This Mounted Drying Rack Makes Laundry Day So Much Easier

Updated: May 26, 2023

Tired of bumping into your stand-up drying rack? Say hello to this genius, easy-to-mount laundry hanging rack.

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I’m convinced there are two types of people in this world: Those who love laundry day and those who put it off until they have nothing else to wear. I’m in the former camp of people (total shocker as someone who writes about all things home, I know). But even though I look forward to it, I’m a firm believer in life-changing laundry products that make wash day a breeze. When I came across this easy-to-mount laundry hanging rack, I couldn’t help myself. A drying rack that hangs or mounts? Say no more.

What is a laundry hanging rack?

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Equal parts laundry room decor and practical necessity, the Honey-Can-Do laundry hanging rack is a clothing rack that mounts to the wall or hangs on the door. Out of all the laundry hanging racks I’ve researched, this pick stands far above other popular options on Amazon for two reasons. First, it mounts to the wall or hangs on a door, which is a total plus for home dwellers who don’t have a dedicated laundry room.

Second, I love the design of the rustic, farmhouse-y organization product. When it’s time to dry clothing, towels or swimsuits, the rack extends 20 degrees from the wood panel it’s connected to, offering seven rows of drying space. Whether it’s in use or not, it isn’t a total eye sore and takes up zero floor space. Bonus: It doesn’t require advanced handyman skills to install. Talk about an easy home upgrade!

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Why I Love It

Though I love laundry day—from detergent sheets to folding—I hate how my current drying rack makes my clean apartment look cluttered because it takes up ample floor space. I’ve held on to the same stand-up drying rack for six years. Despite it being partially broken, I just haven’t gotten around to replacing it simply because I haven’t found a better solution—until I discovered laundry hanging racks.

The list of noteworthy features is endless. The only storage space needed for this genius organizer is 23 inches by 42 inches of wall or door area. Plus, the seven rows of drying racks easily tuck into the wood panel when the day is done. On any other day, this beauty is basically invisible yet somehow turns an otherwise blank wall into a practical masterpiece. Functional design is finally within reach.

But Don’t Take My Word for It!

I’m not the only one tired of bumping into stand-up laundry racks on wash day. Take it from the hundreds of Amazon shoppers who can’t stop talking about this game-changing find:

Five-star Amazon reviewer, Craig Randall, attests to the organizer’s ease of assembly: “Got this since we air dry about 80% of our clothes (there are six of us). Wall installation took less than 10 minutes and it’s been a fixture in the laundry room for about a year now with no issues. When not in use, it collapses and is almost flush with the wall. It actually looks like it belongs in the room.”

I love this hanging rack!” shares Trisha, a verified Amazon reviewer. “It’s perfect for wet bathing suits, towels or clothes you don’t want to go in the dryer. We like it so much we are buying another one for out by our pool.”

“This rack is great for drying jeans,” raves verified Amazon purchaser, Jason T. “I can fit three pairs and they dry in a day because they aren’t folded over themselves like they were when I dried them on a hanger. I have two of these racks in my laundry room and use them every time I do laundry.”

Where to Buy a Laundry Hanging Rack

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Tired of bumping into your stand-up laundry rack? Head on over to Amazon to snag a laundry hanging rack once and for all. At $73, you’ll score a functional, aesthetically pleasing organizer that installs in less than 30 minutes. I can’t guarantee it’ll transform you into a total laundry lover, but it certainly improves the process. Next, make your wash day even smoother thanks to these best-smelling laundry detergents (we tested them all!).

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