15 Hacks to Use While Shopping at BJ’s

Updated: Mar. 25, 2023

Next time you're shopping at BJ's, use these tips to get the most out of your membership. Not a member? These shopping perks will make you want to change that ASAP!

If you live on the East Coast, you’ve probably seen a BJ’s location—or already have a membership. BJ’s is a wholesale store that’s often compared to Costco, and has many of the same shopping perks. Similar to the Costco membership, BJ’s is a “club” and requires a membership. Here’s how to shop at BJ’s while making the most of your BJ’s membership.

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Sign up for a BJ’s membership

The first step to shopping at BJ’s is to sign up for a BJ’s membership. You’ll choose from two membership options. The cheapest is the Club membership, currently priced at $55. It includes coupons and a second membership card for another household member. The Club+ level costs $110 and comes with extra benefits: 2% back in rewards, discounts on gas and access to store events. (If you’re buying a membership for your business, you have a few more options.)

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Shop BJ’s private labels

BJ’s has two private labels that can save you money without giving up quality. For non-food items like laundry detergent and vitamins, look for the Berkley Jensen label. Shopping at BJ’s for groceries? Wellsley Farms has produce, meat, dairy and more.

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Order online and skip the line

Don’t want to shop in the store? Order your groceries online, select a time you want to get them, and then swing by BJ’s for free curbside pickup. It’s a total time saver on busy days.

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Check out the end caps

If you, like most of us, are grocery shopping on a budget, then you won’t want to skip the end caps at BJ’s. You’ll find some of the store’s best deals at the end of the aisles, so make sure to take a look the next time you’re shopping at BJ’s.

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Consider the BJ’s Perks Mastercard

If you love shopping at BJ’s, you might be able to save a little more with its Mastercard credit cards. Each card offers at least 3 percent back in rewards and you’ll also be able to save 10 to 15 cents off per gallon on the store’s already cheap gas prices.

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Fill up on gas

Just like Costco, BJ’s offers the ability to fill up your gas tank at its stores. Plus, if you’re purchasing any of the store’s items with a Fuel Saver icon, you’ll save an extra 10 cents per gallon.

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Get a one-day shopping pass

If you’re not planning to get a BJ’s membership, or you want to check it out before becoming a member, the store offers a one-day pass. However, keep in mind that there will be an extra 20 percent non-membership fee tacked onto most BJ’s listed prices, except for alcoholic products.

No BJ’s nearby? Here’s how to shop at Costco without a membership.

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Bring your manufacturer coupons

Are the manufacturers of a product offering a coupon? Bring that along when you’re shopping at BJ’s! The store’s coupon policy is top notch, allowing you to use both manufacturer and BJ’s coupons at the same time. As long as the single selling unit does not exceed the BJ’s retail price, you are good to go. If you’re curious, here’s the full BJ’s coupon policy. Make sure you’re using one of these grocery shopping apps for online coupons so you don’t miss out on any deals.

Use these other grocery shopping tips to shop like a pro.

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Find cheaper organic items

BJ’s is considered one of the best stores for lower prices on organic foods. Yes, that means even cheaper than Trader Joe’s or Stop & Shop. 

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Use BJ’s secret pricing code

According to the blog My BJ’s Wholesale, BJ’s has a pricing code that lets you know when items are secretly on sale. For example, if a price ends with a 9 (such as $12.99 or $12.49), that means the item is being sold at full price. But if it ends with either .90 or .00, there’s a manager discount.

Did you know that Costco has a similar pricing code as well? Check out more Costco shopping tips to save big.

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Rent a car

If you’re a BJ’s member, you might be able to save up to 35 percent on car rentals. That’s truly convenient for anyone looking to travel. These car rental locations offer the discount. 

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Plan a vacation

Along with renting a car, you can also plan your next vacation through BJ’s! The store offers deals and coupons for vacation needs like flights, cruises and hotels.

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Call BJ’s tech support

Having an issue with a tech item you bought at BJ’s? Call the store’s tech support. BJ’s has experts that can help members over the phone.

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Use BJ’s online coupons

BJ’s monthly coupon book is well known to members, but have you seen the online instant coupons? Shoppers will find deeply reduced prices, including on expensive items like furniture and tech gear. 

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Order new tires

Along with getting gas and renting a car at BJ’s, you can actually order the specific type of tires you need through BJ’s. The store’s online form allows you find the right tires for your car by searching by vehicle, tire size or item number. Plus, BJ’s offer discounts and coupons.