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Grandma’s Onion Squares

6 reviews

My grandma brought this recipe with her when she emigrated from Italy as a young wife and mother. It is still a family favorite. —Janet Eddy, Stockton, California

Vidalia Casserole

8 reviews

Georgia is famous for the sweet onions grown in the Vidalia area. My family looks forward to the time these...

Cheesy Baked Onions

1 review

I FOUND this recipe in the newspaper many years ago. It has been a family favorite ever since.

Creamed Pearl Onions

12 reviews

When our children were small, we always celebrated Christmas at our house. This was one of many recipes I relied...

Onion Pie

11 reviews

My grandmother and mother always make onion pie during the holidays, but it's good anytime. This is a savory side...

Sweet Potato & Caramelized Onion Shells

8 reviews

Gorgonzola cheese and sweet potatoes add a fun and flavorful twist to classic stuffed shells. Delicious with a sprinkle of...

Onion Beet Salad

6 reviews

Everyone loves the tangy dressing on these mouthwatering baked beets. I’m always asked to bring this pretty dish to family...

Rosemary Potatoes with Caramelized Onions

3 reviews

Roasted potatoes are amazing. Add some rosemary and caramelized onions and they are over-the-top delicious! —Mary Jones, Athens, Ohio

Louisiana Chicken

1 review

Green peppers and mint add a surprise to this Southern-style recipe. A roasting bag keeps the chicken moist and flavorful.—Jill...

Baked Creamed Onions

8 reviews

I often fix this comforting dish for my grown children when they visit. They love it when I double the...

Onion Yorkshire Puddings

6 reviews

This easy recipe is a cross between traditional Yorkshire pudding and popovers that makes a great complement to prime rib....

Caramelized Onion, Bacon and Kale Strata

5 reviews

When I host my friends, this comforting strata is my go-to recipe. I created it in winter to help me...

French Onion Shepherd’s Pie

5 reviews

This hearty casserole has all of the rich flavor of the French onion soup my family loves. The combination of...

Caramelized Onion Tartlets

3 reviews

Jerri Hansen of Council Bluffs, Iowa, fills crunchy phyllo shells with a sweet onion mixture. "I enjoy experimenting with novel...

Hot Dog Casserole

28 reviews

When our children were small and I was busy trying to get all those extra things done that are part...

Baked Onion Dip

7 reviews

Some people like this cheesy dip so much that they can't tear themselves away from the appetizer table to eat...

Goat Cheese, Pear & Onion Pizza

1 review

Goat cheese and basil take this pizza to the next level of flavor. “My husband and I developed this recipe...

Thai Chicken Pizza

1 review

“I came up with this recipe after trying a similar appetizer pizza at a restaurant,” says Cheryl Taylor of Ortonville,...

Roasted Vegetable Quesadillas

6 reviews

These quesadillas get their unique flavor from a special blend of roasted veggies. They’ll be a popular finger food at...

Blooming Onions

7 reviews

This baked blooming onion recipe is brushed with melted butter and mustard, sprinkled with bread crumbs and seasonings. It's a...

Rainbow Potato Chips with Creamy Onion Dip

Forget store-bought potato chips! You won't want them after you munch on these crispy, perfectly seasoned baked chips served with...