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Sweet Potato Pone

Sweet potatoes are among my favorite vegetables, and this sweet potato pone is my absolute favorite way to prepare them. Not only is it an eagerly anticipated side dish for Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends each year, but also I make it to dress up ordinary meals. You can almost serve it as a dessert! —Kristine Chayes, Smithtown, New York

Air-Fryer General Tso’s Cauliflower

Cauliflower florets are deep-fried to a crispy golden brown, then coated in a sauce with just the right amount of...

Citrus Broccoli Toss

I love the pairing of citrus and broccoli. It is a refreshing recipe which I serve often.—Lois McCutchan, Monticello, Missouri

Orange Broccoli

5 reviews

My husband, Tommy, can be a picky eater, but he always enjoys this versatile side dish. Nearly effortless to fix,...

Orange Buttered Peas

1 review

Fresh mushrooms sauteed in a tangy orange-butter sauce give peas a new and interesting twist.—Zita Wilensky, North Miami Beach, Florida

Orange Sweet Potato Bake

—Dorothy Pritchett, Wills Point, Texas

Citrus Carrots and Sprouts

I love serving brussels sprouts this way. The carrots and orange peel sweeten them up just right, while the hot...

Green Salad with Vanilla-Citrus Vinaigrette

Just thinking about this refreshing medley makes my mouth water! The sunny, citrusy salad is a variation of a recipe...

Broccoli with Orange Browned Butter

1 review

This no-fuss butter sauce with orange peel, salt and nutmeg will turn even broccoli haters into broccoli lovers! —Christine Bergman,...

Broccoli With Orange Cream

I received the recipe for this broccoli side dish from a good friend in North Carolina. I like to use...

Apricot-Orange Glazed Carrots

Looking for an easy way to dress up cooked carrots, I hit on this delicious recipe. The fruity glaze complements...

Orange Broccoli Florets

This easy side dish is a regular menu item at Paula Kenny's home in New Hudson, Michigan. "The citrus flavor...

Asparagus with Orange Butter

1 review

A simple orange butter is all that's needed to enhance the natural great taste of asparagus.
For a pretty...

Fresh Sweet Potatoes

1 review

These delicious potatoes from our Test Kitchen bring a great orange flavor to your plate. The delicate sweetness of the...

Orange Honey Carrots

With a subtle honey flavor, these colorful carrots would pair well with any entree. Family and friends find them on...

Winter Salad with Orange Cream

This easy-to-make salad has great eye-appeal, and the dressing can be made a day ahead for convenience. It's especially festive-looking...

Beet Salad with Orange Vinaigrette

Beets and watercress topped with Gorgonzola and a sweet citrus dressing form a tantalizing new blend for a mixed salad....

Contest-Winning Broccoli with Orange Sauce

2 reviews

A citrus yogurt sauce drapes crisp-tender broccoli flowerets and refreshing orange slices in this dish. —Doris Heath, Franklin, North Carolina

Zucchini Orange Salad

1 review

The ingredients in this recipe from Clarice Scweitzer of Sun City, Arizona may surprise you, but not as much as...

Asparagus with Orange-Ginger Butter for 2

Zesty orange and earthy ginger are the perfect complement to this veggie that has become a spring time staple.

Pecan-Mandarin Tossed Salad

I enjoy making this fruity, crunchy salad for special events and holiday dinners. Because of its mouthwatering blend of flavors...

California Orange Carrots

I found it very difficult to get children (and even my "big kid") to eat carrots. By adding an orange...

Beets in Orange Sauce

6 reviews

To ensure your family eats their veggies, why not top your beets with an irresistible orange glaze! —Taste of Home...

Orange Sauce Asparagus

"Pretty enough for company, this asparagus dish has a delightful citrus flavor," says field editor Lucy Meyring of Walden, Colorado.

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Orange-Glazed Broccoli

1 review

“This recipe is based on one my neighbor gave me years ago. It was tucked away in a filing box...

Pumpkin Waffles with Orange Walnut Butter

6 reviews

This is so delicious! Bring a flourish to the breakfast table with these unique and flavorful waffle. —Brandi Davis, Pullman,...

Mixed Greens and Citrus Salad

3 reviews

Juicy grapefruit and ruby red strawberries add delightful color and a wonderful flavor combination to this refreshing salad. The tangy...

Company’s Coming Salad

3 reviews

Sugared almonds give Dolores Lueken's delicious salad an over-the-top kick that will have guests coming back for seconds. She sent...

Citrus Asparagus Salad

1 review

Looking for a super-easy way to dress up fresh asparagus? This 6-ingredient salad goes together in no time and gives...

Citrus Green Beans

2 reviews

The great citrus flavor in this side dish really perks up green beans. Try using lemon peel, or a combination...