The Best Cleaning Products, According to Our Test Kitchen

Keep your kitchen clean from top to bottom with our favorite cleaning products. Check out our Test Kitchen's favorites from all-purpose cleaner to degreasers to dish soap.

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1 / 10

All-Purpose Cleaner

This is the cleaning product you likely reach for the most. It’s a multi-tasking wonder that’s used to clean off grimy counters, sticky tabletops and even for wiping down windows.

Find out which brand really cleaned up in our tests.

2 / 10

Stain Remover

Every host dreads having to clean up after a messy spill. Serve red wine—like our favorite boxed version—stress-free when you have a good stain remover on hand.

Here’s our favorite.

3 / 10

Cast Iron Cleaner

If you use your cast-iron pan frequently—and you should be with all these good recipes—you know that sometimes it takes a little extra to get it clean. With the right tool, you can get your pan spick-and-span and ready for more skillet suppers.

Find out what we use to get our cast iron clean.

4 / 10

Oven Cleaner

Sometimes self-clean doesn’t do enough to get your oven completely clean. Give your oven a refresh—and save yourself extra scrubbing—with a good spray-on oven cleaner.

Check out our top pick.

5 / 10

Surface Stain Eraser

A good surface stain eraser can take care of lots of life’s small messes and can even restore our treasured vintage Pyrex.

This is the brand we prefer.

6 / 10

Wood Floor Cleaner

Anyone with wood floors certainly treasures them. However, keeping them looking like new can be tricky. You don’t want to go too harsh with your cleaning products but a quick sweep isn’t good enough for long-term clean.

Find out what we use to keep wood floors looking their best.

7 / 10

Kitchen Degreaser

Everyone has that baking sheet that has seen better days. You don’t need to scrap it! Instead, invest in a good degreaser to bring it back to life.

Check out our go-to product.

8 / 10

Garbage Disposal Cleaner

Your garbage disposal sees a lot of mess, and it deserves a good clean. For this, you don’t need to break out the rubber gloves (save those for dishes). Instead, opt for an easy-to-use pod.

Here’s our favorite brand. Shoppers love their $4 garbage disposal cleaner packets, too.

9 / 10

Paper Towels

We rely on paper towels to take care of all kinds of messes. Since we regularly stock up on rolls, we had to ask if it was really worth it to pay more for the pricier brands.

Find out what our Test Kitchen recommends.

10 / 10

Dishwasher Cleaner

Yes, your dishwasher needs cleaning! After taking care of all your dirty dishes, it’s a good thing to give your dishwasher a clean itself. With easy-to-use pods, it’s no trouble to keep it fresh.

Find out what our Test Kitchen uses.

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