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I Made Dolly Parton’s Recipe for Hickory-Grilled Ham—Here’s What I Thought

Learn how to make Dolly Parton's famous family recipe for a juicy, glazed hickory ham fit for any holiday table.

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I Made Dolly Parton’s Recipe for Milk Gravy and It’s the Only Way to Eat Bi...

If you want to start your day off with a hearty breakfast, this Dolly Parton milk gravy recipe is a...

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I Made the Ina Garten Overnight Mac and Cheese Recipe That People Can’t Stop Talk...

Is this Ina Garten Overnight Mac and Cheese worth the wait? I had to find out.

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I Made Ina Garten’s Chocolate Pecan Scones—and I Can’t Wait to Make Them Again

This buttery scone recipe from Ina Garten is loaded with toasty pecans and chocolate chunks.

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I Made Ina Garten’s Meat Loaf Recipe for Dinner Tonight—And Will Again and Again

This classic meat loaf recipe from Ina Garten tastes just like the ones Mom and Grandma used to make.

Martha Stewart Just Shared Her Favorite Thanksgiving Cocktail and We Can’t Wait t...

This Thanksgiving cocktail is sure to set the mood for the holiday festivities.

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I Made Ree Drummond’s Cowboy Quiche—And It’s Big Enough to Feed Everyone on...

Do cowboys really eat quiche? According to the Pioneer Woman, they do—as long as it's a Cowboy Quiche.

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We Made This 5-Star Ina Garten Shrimp Scampi Recipe and It’s the Ultimate 30-Minu...

Does the Ina Garten shrimp scampi recipe live up to the hype? Yes, it does!

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I Made Trisha Yearwood’s Cowboy Lasagna and This Recipe Will Be Your New Sunday N...

Hearty appetites to feed? Look no further than this cowboy lasagna recipe! Trisha Yearwood's cowboy lasagna can satisfy even the...

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I Made Ina Garten’s Apple Crisp—and It’s the Best Way to Eat Fresh-Picked A...

This apple crisp proves that Ina Garten is queen of the kitchen.

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I Made Dolly Parton’s Butterscotch Pie and It’s As Sweet As Dolly Herself

It has a crunchy pecan crust and a luscious, butterscotch filling! No wonder Dolly loves to make this for the...

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Jennifer Garner Uses 2 Secret Ingredients to Make Her Famous ‘Leftover Chicken So...

I made this Insta-famous Jennifer Garner chicken soup. It's a light and bright version of the comfort food classic.

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I Made Patti LaBelle’s Mac and Cheese, and Her Recipe Will Not Let You Down

As a southerner turned Wisconsinite, this recipe for Patti LaBelle's mac and cheese is the best of both worlds. Like...

We Made the Pioneer Woman Chicken Soup Using This Unique Shortcut

Nothing hits the spot on cold days like homemade chicken soup. We tried the Pioneer Woman chicken soup recipe from...

Best Home Cooks: Lauren May

For Lauren May of Must Love Herbs, cooking heirloom recipes is all about using what you have. In this case,...

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I Made Dolly Parton’s ‘Stone Soup,’ and Now I See Why Her Mama Loved ...

Dolly Parton's stone soup is a flavorful comfort food that comes with the sweetest story about her mama.

Queen Elizabeth’s Chef Made Her Scrambled Eggs with Two Secret Ingredients

The Queen rarely changed her healthy diet, and her scrambled eggs became a breakfast staple.

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We Made the Pioneer Woman Sweet Potato Casserole, and It’s the Perfect Holiday Side

With a unique, sweet and crunchy topping, the Pioneer Woman sweet potato casserole is one of the tastiest sweet...

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I Made the Pioneer Woman’s Mashed Potatoes, and They’re the Creamiest Ever

Ree Drummond swears by this recipe, and she's never steered us wrong. So we tried the Pioneer Woman Mashed Potatoes...

Kate Middleton’s Watermelon Salad Is Going Viral, and People Can’t Get Enough

This salad is crunchy, creamy and a whole 'lotta delicious.

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We Made the Pioneer Woman’s Corn Casserole, and It’s Summer in a Baking Dish

Fresh corn meets heavy cream in this genius summer side dish from Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman.

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I Tried Ina Garten’s Pomegranate Spritzer and I’m Drinking It For the Rest ...

Once again, Ina Garten has impressed us with a simple yet sophisticated recipe.

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We Made Ina Garten’s Mocha Chocolate Icebox Cake, and It Couldn’t Be Any Ea...

This quick and easy-to-prep mocha-flavored chocolate icebox cake from Ina Garten is the perfect no-fuss dessert for summer celebrations.

10 Middle Eastern Chefs and Food Writers You Need to Know

Middle Eastern chefs and food writers are responsible for many of the flavors and dishes we've come to know and...

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How to Make the Famous Jennifer Aniston Salad

Everyone is talking about this viral Jennifer Aniston salad, and we can see why—it's delicious!

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I Made Ina Garten’s Potato Salad and I Can’t Wait to Share It

With this Ina Garten potato salad recipe, you'll make a star out of a humble side dish.

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We Tested the Pioneer Woman’s Rhubarb Pie Recipe—and Can’t Wait to Make it ...

Move over, apple pie! This Pioneer Woman rhubarb pie is bound to be your family's new sweet-tart favorite.

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I Made Ina Garten’s Lemon Bars and They’re Like Sunshine in a Square

We tried Ina Garten's lemon bars, and they're the luscious, indulgent answer to your dessert cravings.