Even Meat-Eating Shoppers Hail This Tofu Press as the “Solution to Soggy Tofu,” and It’s Under $23

Updated: Apr. 10, 2023

Preparing tantalizing tofu dishes is easy when you enlist the help of the Noya tofu press.

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People don’t appreciate tofu like they should, and I know the reason why: they’re not preparing it correctly. I can’t blame meat eaters for shutting down when talk turns to “meat alternatives,” but I don’t consider tofu a substitute for meat. When properly prepped, tofu is the star of any dish. It’s flavorful and boasts a crispy exterior with an addicting, chewy interior. The secret to cooking the perfect tofu? A tofu press.

Why do home cooks need a tofu press?

Tofu is also referred to as “bean curd,” and it comes from a process similar to cheesemaking. Instead of dairy products, soy milk is separated into curds using coagulants. Silken tofu includes both soy milk and curd, while firm tofu is just pressed curds. Silken tofu is ideal for thickening smoothies and creating creamy sauces. Firm tofu is the stiffer stuff that comes in blocks. This is the type that people are usually familiar with.

If you think tofu is a flavorless, bouncy block of bland, I’m here to change your mind. The first step when preparing delicious tofu dishes like air fryer tofu parmigiana is draining the tofu. I used to press my tofu by wrapping it in a towel and popping it onto a plate, then adding something heavy like my Lodge cast iron skillet on top. Over time, the water drains out of the tofu and soaks into the towel. This leads to a drier tofu block that responds well to baking and searing.

While it’s perfectly fine to drain tofu that way, it often takes several hours for tofu to fully drain. Plus, changing the towel periodically is a must to ensure all the liquid leaves the block. Any remaining tofu juice lends to soggy tofu that doesn’t get crunchy or brown when baked—bummer. That’s why shoppers love using the Noya tofu press instead.

How Does the Noya tofu press work?

Noya Tofu Pressvia merchant

The Noya tofu press minimizes the mistakes people make when cooking tofu by ensuring that it’s properly drained prior to cooking. It’s simple and takes only minutes to operate. Open the canister and remove the U-shaped tray inside. Then, place a block of tofu on the tray. The rectangular shape of the tray keeps the block in place, and a set of handles on either end of the tray make it easy to pop the tray back inside the canister.

Return the lid of the canister and secure it using the locks on either side. Then, twist the center dial. A strong stainless steel spring pushes down on the block to evenly and carefully press the tofu. An even press is critical to prevent cracks in your vegan chicken nuggets. After 10 minutes, tilt the tofu press over a sink to drain out the water. The U-shaped tray prevents pressed tofu from coming into contact with released moisture, so it doesn’t rehydrate.

Once the tofu is drained, take it out by releasing the side locks. Now it’s time to cook up some delicious mapo tofu, or marinate it prior to frying or baking for enhanced flavor. This can be done right in the Noya tofu press, too!

Other Noya Tofu Press Reviews

Verified shopper Jeremiah writes, “Tofu has been a staple in my diet for years, but I’ve always pressed it with a cutting board and some textbooks or just between my hands. A tofu press seemed like a luxury good that is superfluous to my kitchen needs. I bought it on a whim with the intent of returning it. You know, I just wanted to see why anyone would spend the $20. Well, once I got it in the mail, I soon realized just how much I love this little fella!

It’s so easy to use. You put your tofu in, secure the lid in place, and twist. You’ll instantly see tofu juices collecting underneath. The lid has a corner with slits in it for easy draining while your tofu is still being pressed.

When you’re done pressing the juices out of your tofu, the container’s insert is scored for easy dicing! Then you can marinate the tofu in the same container!”

Where to Buy the Noya Tofu Press

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Normally retailing on Amazon for $32.99, the Noya tofu press is currently available for $23 thanks to a 30% discount. Pick it up before the price goes up and enjoy a whole new world of delicious tofu dishes like crispy black pepper tofu and air fryer tofu steaks. Bon appétit!

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