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Learn how to put your favorite gear to work. We’ve got tips on how to make the most of your pressue cooker, Dutch oven, cast-iron skillet, air fryer and much more.

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    Layered Avocado Bean Dip

    I grew up in Northern California, and I miss the flavors from home all the time. I made up this dip to combine some of my favorite things like avocados, artichokes, and almonds and it's a big favorite at parties! Sourdough bread is another California favorite for serving, but it works really well with pita chips or even just normal tortilla chips, too. —Elisabeth Larsen, Pleasant Grove, Utah

    Air-Fryer Chickpea Fritters with Sweet-Spicy Sauce

    1 review

    Chickpeas are a common ingredient in many dishes in Pakistan, where I grew up. I try to incorporate the tastes...

    Cashew Cheese

    1 review

    Spread this vegan cashew cheese on crackers, layer it on a toasted bagel or serve it with fresh vegetables. It...

    Goat Cheese Mushrooms

    3 reviews

    Stuffed mushrooms are superstars in the hot appetizer category. I use baby portobello mushrooms and load them with creamy goat...

    Black-Eyed Peas ‘n’ Pasta

    1 review

    Tradition has it that if you eat black-eyed peas on New Year's Day, you'll enjoy prosperity all year through—but I...

    No-Knead Harvest Bread

    1 review

    While the rising time is long, you'll spend just minutes mixing the ingredients for this incredible bread. This chewy, flavorful...

    Fiesta Time Omelet

    I created this dish when I needed to use up some black olives and jalapenos. With the abundant filling, two...

    Peach Bruschetta

    As a starter or light snack, this bruschetta is a wonderful way to savor the season with just a bite...

    Rosemary Potatoes with Caramelized Onions

    3 reviews

    Roasted potatoes are amazing. Add some rosemary and caramelized onions and they are over-the-top delicious! —Mary Jones, Athens, Ohio

    Grecian Potato Cups

    1 review

    If you like stuffed potato skins, you’ll love these little cups filled with feta cheese, spinach, onion and more. They’re...

    Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

    23 reviews

    My son taught me how to make hummus, which is a tasty and healthy alternative to calorie-filled dips. Fresh roasted...

    Zesty Salsa Verde

    Last year was the first time I had ever grown tomatillos. They were so abundant that I had enough to...

    Cranberry-Pineapple Gelatin Mold

    This cranberry mold has become a tradition in our home during the holidays. You can use a blender to combine...

    Italian Vinaigrette

    6 reviews

    What are all those specks and spices in your Italian dressing? You probably have them in your pantry. Create your...

    Garlic Bean Dip

    1 review

    There isn't a bean that my family does not like. In fact, I serve one kind or another almost every...

    Hearty Multigrain Pancakes

    1 review

    Oats and whole wheat flour make these tasty pancakes extra hearty. Try them with applesauce spooned on top! —Jeri Tirmenstein,...

    Full Garden Frittata

    I was cooking for a health-conscious friend and wanted to serve a frittata. To brighten it up, I added leftover...

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    Pickled Pepperoncini Deviled Eggs

    3 reviews

    It's hard to resist these adorable deviled trees on our buffet table. The avocado filling has pepperoncini and cilantro for...

    Tangerine Tossed Salad

    3 reviews

    My mother taught me how to cook when I was a young girl. The sweet tangerines and crunchy caramelized almonds...

    Southwest Hummus Dip

    3 reviews

    Not your ordinary hummus, this dip is a combination of two things I love—chick peas and Southwestern flavors. You can...

    Shallot & Basil Green Beans

    When you have fresh basil on hand, you'll definitely want to utilize it in this tantalizing side dish.

    Portobello Gnocchi Salad

    2 reviews

    Pan sauteing the gnocchi eliminates the need to boil them, while creating a wonderful tasty crispy coating on them. The...

    Italian Green Beans and Mushrooms

    1 review

    Enhance your menu anytime using this flavorful recipe. Toasted almonds add crunch to the medley of green beans and mushrooms.

    Spinach Salad with Raspberries & Candied Walnuts

    3 reviews

    I created a bright spinach salad with raspberries for a big family dinner. Even those who don't normally like spinach...

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    Autumn Bisque

    3 reviews

    I like cozy comfort soups that taste creamy—without the cream. This one’s full of good stuff like rutabagas, leeks, fresh...

    Smoky Cauliflower Bites

    4 reviews

    These healthy little treats work well as a side or as fun bite size appetizers. Roasting the cauliflower adds...

    Fennel Spinach Saute

    1 review

    Spinach and fennel are two of my favorite veggies, so I'm always looking for new ways to use them. This...

    Roasted Cauliflower

    13 reviews

    Roasting is a simple way to prepare cauliflower. Seasoned with a wonderful blend of herbs, this side is easy enough...

    Garbanzo-Stuffed Mini Peppers

    6 reviews

    Mini peppers are so colorful and are the perfect size for a two-bite appetizer. They have all the crunch of...

    Spinach with Pine Nuts and Raisins

    A nice side for winter meat entrees, this bright and flavorful dish is a delicious way to get your greens...