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    Quick and Easy Vegetable Potpie

    3 reviews

    This meatless Monday superstar comes together quickly and is inexpensive as well. My 4-year-old always asks for seconds! You can substitute any canned or frozen beans for the canned lentils in this easy vegetable potpie. We also like using frozen edamame. —Maggie Torsney-Weir, Los Angeles, California

    Artichoke & Jalapeno Crab Dip

    This has always been a great potluck dish—I haven't found anyone yet who hasn't loved it! The rich and creamy...

    Garden Frittata

    12 reviews

    I created this frittata recipe one day to use up some fresh yellow squash, zucchini and tomato. It's so easy...

    Meatball Pie

    5 reviews

    I grew up on a farm, so I took part in 4-H Club cooking activities. I still love to prepare...

    Beef Taco Pie

    21 reviews

    I combine taco fixings with biscuit mix to create this zippy taco pie recipe. You can make it as mild...

    Ham ‘n’ Cheese Pies

    1 review

    Mary Anderson, a 4-H leader from De Valls Bluff, Arkansas, shares family-pleasing fare that one of her 4-H students entered...

    Mushroom-Gouda Quiche

    3 reviews

    For a laid-back Sunday brunch, we make a quiche in no time using refrigerated pie crust. Load it up with...

    Scalloped Taters

    17 reviews

    This creamy and comforting slow-cooked side tastes great with almost any main dish and is a snap to assemble with...

    Meat Shell Potato Pie

    5 reviews

    Guests always comment on the presentation and flavor of this delightfully different dish. —Julie Sterchi, Flora, Illinois

    Asparagus Ham Quiche

    9 reviews

    This fantastic brunch dish is easy to make, has such a nice blend of flavors and looks so inviting. With...

    Breakfast Pie

    5 reviews

    This crustless pie is wonderful to serve to overnight guests because you assemble it the night before. —Pam Botine, Goldsboro,...

    Layered Mediterranean Dip with Pita Chips

    2 reviews

    Not your ordinary layer dip, the bold combination of hummus and Greek yogurt will be a new most-requested recipe at...

    Tomato Quiche

    36 reviews

    I first tried this recipe at a family gathering and loved it! It is a great meatless lunch or dinner...

    Apple-Pecan Baked Brie

    3 reviews

    As family arrives for a get-together, I make sure this fruity and savory Brie is in the oven so the...


    Some time ago, a co-worker brought a meat pie to lunch. The aroma was familiar—after one taste, I was amazed...

    French Meat Pie

    9 reviews

    Some time ago, when I was working at a newspaper, a co-worker happened to bring a meat pie for lunch....

    Hash Brown Beef Pie

    7 reviews

    Convenient frozen hash browns and shredded cheddar cheese top this hearty mixture of vegetables and ground beef. "It has just...

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    Breakfast Quiche

    17 reviews

    I enjoy preparing hearty country breakfasts for the guests at my bed-and-breakfast. This fluffy golden pie, which has lots of...

    Turkey Crescent Wreath

    1 review

    This savory wreath is as pretty to look at as it is to eat! When hosting a get-together the day...

    Picante Omelet Pie

    6 reviews

    This zippy egg bake is a favorite of one of my daughters. She comes for brunch every week before church,...

    Hot Chipotle Spinach and Artichoke Dip with Lime

    1 review

    I make spinach and artichoke dip for party guests all the time, but I wanted to give it a Mexican...

    Tasty Meat Pie

    11 reviews

    I work full time as a nurse, so I depend on quick and easy meals like this one. My sister...

    Christmas Eve Meat Pie

    5 reviews

    When this pie is baking, my daughter says that the house smells like Christmas. This recipe evolved over the years...

    Broccoli Pie

    3 reviews

    Everyone seems to enjoy pie for dessert. But I surprised my family the first time I brought this pie to...

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    Broccoli Ham Quiche

    21 reviews

    This rich ham and broccoli quiche is featured in a family cookbook I put together. My husband is proof that...

    Rutabaga Pie

    3 reviews

    This is a variation of a recipe my mom used to make. I changed a few things so it's easier...

    Crustless Zucchini Pie

    16 reviews

    Peggy Gandy of South Amboy, New Jersey makes the most of her zucchini harvest by baking this crowd-pleasing entree. The...

    Ham ‘n’ Cheese Pie

    18 reviews

    There's no need to make a crust for this eye-opening quiche. My family and friends love it for brunch or...

    Hamburger Shepherd’s Pie

    2 reviews

    Transform leftovers into a light but filling one-dish meal sized for two. Elaine Williams of Surrey, British Columbia shows you...

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    Crustless Spinach Quiche

    94 reviews

    I served this crustless quiche at a church lunch, and I had to laugh when one guy told me how...