Grab Your Family and Play This Easy Christmas Game to Win All Kinds of Prizes

This easy Christmas game is fun to set up and even more fun to win. You can count us in!

I know most of are us running around trying to find the perfect presents or pick up last-minute ingredients for Christmas baking, but if you’re hosting the family holiday party, now’s a good time to start thinking about a Christmas game, too. Thanks to TikTok, we’ve discovered a family game that’s mysterious, festive and fun for all ages.

It’s called “Spin to Win” and it’s definitely going to be your new favorite Christmas tradition!

How to Set Up the Game at Home

There are a few different renditions of this game floating around the internet right now—and I think that’s exactly why this game is so perfect. It’s totally adaptable to your group’s likes and interests! I’ve seen it played with money, Christmas treats and even mini bottles of alcohol.

The setup for this Christmas game is simple. Everything you need can be found at your Walmart or Target. You’ll need:

First, take the cups and fill them with whatever gifts you prefer. You can choose chocolate, homemade snacks, money or whatever your family might enjoy. I know my family would add money and scraps of paper with memorable lines from My Cousin Vinny and Home Alone.

Take the different kinds of wrapping paper (or tissue paper) and rubber band them onto the tops of the cups. Be sure to use several different patterns—that’s where the “spin to win” element comes into play! Then, create a makeshift spinner with your cardboard. Tape a few pieces of the tissue paper in a circle and create a loose arrow in the middle to spin.

How cute is that Christmas game setup?!

How to Play Spin to Win

Each person spins the arrow on the cardboard spinner, and whatever paper pattern they land on, they have to choose a cup with that same pattern.

What might they uncover? It could be a $20 bill, the new gingerbread Kit Kat bar or a piece of paper that says, “An Elf stole your present.” That’s the beauty of it all—you never know what to expect! And isn’t that what the gift-giving season is all about?

After you’re done playing, you won’t want to miss out on this saran wrap Christmas game.

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