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    Cinnamon-Basil Ice Cream

    I started experimenting with herbal ice creams when I was teaching classes at our local college. Not only were the ice creams popular with my students, but my family loved them as well! One of our favorites is made with a variety of basil called cinnamon basil; however, unless you grow the variety yourself, it can be rather difficult to find. I decided to try to re-create the flavor, and this delicious basil ice cream recipe is the result! —Sue Gronholz, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

    London Fog Ice Cream

    2 reviews

    I took one of my favorite coffee shop beverages and turned it into this elegant London fog ice cream. For...

    Bacon Corn Pancakes

    1 review

    Pancakes are always tops in my book. But stir in bacon and corn, and they become the best breakfast-for-dinner option....

    Gruyere and Crab Palmiers

    I keep these little bursts of flavor in my freezer so they can be pulled out and popped into the...

    Make-Ahead Eggs Benedict Toast Cups

    2 reviews

    When I was growing up, we had a family tradition of having eggs Benedict with champagne and orange juice for...

    Three-Cheese Souffles

    5 reviews

    No matter when I've made these soufflés, they have always been a success. Although I've never seen the centers start...

    Breakfast Sausage Bread

    7 reviews

    Any time we take this savory, satisfying bread to a potluck, it goes over very well. We never bring any...

    Jeweled Thumbprints

    3 reviews

    When I moved here from Malta more than 20 years ago, a kind neighbor lady took me under her wing...

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    Apple Coffee Cake

    22 reviews

    Tart sour cream flavors this moist apple cinnamon coffee cake covered with brown sugar and crunchy nuts. The yield is...

    Crustless Quiche Bake

    3 reviews

    Chock-full of veggies, cheese, bacon, eggs and a touch of sherry, this yummy recipe would be great served with fresh...

    Maine Potato Candy

    8 reviews

    Years ago, folks in Maine ate potatoes daily and used leftovers in bread, doughnuts and other dishes. This potato candy...

    Limoncello Cream Pie

    After a big Christmas dinner, we love the cool refreshment of a frozen lemon pie. Limoncello brings a little sophistication...

    Cathedral Cookies

    8 reviews

    Children love the colorful marshmallows in these festive confections, which look like stained glass when they're sliced. They practically light...

    Butter Pecan Ice Cream Torte

    1 review

    A simple, nutty crust and smooth caramel sauce are all the preparation required for this impressive dessert. It will keep...

    Frozen Grasshopper Pie

    3 reviews

    When I first started experimenting with cream pies, this seemed like the right recipe to create for a house of...

    Peanut Butter and Banana Waffles

    3 reviews

    I love bananas and I love to make breakfast, too. These are a refreshing change from your everyday waffles. I...

    Refreshing Cranberry Sherbet

    Heavy holiday dinners call for a refreshing dessert such as this colorful sherbet. Lemonade and orange juice a pleasant citrus...

    Lemon Custard Ice Cream

    6 reviews

    I found this recipe several years ago and make it whenever I have the opportunity. One thing I like about...

    Frozen Cranberry Banana Salad

    4 reviews

    A luscious combination of sweet and tangy, crunchy and creamy, this pretty salad makes a great side dish or dessert....

    Chocolate Delight Dessert

    5 reviews

    My three children loved this dessert so much that they begged me to get the recipe. It's so easy to...

    Makeover Lemon Custard Ice Cream

    1 review

    You'll love this fantastic light ice cream that matches the wonderful, yet heavier original in taste and texture. We think...

    Crispy Goat Cheese Appetizers

    1 review

    Want an amazing party starter? Coat slices of goat cheese with seasoned bread crumbs, fry them until golden-brown and top...

    Homemade Breakfast Sausage Patties

    3 reviews

    Buttermilk is the "secret" ingredient that keeps these pork patties moist, while a blend of seasonings creates a wonderful taste.—Harvey...

    Orange Rhubarb Spread

    2 reviews

    This tangy spread is easy to make and tastes especially good on hot, buttered cinnamon toast. The recipe makes enough...

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    Frozen Peanut Parfait Pies

    5 reviews

    People will think you went to a lot of trouble to make these luscious pies, but with just six ingredients,...

    Lemon & Rosemary Shortbread Cookies

    12 reviews

    Lemon and rosemary make these luscious treats a sweet surprise for a few friends. —Malorie Harris, Wildomar, California

    Best-of-Show Citrus Pie

    When I entered this pie in a baking contest, I decorated it with kiwi, orange and pineapple slices and scored...

    Spicy Sausage & Apple Overnight Casserole

    1 review

    For many years I’ve hosted Mother’s Day brunch. One year I didn’t make this delightfully spicy casserole and thought the...

    Best Ever Crescent Rolls

    6 reviews

    My daughter and I have cranked out dozens of these homemade crescent rolls. It’s a real team effort. I cut...

    Frosty Orange Cream Cheese Cups

    These bite-sized frozen treats will cool you down during the dog days of summer. —Roxanne Chan, Albany, California