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    Spaghetti All’Amatriciana

    Spaghetti All'Amatriciana is a traditional Italian dish that reminds me of my roots. This amatriciana sauce recipe features guanciale (dried pork cheek). Guanciale can be hard to find, but pancetta or thick-cut bacon are good substitutes. —Lou Sansevero, Ferron, Utah

    Pressure-Cooker Cajun Chicken Alfredo

    1 review

    This recipe is a true comfort food! Cajun spice adds a nice heat to the creamy Alfredo sauce. And nothing...

    Five-Cheese Ziti al Forno

    10 reviews

    After having the five-cheese ziti at Olive Garden, I tried to make my own version of it—and I think I...

    Crunchy White Baked Macaroni & Cheese

    2 reviews

    This creamy, bubbly, indulgent classic is down-home comfort food at its finest. The topping is made with panko bread crumbs...

    Mac ‘n’ Cheese Dinner

    3 reviews

    Don’t settle for ordinary mac and cheese. This version is my kids’ favorite, so I always make a huge pot....

    Homemade Alfredo Sauce

    3 reviews

    When I found out I had celiac disease and couldn't have fettuccine Alfredo, I was determined to figure out a...

    Ranch Ham ‘N’ Cheese Pasta

    2 reviews

    Creamy, cheesy and comforting...This pasta casserole is all of these things and more! I adapted this recipe from Taste of...

    Italian Bow Tie Supper

    7 reviews

    Joy Frey of Kelso, Missouri appreciates the convenience of this meal—its flavor might remind you of ravioli. "The recipe makes...

    Cheesy Lasagna

    5 reviews

    The four different types of cheese make this lasagna a real crowd-pleaser. You can vary the amount of mozzarella, Monterey...

    Triple Cheese Twists

    2 reviews

    Our stovetop macaroni and cheese is extra special, thanks to the buttery crumb topping. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

    Light Linguine Carbonara

    16 reviews

    When we have to rush off at night, I make this speedy pasta with veggies and bacon. Serve with breadsticks...

    Peppy Parmesan Pasta

    3 reviews

    When my husband and I needed dinner in a hurry, we came up with this dish that gets spicy flavor...

    Two-Cheese Linguine

    5 reviews

    An easy cheese sauce turns ordinary pasta into a special side dish that's the perfect accompaniment to the steaks.

    Three-Cheese Chicken Bake

    12 reviews

    This is a hearty, comforting casserole that's always a crowd-pleaser. The combination of flavors and interesting colors ensures I come...

    Herbed Macaroni and Cheese

    10 reviews

    Besides being a really easy recipe to make, it tastes very good, too! This is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill macaroni...

    Chicken Cheese Lasagna

    14 reviews

    This creamy pasta dish gives an old favorite a new twist! Three cheeses and chicken blended with the fresh taste...

    Four-Cheese Chicken Fettuccine

    26 reviews

    As a cattle rancher, my husband's a big fan of beef. For him to comment on a poultry dish is...

    Creamy Ranch Mac and Cheese

    4 reviews

    I came up with the recipe for this creamy and comforting macaroni and cheese with a ranch-flavored twist. My husband...

    Cheesy Ham Tortellini

    4 reviews

    In Hemet, California, Margaret Wilson came up with this creamy skillet supper when trying to finish up leftover ham. "it's...

    Chicken Parmesan for Two

    "My husband isn't a big fan of pasta so I came up with a dish he'd actually be happy to...

    Basil Parmesan Pasta Sauce

    4 reviews

    "As a busy home health nurse, I'm committed to preparing meals that are quick and nutritious," shares Susan Houser of...

    Sausage Cheese Manicotti

    4 reviews

    This marvelous manicotti, created by our Test Kitchen staff, is cheesy, saucy and savory.

    Parmesan Spinach and Noodles

    2 reviews

    Writes Merrie Fischer of Gen Arm, Maryland, "I love this dish because it's so quick to fix...and it's versatile, too....

    Jazzy Mac ‘n’ Cheese

    2 reviews

    Adding Parmesan and mozzarella to already cheesy macaroni will have your clan clamoring for this tried-and-true pasta dish. Diced tomatoes...

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    Broccoli Cheese Tortellini

    21 reviews

    “When we lived in Seattle, my favorite restaurant served a wonderful dish I ordered every time I ate there. When...

    Portobello & Basil Cheese Tortellini

    9 reviews

    With portobello mushrooms and satisfying cheese tortellini, this earthy, elegant dish is perfect for either a quick, casual dinner or...

    Cheesy Beef Pasta

    A satisfying supper's just 15 minutes away with this can't-miss stovetop dish. As Janalee Watkins of Vernal, Utah explains, "Four...

    Cheesy Manicotti Crepes

    1 review

    This entree may lack meat but it's loaded with three cheeses! Using homemade crepes instead of manicotti shells makes it...

    Spinach Cheese Tortellini

    2 reviews

    In Greenbrier, Arkansas, Jamie Staggs whips up this creamy pasta dish for potlucks. "It's a hit at every gathering," she...

    Ranch Mac & Cheese

    57 reviews

    I came up with the recipe for this creamy and satisfying macaroni and cheese, which has a special twist. My...