15 Kitchen Trash Cans for Every Style and Budget

While their purpose is pretty simple, not all kitchen trash cans are equal. We found practical picks for every style and budget.

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Vnewone Kitchen Trash Can Ecomm Via Amazon
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Automatic Open

Hands full? No problem. This Vnewone trash can, recommended by our Test Kitchen staff, has a built-in infrared sensor that recognizes movement and instantly opens the lid. Sweet! Keep odors at bay with this simple trick.

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Brabrantia Touch Top 9 Gallon Trash Can Ecomm Via Bedbathandbeyond.com
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Super Sleek

If you want a trash can that doesn’t, well, look like a trash can, this sleek Brabantia model is for you. Elegant legs give the can an elevated look, while built-in inner buckets make sorting a breeze. Stock up on our Test Kitchen’s top trash bag brands, too.

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Glad Stainless Steel Step Trash Can Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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High Capacity

If you’re feeding a big crowd, you’re going to need a trash can with plenty of storage. This Glad trash bin holds up to 20 gallons, which means you can count on fewer trips to the dumpster and more time with your guests.

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Joseph Joseph Totem 60 Liter Trash And Recycling Ecomm Via Bedbathandbeyond
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Trash and Recycling Combo

Recycling has never looked so chic. This dual-purpose trash can from Joseph Joseph has built-in compartments—one for garbage and one for recyclables. Plus, it features a mini lidded compost bin for food scraps! Psst—these items are not recyclable.

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Yamazaki Tower Rolling Trash Sorter Ecomm Via Westelm.com
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Rolling Trash Sorter

If you’re organizing your kitchen, you’ll love this Yamazaki trash sorter. It conveniently slides under a cabinet to keep your trash concealed and your kitchen sparkling.

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Itouchless Deodorizer 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Touchless Trash Can Ecomm Via Kohls
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Built-In Deodorizer

Give your kitchen a breath of fresh air—literally. This iTouchless trash can has a built-in deodorizing feature that ensures your pesky food smells (looking at you, garlic!) don’t linger. Learn more on how to deodorize your trash can.

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Simplehuman Cw2016 Trash Can 40 Liter Slim Ecomm Via Amazon
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Space Saver

In a small kitchen, ditch the bulky trash can and opt for a streamlined version, instead. This stainless-steel beauty from simplehuman holds over 10 gallons and is just over 10 inches wide.

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11.9 Step Trash Can White Ecomm Via Target.com
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Back to Basics

When you’re looking for a budget-friendly trash can without a ton of bells and whistles, you can’t beat this simple Target step can. It’s easy on the wallet yet gets the job done. Here are more products that make the most of your tiny kitchen.

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Townew Self Sealing Trashcan Ecomm Via Bedbathandbeyond
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When it comes to our least favorite kitchen chores, changing the trash can liner is pretty high on the list. This smart can from TOWNEW does it for you. The touch of a button seals your current bag, then a new one is automatically inserted into the can.

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Honey Can Do Trash Can Retro Ecomm Via Bedbathandbeyond.com
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Retro Trash Bin

This Honey-Can-Do trash can is both affordable and stylish. If you want to keep it simple, this bin comes with a classic step pedal and soft-close lid. Its retro design adds character to any kitchen space.

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Simplehuman Glam Trash Can Ecomm Via Bedbathandbeyond.com
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Cool Color

If you’re looking for the most *glam* trash can on the market, this metallic beauty from simplehuman is it. In addition to being pretty, we love its practical features like the built-in storage pockets and in-can liner dispenser.

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Kohler Stainless Steel 8 Gallon Pantry Step Trash Can Ecomm Via Crateandbarrel.com
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Compact Style

If you’re living in a small space, go with Kohler’s compact trash can. It easily flushes against a wall, under a cabinet or into a pantry. (Here are our best pantry organization tips.) Plus, it features a slow-close, stay-open lid.

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Simplehuman 35 Liter Pull Out Recycling And Trash Can Bin Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Cabinet Pull-Out

Pull-out trash cans are also a great way to keep pets out of your trash. These simplehuman cabinet pull-out bins conceal your trash while giving you plenty of space to store it.

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Itouchless 13 Gallon Wings Butteryfly Lid Ecomm Via Amazon
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Butterfly Lid

This iTouchless butterfly trash bin allows you to open it with the wave of a hand. Its butterfly opening has low clearing so that you can conveniently store it under a cabinet. Find more touchless trash cans. (Psst! Learn cabinet organization tips from experts.)

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58l Rectangular Sensor Can With Voice Control Ecomm Via Simplehuman.com


If you’ve ever found your hands overflowing with kitchen scraps, you’ll appreciate simplehuman’s voice-activated trash can. Simply say “open can” for ultimate ease. Other features include a built-in liner pocket for easy refills and a motion sensor.

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