The Best Recipes for Every Type of Seafood

Whether you need a weeknight dinner or a dish to impress your guests, seafood is the way to go. Find all of your favorite recipes featuring salmon, shrimp, crab and more.

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Salmon and Spud Salad
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A suppertime staple, salmon is one of the most nutritious fish varieties you can eat. We love it atop salads, paired with veggies or served with a creamy sauce.

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Canned Tuna

If you’re on a budget, canned tuna is one of the most economical foods you can buy. Serve it in a casserole or tuna melt for old-school comfort food. Or, try something new and modern. Either way, the end result will be delicious.

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When you need a meal fast, shrimp should be your go-to protein choice. It’s tasty, versatile and can be on your plate in mere minutes. Try shrimp in soups, salads, tacos, sheet pan suppers—the possibilities are endless!

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Scallops aren’t just for special occasions. It’s easy to incorporate this seafood option into your weekly dinner rotation, thanks to these recipes for pastas, stir-fries and more.

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If you’re craving a homemade fish fry, cod is the way to go. This light, mellow fish is perfect for soaking up rich sauces, flaky breading or flavor-packed herbs and spices.

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Tilapia is one of the most forgiving fish you can buy. It’s cheap, easy to find at the grocery store and delicious any way you prepare it. Whip up some fillets over the grill, in the oven or on the stove.

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No, they’re not just for topping your pizza or Caesar salad. Try anchovies in pastas, salads and spreads.

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Yes, you can make lobster at home. And no, it’s not as hard as it sounds. We’ll help you make all of your favorites at home, including lobster rolls, tails and even bisque!

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Crab is one of those ingredients that immediately elevates a recipe. Salads, dips, soups—they all get a little fancier when you add in some crab meat. Our collection includes recipes for these dishes and more—looking at you, crab cakes.

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Beloved in the South, catfish is tasty in all sorts of regional recipes. Try it pan-fried and served with collard greens or simmered into some seafood Gumbo.

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Looking to impress? Choose oysters. These slippery morsels are delightful when served on the shell, baked into stuffing or added to a cheese log.

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Whether you’re on #TeamManhattan or #TeamNewEngland, clam chowder is always a favorite. You can also enjoy clams in pastas, soups, stuffies—and even atop pizzas!

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