9 Money-Saving Secrets for Shopping at Fresh Thyme

Updated: Mar. 12, 2024

Save at Fresh Thyme Farmers Market just by shopping on one day of the week, plus eight more money-saving tips.

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Fresh Thyme Farmers Market exterior and logo. Fresh Thyme is a chain of grocery stores in the United States.
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Fresh Thyme Farmers Market is a produce-focused grocery chain in 11 states and counting. The prices on fresh local produce and many organic selections are already lower than chains like Whole Foods, but these nine tips will help you save even more on your next shopping trip.

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Sign up for Fresh Thyme Rewards

By signing up for Fresh Thyme Rewards you’ll gain access to all the store coupons in one place, list planning options and rewards for buying certain products. Buy 10 pizzas get one free? Sounds like a deal we can get behind.

Be sure to check out our favorite frozen pizza brands before you make your next trip.

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Get weekly ads in your inbox

Fresh Thyme can send weekly ads to your email inbox for easy access when you’re in the store and one less piece of paper for you to remember. Never miss a sale when the full ad is stored right on your phone. Weekly ads feature sales, coupons, and special products organized by department.

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Get coupons

Check coupons online or with the MyThyme app before your shopping trip for big savings. When I checked for deals at my closest store there was a $5 off $25 coupon that could be used on anything. That is the kind of coupon that you don’t want to miss out on!

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Fresh Thyme Farmers Market. Fresh Thyme Offers Fresh and Healthy Food at Amazing Values
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Shop on Double Ad Day

On one day each week, Fresh Thyme features what it calls Double Ad Wednesday or Double Ad Thursday. Double Ad Day means you can take advantage of both the weekly ad for the coming week and the week about the end. Plan your grocery shopping trips to fall on these days and you can get a discount on almost anything on your list. Check your local ads and store to plan your trip accordingly.

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Shop the bulk bins

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market has everything from rice to dried fruit to nuts to beans in more than 400 bulk barrels in each store. By shopping bulk, you can get the exact amount of any ingredient so you end up with less food waste at home and more money in your wallet.

Try these ideas for money-saving grocery shopping that will work at any store.

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Instagram for savings, not selfies

If you plan to shop at Fresh Thyme make sure to follow the official Instagram account. Posts include information on sales, new products and special in-store events. The store also uses Instagram to post special contests and giveaways for prizes like gift cards and exclusive coupons. You might just get lucky!

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Get rain checks that don’t expire

If an item in the weekly ad runs out of stock while the ad is still valid, you can request a rain check from the staff at your local store. If rain checks are still available for that item you are in luck because rain checks from Fresh Thyme have no expiration date and you will be able to take advantage of the sale price on the item. Don’t be afraid to ask for a rain check or make these shopping mistakes that may cause you to spend too much at the grocery store.

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They’ve got pizza prices you can’t turn down

Even with aisles packed with ripe produce and organic foods, Fresh Thyme offers an American favorite, fresh-made pizzas. Prices vary but many stores offer an eight-inch pizza made right in the store for just $4.99—there is even a gluten-free option.

If you can’t get to Fresh Thyme for that crazy-cheap pizza, try one of our favorite recipes.

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Get free reusable shopping bags

As Fresh Thyme continues to expand across the Midwest (with some locations on the East Coast!) keep an eye out for grand opening events near you. Beyond the special in-store promotions for openings, new stores give away thousands of reusable shopping bags during opening week.

Learn how you can keep these bags clean and ready for shopping.