20 Aldi Finds We’re Adding to Our Cart This June

Updated: Jun. 03, 2022

Here are the summer staples we'll be looking for at Aldi!

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Aldi Fremont Fish Market Ecomm Courtesy Aldi
courtesy merchant

Frozen Seafood Boil

If you can’t get to the coast, then bring the coast to you!

$9.99 / Available through the end of summer

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Sundae Shoppe Italian Ice Ecomm Via Aldimediacenter
Courtesy Merchant

Sundae Shoppe Italian Ice

Is there anything that says summer more than Italian ice? This Aldi Find has two classic flavors in every package: lemon and cherry.

$2.65 / Available June 1

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Specially Selected Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans Ecomm Via Aldimediacenter
Courtesy Merchant

Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

These little treats are the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

$3.49 / Available June 1

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Impossible Burger Patties Plant Based Courtesy Aldi
Courtesy Merchant

Impossible Plant Based Burger Patties

Impossible burgers are great to have on hand for any vegetarian guests at summer get-togethers! See how they performed in our plant-based burger taste test.

$3.99 / Available June 1

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L Oven Fresh Lemon Popy Seed Breakfast Bread Courtesy Aldi
Courtesy Merchant

Lemon Poppy Seed Breakfast Bread

Take your brunch game to the big leagues by serving homemade French toast made with lemon poppy seed breakfast bread.

$4.29 / Available June 1

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L Oven Fresh Hawaiian Bagels Courtesy Aldi
Courtesy Merchant

Hawaiian Bagels

If you love the unique sweet flavor of Hawaiian bread, you will also love it in bagel form.

$1.99 / Available June 1

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Grill Master Collection Courtesy Aldi
Courtesy Merchant

The Grill Master Collection

Planning to have the whole gang over for a summer cookout? With over 7 pounds of meat, including steaks, steakburgers, chicken breasts and pork chops, there’s bound to be something here for everyone.

$64.99 / Available June 8

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Natures Nectar Sparkling Coconut Water Assorted Varieties Courtesy Aldi
Courtesy Merchant

Nature’s Nectar Sparkling Coconut Water

These sparkling beverages (with no added sugars!) are sure to be refreshing on a hot summer’s day.

$3.89 / Available June 8

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Barqs Root Beer Squeezie Courtesy Aldi
Courtesy Merchant

Barq’s Frozen Root Beer Float Squeezies

Is there anything better on a hot summer day than an ice-cold Barq’s root beer float? Nope!

$3.99 / Available June 15

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Buzzworthy 2022
Courtesy Merchant

All-American Cheesecake Sampler

This patriotic cheesecake sampler includes raspberry, New York-style and blueberry slices.

$12.99 / Available June 15

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Sundae Shoppe Mermaid Cones Courtesy Aldi
Courtesy Merchant

Sundae Shoppe Mermaid Cones

These frozen treats are perfect for a mermaid-themed birthday party (or any party).

$3.99 / Available June 15

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Rougette Bonfire Herb Marinated Grilling Cheese Courtesy Aldi
Courtesy Merchant

Marinated Grilling Cheese

Sure, we’ve all had a grilled cheese … but have you ever actually grilled cheese?

$4.99 / Available June 22

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Breakfast Best Egg And Cheese Breakfast Pitas Courtesy Aldi
Courtesy Merchant

Egg & Cheese Breakfast Pitas

Need to eat breakfast on the run? This microwaveable egg and cheese breakfast pita is ready in under a minute. Speedy!

$5.99 / Available June 22

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Wahlburgers Dill Pickle Chips Courtesy Aldi
Courtesy Merchant

Wahlburgers Dill Pickle Chips

These pickle chips are great for topping burgers or a light snack. (Dill pickle lovers, you know what we’re talking about.)

$5.49 / Available June 22

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Claffeys Margarita Pouch Assorted Varieties Courtesy Aldi
Courtesy Merchant

Claffey’s Margarita Cocktail Pouch

These ready-to-drink pouches are great frozen or served chilled on the rocks. Flavors include lime, mango and watermelon.

$1.95 / Available June 22

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Belmont Chocolate Covered Pie Bites Assorted Courtesy Aldi
Courtesy Merchant

Belmont Chocolate Covered Pie Bites

We love a little sweet treat! Choose from banana cream, Key lime and coconut cream flavors.

$4.99 / Available June 29

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Olive Garden Signature Dressing Courtesy Aldi
Courtesy Merchant

Olive Garden Signature Italian Dressing

Now you can serve endless salad at home—or make this famous Olive Garden chicken pasta.

$3.36 / Available June 29

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705056 Shot By The Pub Studio
Courtesy Merchant

Specially Selected Everything Brioche Buns

Everything is better with everything bagel seasoning.

$2.99 / Available June 29

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Oreo Ice Cream Cake Courtesy Aldi
Courtesy Merchant

Oreo Ice Cream Cake

Pick up an Oreo ice cream cake for anyone with a summer birthday!

$10.39 / Available June 29

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Tuscan Garden Garlic Sea Salt Plantain Croutons Courtesy Aldi
Courtesy Merchant

Tuscan Garden Garlic & Sea Salt Plantain Croutons

You can give any gluten-free salad a little crunch with plantain-based croutons.

$2.48 / Available June 29