing machines.

What Other Reviewers Had to Say

It wouldn’t be right to sweep other customers’ rave reviews under the rug, now would it?

Satisfied user Ewa claims that, between the dirty paws, accidents and fur, this Ruggable outdoor rug is a must for pet owners. “Just this week, it came in handy as my pup had a rough intestinal morning,” she says. “Easy wash and dry and back on the floor!”

Another buyer, Christine, also emphasizes the simplicity of the cleaning process, as well as the rug’s ability to withstand the elements. “Finally!” she says. “A mat…that doesn’t look gross after a rainy day.” 

A clever customer named Emily uses the rug inside and finds its thickness and softness to be equal to those of traditional indoor rugs. “This rug is surprisingly comfortable against bare feet,” she says. “And [it] really ties my large bathroom together.”

Product Comparison

Although Ruggable rugs were the first of their kind when the company started in 2010, some other machine-washable options have joined the playing field. From what I can tell, they’re all similarly priced, within about $50 of each other, but Ruggable’s style options are far and away the most robust.

(Beware that many rugs listed as washable aren’t machine-washable but rather washable with a hose or other similar cleaning implement.)

Compared to Ruggable indoor rugs, the outdoor rugs aren’t as cushy or soft due to the decreased material options, but that’s to be expected. Who’d want a shag rug picking up debris outdoors, anyway?

There also isn’t the option to upgrade to a cushioned rug pad with outdoor rugs. Again, this isn’t a huge deal because there’s a general understanding that outdoor rugs are inherently less comfy-cozy than indoor rugs.

Other than that, Ruggable’s two main product lines are the same cost and the same high quality.

Final Verdict

My Ruggable outdoor rug completely won me over. I was a bit dubious of the rugs’ “washability”—was I going to have to go to the laundromat? But it was so easy to clean and upkeep within my four walls. (One of these steam mops would help too!)

Additionally, the style selections were overwhelming in the very best way. I can’t believe how many cute designs there are, and the inventory is constantly updated and improved. (The Faye Natural Pop Rug is next on my list.) No matter your use, space or design style, there’s a rug for everyone.

The two-piece rug system is ingenious. The pad makes the rug feel more luxurious beneath your feet, all while ensuring the rug—and you—don’t slip.

I really don’t have one bad thing to say about Ruggable. I care a lot about decorating my home, and my deck was a place where I had yet to infuse any personality and flair. The Ruggable outdoor rug did it in one fell swoop, and every time I walk outside, the sight of it makes me smile.

Where to Buy a Ruggable Rug

Ruggable Outdoor Rug via merchant

Ruggable outdoor and indoor rugs are available primarily through the company’s website, but there are some options at Target too. Prices run the gamut, but my 5×7 outdoor rug cost $229—a fair price for both the cover and pad, in my opinion. I’m so obsessed, I’ll never not plug this rug.

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