Materials Needed

  • 4-in. cube vase

  • 6-in. cube vase

  • Jelly beans

  • 30 gerberas (also called gerbera daisies)

  • 5 packs of Peeps (4 per pack), for a total of 20 peeps

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1

Center one vase inside the other and insert jelly beans (in any colors you like) between the walls of the two cubes.

Step 2

Place Peeps on top of jelly beans, making sure to save a few for the corners of the vase. Don't be afraid to squeeze them into the space. You should have enough to fill in any gaps.

Step 3

Gerberas are usually sold with plastic tubes on the stems for support. Keeping the plastic in place, cut the flowers to desired length and arrange them in the smaller vase.

Step 4

Cutting shorter stems for the outside flowers and longer stems for the inner ones will give you a nice rounded top. And don't skimp on flowers: If you don't want to use that many gerberas, find a pair of smaller vases.

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