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Chocolate Babka

10 reviews

I love this chocolate babka. It's a rewarding recipe for taking the next step in your bread baking. Even if it's slightly imperfect going into the oven, it turns out gorgeous. Look at those swirls! —Lisa Kaminski, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

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Gluten- and Dairy-Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread

5 reviews

After learning of gluten and dairy issues in our family, I knew I had to re-create our favorite sweet bread....

Garlic Rosemary Pull-Apart Bread

4 reviews

This recipe is a different type of pull-apart bread. Eat it by itself, dipped in marinara, or as part of...

Gouda and Roasted Potato Bread

2 reviews

Our family tried roasted potato bread at a bakery on a road trip, and I came up with my own...

Cranberry Orange Almond Quick Bread

4 reviews

You can customize this bread to your family's specific tastes. Try dried apricots and pecans, or dried blueberries and hazelnuts....

Candy Cane Chocolate Mini Loaves

1 review

Having a bunch of leftover candy canes after the holidays inspired me to use them up by adding them to...

Pumpkin Bread with Nutella Swirl

A family favorite during the holidays! It's easy, flavorful and reminds me of the Nutella sandwiches from childhood. One bite...

Peppery Parmesan Bread

I rely on my bread machine to make the dough for this rustic bread. Serve slices with olive oil for...

Seeded Honey-Wheat Bread

I usually have to double this recipe—so full of poppy and sunflower seed flavor—because it goes so fast in my...

Mini Zucchini Bread

3 reviews

This old family recipe came from my grandmother. I've made this bread many times and have given it as gifts...

No-Knead Harvest Bread

1 review

While the rising time is long, you'll spend just minutes mixing the ingredients for this incredible bread. This chewy, flavorful...

Molasses Oat Bread

8 reviews

This recipe has been passed down through my family from my Swedish great-grandmother. Last Christmas, my 78-year-old mom made and...

Raisin Cinnamon Bread

14 reviews

Here's my version of the time-honored cinnamon swirl bread. Confectioners' sugar icing makes it even more special. The recipe makes...

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Crusty Homemade Bread

74 reviews

Crackling homemade bread makes an average day extraordinary. Enjoy this beautiful crusty bread recipe as is, or stir in a...

Gift of the Magi Bread

7 reviews

"I make this extra-special banana bread only once a year to celebrate Christmas," says Sandra Bonow of Lewiston, Minnesota. "It's...

Milk-and-Honey White Bread

33 reviews

My dad has been a wheat farmer all his life and my state is the wheat capital, so this recipe...

Grapefruit Poppy Seed Bread

4 reviews

I had grapefruits handy, so I used the zest and juice for this lovely quick bread. It's got a nice...

Cranberry Walnut Bread

7 reviews

This family favorite comes from a collection of Amish recipes. I gave the recipe to several friends, and everyone loves...

Kris Kringle Star Bread

I make this recipe for family and friends every holiday season.—Evelyn Fisher, Haines, Oregon

Roasted Red Pepper Bread

2 reviews

These savory loaves are moist, tender and loaded with flavor from grated Parmesan cheese and roasted sweet red peppers. They're...

Special Banana Nut Bread

128 reviews

This extra-special banana bread makes a wonderful gift for friends and neighbors. The recipe makes two loaves, so I can...

Pull-Apart Bacon Bread

17 reviews

I stumbled across this recipe while looking for something different to take to a brunch. Boy, am I glad I...

Orange-Chip Cranberry Bread

4 reviews

Tart berries, crunchy nuts and sweet chocolate are simply scrumptious when mixed together in this easy quick bread. Sometimes I'll...

Pumpkin Pecan Loaves

26 reviews

Among all my pumpkin bread recipes, this caramel-glazed creation is the pick of the crop. Often, I'll wrap up a...

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Strawberry Nut Bread

2 reviews

I like to make sandwiches out of this quick bread by spreading the strawberry cream cheese between two slices.

Delicious Pumpkin Bread

77 reviews

An enticing aroma wafts through my house when this tender cake-like pumpkin bread is in the oven. I bake extra...

Polish Poppy Seed Loaves

Traditionally, these loaves were eaten after sundown on Christmas Eve as part of a 12-course meal. At our house, we...

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Homemade Egg Bread

13 reviews

People rave about this tender, delicate bread every time I serve it. The braided look is just beautiful and is...

Homemade Bread

18 reviews

My husband recalls that on more than one occasion while he was growing up, he stayed home from school sick,...

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Christmas Banana Bread

6 reviews

This bread is a pretty addition to the table during the holidays. Cherries, walnuts and chocolate chips give fast festive...