9 Little-Known Tricks to Save Money at Kroger on Your Next Shopping Trip

Who doesn't love to shop for their favorite foods and save money at Kroger at the same time?

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Groceries are pricey right now no matter where you go, putting us eager savers into overdrive. Shopping sales, clipping coupons and taking the discount detour at your store of choice takes time and energy, which truthfully, we don’t always have after a long work day. Luckily if you shop at Kroger, there are more than a few ways to shop more and spend less. From Fuel Points to Free Fridays, we’ve rounded up nine ways you can save money at Kroger.

1. Keep an Eye Out for Yellow Tags

Yellow tags mean exciting savings at Kroger stores (so exciting that the tags actually say “Woohoo! Great Deal” on them). Woohoo! items are typically placed together, such as in one area of the meat case or a single rack in the produce section. All of the items are fresh but approaching their sell-by date, so Kroger is looking to move them along.

2. Become a Kroger Member

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We have a lot of grocery store secrets to spill, but this one might be one of the best. Signing up for the Kroger membership program is a no-brainer when you’re scouting for savings. Registration is free, and according to Kroger, you could save an average of $576 a year! You’ll get info on sales, weekly specials and personalized digital coupons sent straight to your inbox so you don’t miss a chance to save on your weekly staples.

3. Redeem Fuel Points

If you’re already part of the members-only Kroger club, you know all about Fuel Rewards. Every $1 spent on Kroger items—groceries, household items, other merchandise—gives you one point to put toward savings on fuel. Redeem these points at Kroger Fuel Centers, and you’ll be able to fill up your car onsite after grocery shopping.

4. Use the Kroger Mobile App

If you use your phone to find deals when you shop, the Kroger mobile app was made just for you. Downloading it gives you access to a variety of things: your Kroger Shopper’s Card, digital receipts and the ability to create your grocery list right in the app. Most importantly, you’ll be able to clip digital coupons. You’re able to add them right onto your digital Shopper’s Card and save on purchases, whether they’re in-store or for delivery or pickup.

If you like to grocery shop in store, make sure you understand where to find your grocery items. The store set-up is not quite coincidental!

5. Stack Coupons

That’s right, you’re able to stack coupons on Kroger items that are already a steal. Remember those yellow-tag “Woohoo!” items? You can combine coupons on discounted produce, snacks and pre-made meals and score them for even less. Value shopping at its finest.

6. Shop Kroger Brand Items

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You can save some serious cash stocking your fridge and pantry with groceries from Kroger. Like other grocery stores, Kroger sells hundreds of items under its very own Kroger Brand. You’ll find everything and anything you need: pastas, produce, baking mixes, fillets, frozen snacks and household cleaning supplies. The best thing about Kroger Brand items is that they sell for well-below the price of other name brand items also sold in the store without skimping on quality or taste.

7. Secure a Free Friday Item

Fridays are already great, but Free Fridays are even better. One Friday each month, Kroger offers digital coupons on an item that you can get for free. Here’s what you need to do to score free stuff: Make sure you have a digital Kroger account (if you’re not a member already, sign up here), visit the Free Friday Download page each Friday to see if the promotion is active, and download the digital coupon when it’s available. Once you clip the coupon, you’ll have two weeks to use it.

8. Take the Customer Satisfaction Survey

We’ve all seen the customer satisfaction survey invitation at the bottom of our Kroger receipts. If you’ve never taken a customer survey, you should! They only take a few minutes, they provide valuable feedback, and they will earn you 50 points to use at a Kroger Fuel Center. Every seven days, you can head over to krogerstoresfeedback.com, and fill out the prompts for points. Just make sure you have your receipt handy.

9. Buy Gift Cards

You read that right. Buying Kroger gift cards can actually save you money in the long run. When you purchase a gift card for someone from any Kroger store, you’ll earn double the amount you spent on the gift card in Fuel Points. Gifting is easy too—who doesn’t love a Kroger gift card? Holidays, birthdays, you name it, you’ll be racking up points like a pro, while giving a great gift.

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