We Tried a Lift-Top Coffee Table as a Space-Saving Solution—Here Are Our Thoughts

Updated: Jan. 05, 2024

A lift-top coffee table is a smart fix for small-home dwellers. We put one from Wayfair to the test to see if it's worth it.

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If there’s one thing about me, it’s that I’m obsessed with affordable home decor to make my apartment feel luxe and cozy. As a shopping editor, I love learning all the best home hacks to style my apartment in a way that feels open and welcoming. Because of this, I haven’t found a coffee table worth falling in love with just yet. Some tables cut off the flow of the room and aren’t always necessary, depending on the living room layout. My last apartment in New York was entirely too small for a coffee table, and I just haven’t gotten around to researching one I love since moving to a bigger spot outside of the city.

That was until I discovered lift-top coffee tables. I’ve had my eye on a lift-top coffee table since they started trending on social media. Not only does the table top lift up to offer a functional work or dining station, but there’s hidden storage underneath, too. A coffee table that adds a work/dining area and boasts hidden storage was music to my ears as a small-apartment dweller, so I had to put it to the test. Here’s my honest lift-top coffee table review.

What is a lift-top coffee table?

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This furniture piece is quite literally a coffee table with a top that lifts up. A handful of affordable styles are available online (I found mine on Wayfair), but the best tables reveal hidden storage under the top. Bonus points if the coffee table has a bottom shelf for even more storage! The hidden storage is an attractive feature alone for stashing games, blankets or anything you don’t want to display out in the open. But what’s really intriguing is that the top doubles as a desk or dining table. As I write this, it’s a rainy, Friday afternoon working from home at my lift-top coffee table/work station. It instantly transforms a cozy couch into a productive little work area.

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Why is the lift-top coffee table trending?

It’s because home decor enthusiasts, like myself, are obsessed with finding functional furniture pieces that do double-duty. It’s a coffee table, work station, storage area and makeshift dining table all in one. I mean, what’s more to love than that? In a video that’s amassed more than 500,000 views from @everyday_homedecor, the creator shows why it’s the best investment for small-home dwellers. What looks like a regular coffee table transforms into a desk or eating area, all while creating space for hiding items you don’t want on display. Now that’s a fun party trick to whip out when guests are around.


How We Tested It

My lift-top coffee table review started by researching the best one for my living room. My dream table needed to check the following boxes: matches my home decor aesthetic, includes ample storage under the top and preferably bottom shelves, too, and is under $200. I scoured lift-top coffee table reviews on Wayfair and Amazon for a few days before taking the plunge. I eventually found my match on Wayfair. I knew the white wood with a marble top would brighten up my living room, and it boasted storage under the top and two bottom shelves. The first step is complete!


Now for the not-so-fun part: assembly. A handful of lift-top coffee table reviews mention it’s easy to assemble, so I felt confident I could get the job done. I’ve assembled my fair share of Wayfair and Amazon furniture, so I was banking on a positive attitude to get me through. Just like any online furniture piece, it came with clear instructions and all the nuts and bolts required. The first several steps were straightforward and easy to complete.

It was the coffee table legs that really stumped me, however. The legs include two wooden pieces that, when assembled, are supposed to attach to the table seamlessly. My experience was not, in fact, seamless, and I spent an hour or two undoing and redoing it to make it fit. I ultimately did figure it out, but there are still imperfections to how they attached. Still, as long as the coffee table was standing tall and even, I could look past the imperfections on the legs. When I finally got to the last step (aka screwing on the top), I placed it on wrong. I tried again, making sure to carefully read the directions about five times until it was finally fixed. It was at this point where I realized adding on the expert assembly would’ve been worth it.

The Finished Table

Toh We Tried Lift Coffee Table Img 1511 Madi Koetting JvcropMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

Once I got over my assembly struggles, my excitement restored itself and I completed the look with a candle, coasters and chocolates on top. Then, I stashed some games and a blanket in the storage area. I also left the bottom two shelves empty to avoid making it look cluttered, but I can see it being useful when I get around to reorganizing my cookbooks.

As for the actual table? It requires little to zero effort to lift up the top. Just be careful not to knock over anything on top of the table when lifting it up. The table glides up smoothly, and it sits slightly higher than my couch. I do wish the table was a tad higher. It’s a little low to comfortably eat or work at for more than an hour. I prefer it as a morning coffee spot, however, as I don’t have a cozy breakfast nook. Just like all the best coffee tables, it gets the job done as a resting spot for drinks or books. I can see it adding valuable space when hosting, too.


  • Sturdy furniture piece with ample storage
  • Adds dining space
  • Expert assembly available (highly recommend)
  • Variety of lift-top coffee table styles
  • Affordable price point


  • Building the table is a time investment, unless you tack on the expert assembly
  • Some reviewers have found the wood is prone to chipping over time

What Other Shoppers Had to Say

Over 600 enthusiastic lift-top coffee table reviews from Wayfair shoppers can confirm the furniture piece is a storage-savvy solution for small (or large) spaces. Here’s what they have to say:

“I love this lift-top coffee table!” writes Susanna, a five-star Wayfair reviewer. “I especially appreciate all the storage space it provides. It was easy to assemble and the top lifts easily. When the top is lifted, it’s not quite as high as I imagined, since it is about the same height as my knees instead of rising an inch or two above. It feels nice and sturdy, looks dressy with the marble top print.”

Final Verdict

To be honest, it wasn’t until days after I assembled my lift-top coffee table that I began to fall in love with it. If I could have a do-over, I would 100% add on the expert assembly for $67 to skip the pain of assembling it. Still, it’s worth it in the end because now I have a coffee table, hidden storage, makeshift kitchen table and work station to enjoy. I wish the table top was slightly higher when lifted up, but it’s incredibly helpful for keeping drinks within arm’s reach while entertaining. This is especially helpful so guests (or myself) don’t have to practically get out of their seat to to reach for their drink. No matter what style you go with, carefully read the lift-top coffee table reviews to narrow your search.

Where to Buy a Lift-Top Coffee Table

Toh Ecomm Janovius Coffee Table Via Wayfair.comvia merchant

If you couldn’t tell by now, a lift-top coffee table is a smart choice for anyone wanting to add savvy storage space and a cozy work-from-home spot. I got mine on Wayfair for $150 (you may even snag a Wayfair deal if you shop at the right time!). There are a ton of affordable lift-top coffee tables available on Amazon, too. Once you find one that matches your living room aesthetic, you’ll thank yourself every time you use it! Seriously, the hidden storage is a game changer.

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