Our Test Kitchen Swears by This Cutting Board Oil to Keep Wooden Pieces in Tip-Top Shape

Updated: Nov. 14, 2023

All-natural, U.S.-made Boos Block Mystery Oil is our cutting board oil of choice. It'll have both you and your cutting board feelin' smooth.

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Any seasoned chef would underscore the importance of oil in the kitchen. A high-quality oil imparts rich flavor, transfers heat more efficiently, helps achieve that crispy, brown outer layer we all crave and spares you the hassle of stuck-on food.

But oil’s essentiality in the culinary space doesn’t stop there. Certain types of oil assist in the upkeep of kitchen equipment and accessories, too. For example, oils such as canola, vegetable, grapeseed and sunflower maintain the surface of your favorite cast-iron skillet. And Boos Block Mystery Oil, a cutting board oil, keeps wooden implements in tip-top shape.

If you’re someone who fancies wooden accessories, such as butcher blocks and cutting boards, or even just wants to salvage a special-to-you wooden spoon, then cutting board oil will be a lifesaver.

What is Boos Block Mystery Oil?

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With nearly 11,000 reviews on Amazon and an average of 4.8 out of five stars, Boos Block Mystery Oil is a food-grade cutting board oil that conditions and revitalizes wooden kitchen items. Think cutting boards (like this meal-prep one!), but also butcher blocks, countertops and even utensils.

Because the list of ingredients is proprietary, the exact components are unknown (hence the “mystery” in “mystery oil”), but it’s speculated that each bottle includes mineral, linseed and orange oils.

What we do know for certain, though, is that the U.S.-made product contains all-natural ingredients and boasts a National Sanitation Foundation certification, so you can feel confident in its safety.

This isn’t just any cutting board oil, by the way. It’s our Test Kitchen’s favorite cutting board oil. Prep kitchen manager, Catherine Ward, calls it a “staple” among her team.

“We use countless wood cutting boards, surfaces and utensils, which can dry out quickly if not properly conditioned,” she says. “When we use Boos Block Mystery Oil, we like to think of it as a spa day for our wooden implements.”

Our pros apply the oil once every four weeks to protect their wooden tools from drying, splintering and cracking.

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Why We Love It

The brand alone is enough to understand why this bottle o’ cutting board oil is so beloved. John Boos has been a trusted presence in the food service equipment space since the late 19th century. That aside, the effectiveness of the oil speaks for itself.

Ward shares that the cutting board oil is incredibly simple to use. “After cleaning and drying a wood item, we apply a generous amount of Mystery Oil to the entire surface, including the sides and bottom,” she notes. “Then, we let it rest for several hours or even overnight. We finish by wiping it down with a clean towel to remove any excess oil and give it a light buff.”

Ultimately, Boos Block Mystery Oil makes cutting board maintenance incredibly cut-and-dry—and it makes the cutting boards themselves anything but.

But Don’t Take Our Word for It!

If the experts in our Test Kitchen don’t have you convinced of the cutting board oil’s quality, hear out some real-life reviewers from Amazon.

In a testimony from verified purchaser, Christine, she says, “My board was in storage for almost two years. However, Boos oil brought it back to life! I am so pleased with the outcome.”

Five-star reviewer, Dan, on the other hand, pointed out the competitive nature of the price. “The 16-ounce bottle is a great value and will last me a long time,” he writes.

Another verified purchaser, Judith Heckl, was most impressed by how it compared to its counterparts. “It went on smoothly. It was not sticky or thick like most [cutting board oils] I have used. It easily soaked into wood,” she adds.

Where to Buy Boos Block Mystery Oil

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At $15 per 16-ounce bottle, Boos Block Mystery Oil is affordable and also readily available. Find the convenient conditioner at Amazon, Walmart and Williams Sonoma. Sets and larger bottles are also sold at Target, The Home Depot and Sur La Table. Your boards will never be the same!

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