This Saran Wrap Christmas Game Is Perfect for the Holidays

Bust boredom, claim fun prizes and entertain the entire family? Must be a Christmas miracle!

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Presents have been opened, Christmas dinner’s in the oven and now the family is sitting in the living room wondering, “Now what?”

Fear not! TikTok creator @macy.blackwell has shared a silly, sweet holiday game that is fun for the entire family. The video has received almost 200,000 likes so far and only requires a pair of dice and one basic kitchen item to pull it together: plastic wrap.

@macy.blackwell Holiday Party Game🎁 – Saran Wrap Ball! This has been around for a long time, but always so much fun! Here’s what we added to ours: – gift cards – cash – Lottery tickets – shooters – candy & gum 1. We wrapped the biggest prize up first for the center of the ball, and then kept adding prizes as we rolled the ball. 2. Tear off the plastic wrap and start a new sections after every few prizes. (We used 5 rolls) 3. To play, sit in a circle (or around a table). 4. Someone will unwrap the ball as quick as they can, keeping any prizes that fall out. 5. The person to their left (or designated dice roller), will roll dice until they hit doubles. When they do, yell out “stop!”, and the ball passes to the next person. 6. You play until the ball is completely unrolled! #saranwrapball #plasticwrapball #saranwrapballgame #holidayparty #holidaypartygame ♬ Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy – Pentatonix

What’s the Saran Wrap Christmas Game?

The Saran Wrap Christmas Game is an activity in which players unwrap a big ball of plastic wrap as quickly as they can in order to uncover prizes. As with many party games, there is a timed element, and guests get to keep whatever goodies they discover on their turn. It’s fun, easy and just the right amount of chaos for Christmas!

How Do You Play the Saran Wrap Christmas Game?

To play the game, have guests sit in a circle where they will easily be able to pass the ball to the player on their right. Hand one player a pair of dice and, if needed, something to toss them into. Hand the plastic wrap ball to the player on their right.

When someone says “Go!” the player with the dice will roll them, re-rolling until they get doubles (two of any number). Simultaneously, the player with the plastic wrap ball will unspool it as quickly as they can to find prizes.

When the player with the dice gets doubles, they will pass the dice to the player with the ball, ending their turn. The player with the ball will keep their prizes, pass the ball to their right, and roll the dice to determine the length of the new player’s turn.

Play continues like this until the plastic wrap ball is fully undone and all prizes are claimed.

How Do You Make the Saran Wrap Christmas Game?

To make the Saran Wrap Christmas Game, you will need 1 to 5 boxes of plastic wrap like Saran Wrap, as well as an assortment of prizes. Recommended prizes include candy, gum, gift cards, party favors, shooters, lottery tickets and cash. You can spend as much or as little as you’d like and adjust the prizes based on the needs of the guests.

Once you’ve determined your prizes, select the highest-value one (such as a sizable gift card) to be at the center of the ball. Set it on one end of the plastic wrap, wrap it a few times, then add another prize. Continue wrapping and adding prizes until all the prizes are included. Try not to make the plastic wrap ball any larger than a beach ball so that guests can still pass it!

After the Game

Clean-up’s a breeze, as all you need to do is re-gather the plastic wrap. For the environmentally conscious, feel free to re-use the wrap to store paintbrushes, prevent leaks on toiletry bottles or keep your jewelry from tangling. Just don’t use it on any food items to prevent germs spreading from all those hands!

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