Want to Know How to Remove Stickers from Appliances? Here’s an Easy Trick!

Have you ever been stymied by a stubborn sticker? Martha Stewart has a secret for how to remove stickers from appliances and other kitchenware.

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Is there anything more annoying than a sticker that just won’t become unstuck from a newly purchased appliance or piece of kitchenware? Step away from the harsh chemicals and razor blades. Martha Stewart has a simple trick for how to remove stickers.

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Here’s a solution for getting stubborn stickers off newly purchased items like these pie plates – just use a hair dryer.

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Martha’s Not-So-Secret Tool

No need to ruin your fingernails the next time you need to remove a tag. In fact, you probably already have the tool you need in your bathroom. Martha uses a hair dryer to remove stubborn stickers! In the video on Instagram, she gently waves a hair dryer over the sticker on a brand-new pie plate, applying heat for about 10 to 15 seconds. Then, she peels the sticker off with ease.

“Apply the heat very closely to the sticker,” Martha says. “It loosens the glue and the sticker is easily removed.”

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It’s Multi-Surface Friendly

According to Martha, this trick can be used on stickers applied to any heat-resistant solid surface. “This can be done on metal, glass, wood, stone, anything—how simple,” she explains in the video. But avoid using this trick on heat-sensitive items, such as plastic, because high heat may cause these items to melt or warp. This easy trick takes less than 30 seconds. As Martha would say, “It’s a good thing!”

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