This Space-Saving Serving Board Is My Go-To Gift for Just About Anybody

The Jack of all Trays tray and its endless selection of inserts are a dream gift for entertainers and decorators alike.

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It’s taken me a few years to figure it out, but I can say with confidence that “gifts” is my love language. Contrary to my initial misjudgment of the categorization, there’s nothing superficial or materialistic about loving to receive and give gifts.

Price tag aside, gifts are my preferred way to show loved ones how much (and, oftentimes, why) I love them. Whether it’s a Birthdate Candle for my best friend with whom I share a star sign or a Boarderie platter for my newly engaged sister and her foodie fiance, gifts are a tangible testament to my affection.

Nothing makes my heart sing louder than discovering a customizable product that will genuinely appeal to tons of people in my circle. I get all the fulfillment of giving a heartfelt gift to one of my favorite people—but without the stressful brain-racking.

For the last year or so, the Jack of all Trays tray has been that thoughtful yet one-size-fits-all gift for so many people in my life.

What is Jack of all Trays?

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Produced by Statement Home, the Jack of all Trays, in its most basic form, is a handled acrylic serving tray that comes in white, black, clear or bamboo. The original tray is 20-by-12 inches, and the new mini-size trays are 9.5-by-11.5 inches. That’s all well and good, but it sounds like nothing remarkable, right? See, the double-sided inserts are where things get interesting.

Purchase inserts that match any holiday, season or design style to place within the tray. Statement Home offers marbled inserts, game-day inserts, Mr. & Mrs. inserts—you name it. They fit seamlessly within the acrylic tray and are swapped out with ease. There’s nothing like themed, conversation-starting serve ware for social gatherings.

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Why I Love It

The trays are cute—plain and simple. Even though my sister and I don’t have overlapping styles, she’d also think this product is cute because her inserts wouldn’t be the same as mine. The “Groovy Baby” insert is more my speed, and “The Neutral Ground” insert is totally calling her name. That’s the beauty of Jack of all Trays.

No matter if you have a housewarming or wedding coming up, these trays are ultra-giftable. Plus, you can grow the receiver’s collection of inserts with each future gift-giving occasion.

I gave a clear tray and a few inserts to my boyfriend’s mom for her birthday, and she’s had it on constant display ever since. Let’s just say I know what she’s getting for Christmas too. Shh!

It’s a gift I never feel guilty about giving because it’s so simple to stow. A traditional holiday-themed serving tray would take up the same amount of room but only be used once a year. I don’t know about you, but I (and most people I know) don’t have that kind of kitchen storage space to spare.

With Jack of all Trays, you can stack the inserts within the acrylic base for a small footprint that makes big waves when brought out of the cabinet or pantry.

Where to Buy Jack of all Trays

Jack Of All Trays Serving Boardvia merchant

You can buy Jack of all Trays on the Statement Home website. The original trays and their inserts cost $55 and $25 respectively. And the minis and their inserts cost $32 and $15 respectively. Time to trade out stale gift ideas and serve up something new with Jack of all Trays!

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Annamarie Higley
Annamarie is Taste of Home’s Shopping Editor and previously worked on the brand’s magazine and special issues. It was during this time she tapped into her love language, gifts, and spearheaded the print holiday gift guides in 2021 and 2022. She’s thrilled to continue creating gift guides full time for the shopping team, in addition to testing and reviewing products, spotlighting viral gadgets and editing freelanced content. A midwestern transplant from the San Francisco Bay Area, she enjoys hiking, crafting and—you guessed it!—shopping and cooking.