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Sheet-Pan Lemon Garlic Chicken

6 reviews

Everyone needs an easy meal. Try this sheet-pan chicken with roasted potatoes for a simple and tasty meal guaranteed to please the whole family. If you use fresh lemon juice, garnish each serving with a little lemon zest for bright flavor. —Andrea Potischman, Menlo Park, California

Spicy Potatoes with Garlic Aioli

3 reviews

This is my take on Spanish

  • patatas bravas
  • . The potatoes are tossed in a flavorful spice mix and then finished...

    Parmesan & Garlic Fries

    11 reviews

    An even tastier way to eat fries! The addition of Parmesan and garlic makes this side dish simple irresistible. —Taste...

    Chicken with Garlic Sauce

    3 reviews

    "Wow" is sure to be the unanimous response from guests after their first bite of this moist herb chicken with...

    Rosemary Potatoes with Caramelized Onions

    3 reviews

    Roasted potatoes are amazing. Add some rosemary and caramelized onions and they are over-the-top delicious! —Mary Jones, Athens, Ohio

    Garlic-Cheese Chicken Wings

    3 reviews

    I developed this recipe several years ago using chicken breasts, then decided to try it on wings as an appetizer...

    Garlic Twice-Baked Potatoes

    You'll only have to announce dinner once when these twice-baked potatoes are on the menu! Their aroma is sure to...

    Lemon-Garlic Salmon Steaks

    1 review

    I always enjoy making this easy recipe for my husband, Jim. He absolutely loves salmon and garlic, and they go...

    Honey-Garlic Glazed Meatballs

    18 reviews

    My husband and I raise cattle on our farm here in southwestern Ontario, so it's no surprise that we're fond...

    Greek-Style Lemon-Garlic Chicken

    23 reviews

    I love celebrating my Greek heritage with this super simple and scrumptious Sunday dinner idea. Prep time is...

    Salmon and Shrimp with Garlic Rice

    9 reviews

    Sometimes I think that everyone in Alaska catches salmon. I've cooked in so many ways. This impressive dish pairs salmon...

    Creamy Roasted Garlic & Spinach Orzo

    5 reviews

    This side dish brings instant comfort. I first made it without spinach so my husband and daughter would like it....

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    Garlic Beef Enchiladas

    113 reviews

    Beef enchiladas are typically prepared with corn tortillas, but my husband, Jeff, and I prefer flour tortillas. I use them...

    Garlic Pizza Wedges

    9 reviews

    Our pastor made this for a get-together, and my husband and I just couldn't stay away from the hors d'oeuvres...