White Bean Soup Recipes

These white bean soup recipes come to the rescue on weeknights. Sprinkle in bacon, ham, kale or any other ingredients you crave.

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    Green Chile Butternut Squash Soup

    1 review

    This Mexican-inspired butternut squash soup is made in a slow cooker. I like to cook it overnight, blend it in the morning and store it in the refrigerator. All I have to do when I get home is heat it up. —Colleen Delawder, Herndon, Virginia

    Kickin’ Chicken Taco Soup

    If you find yourself impatient to eat supper after finishing up work at the end of the day, one reliably

    Creamy Tortellini Soup

    In a soup slump? Swap out plain-old chicken noodle for fresh, unexpected ingredients and textures. Our recipe for creamy tortellini

    Sopa de Fideo (Mexican Noodle Soup)

    This quick and easy soup offers fresh flavors, even though canned tomatoes are used. If you can't find fideo, a...

    Singapore Noodle Soup

    3 reviews

    This spicy noodle dish is a beloved favorite in Southeast Asia, especially Singapore, where it is called laska. It is...

    How Long Does Chicken Broth Last in the Fridge Before Going Bad?

    Homemade chicken broth is too time-consuming and store-bought broth is too expensive to waste. So how long does chicken broth...

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    Avgolemono Soup

    1 review

    While "avgolemono" may be tricky to pronounce if you didn’t grow up eating traditional Greek food, the recipe itself couldn’t...

    Creamy Vegan Cauliflower Soup

    You'll love this cozy, lightened-up version of cauliflower soup. What’s our secret ingredient? Coconut milk! Once it's mixed in with...

    Vegan Potato Soup

    Our easy vegan potato soup comes together in about 30 minutes with simple ingredients—and it doesn’t even require a blender.

    Copycat Panera Tomato Soup

    While we love ordering Panera tomato soup from the counter, it’s actually convenient to cook at home! This copycat Panera


    A Kentucky Derby favorite, this hearty, comforting meat-and-vegetable stew will feed a large crowd. It takes a bit of effort...

    I Tested the TikTok Recipe for ‘Swamp Soup,’ and It’s Shockingly Good

    This recipe for 'swamp soup' is made with leftovers. No wonder it's so popular on TikTok!

    Minty Pea Soup with Lemon

    This is one of our favorite St. Patrick's Day meals that also tastes great other times of the year. You...

    I Made Cajun Potato Soup and It’s the Spice that My Life Has Been Missing

    This Cajun potato soup is the perfect mash-up between southern comfort and your grandma's beloved potato soup recipe.

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    How to Make Creamy Tuscan Chicken Soup, aka ‘Marry Me Chicken Soup’

    Want to seal the deal with your true love? Appeal to their heart and belly with a warm bowl of...

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    I Made Dolly Parton’s Stampede Soup, and It’s a Bowl of Southern Charm and ...

    This easy copycat recipe for Dolly Parton Stampede Soup can be on your table in under 30 minutes.

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    I Made Ina Garten’s Butternut Squash Soup, and It’s My New Fall Favorite

    Get ready, because your kitchen is about to smell like heaven with this easy Ina Garten butternut squash soup recipe.

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    Ina Garten’s Italian Wedding Soup Is So Simple, I Want to Make It Every Week

    Warm up with this Ina Garten Italian wedding soup whenever you're craving something simple, yet elevated, a la Barefoot Contessa.

    Copycat Panera Autumn Squash Soup

    Warm yourself on a chilly day with a bowl of this creamy, savory squash soup, a perfect match to the...

    Pressure-Cooker Italian Wedding Soup

    1 review

    I like to buy large bags of frozen meatballs to have on hand for quick-fix meals. Meatballs can be used...

    Drive-Thru Chili

    3 reviews

    I don't eat a lot of fast food but when I do I try to pick things that are fairly...

    20 Soup Gift Baskets for When You Want to Send a Warm Hug

    Cozy up with the best soup gift baskets on the market. Whether you're looking to order for yourself or send...

    How to Make Creamy Tortellini Soup

    Creamy tortellini soup is a deliciously warm way to spruce up a package of tortellini noodles. Plus, it's fun to...

    How to Make Sopa de Fideo—aka Mexican Noodle Soup

    Mexican noodle soup is a breeze to make with a handful of pantry staples. It's ideal for busy weeknights when...

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    How to Make Copycat Panera Tomato Soup in 30 Minutes

    Recreate the comfort of Panera tomato soup with our easy 30-minute copycat recipe.

    How to Make a Spot-on Copycat Panera Autumn Squash Soup

    Why wait for the fall menu to arrive at Panera? With our copycat Panera autumn squash soup, you can enjoy...

    Creamy Tomato Soup

    One spoonful of this classic will take you back to your childhood, sipping warm tomato soup on a cold day....

    How to Make Vegan Broccoli Cheddar Soup

    Looking for an easy dairy-free dinner recipe that's quick to whip up on a weeknight? This vegan broccoli cheddar soup...

    Vegan Cashew Cream of Broccoli Soup

    1 review

    To me, Sundays are a time for rest and spending time with your family. In this crazy busy world, I...

    Our Coziest Old-Fashioned Potato Soup Recipe

    This old-fashioned potato soup recipe is hearty, starchy and satisfying. Each bite will warm you up from the inside out!