7 Surprising Ways to Get Your Caffeine Fix

Caffeine isn't found just in coffee, tea and soda. If you want an extra boost, try these other buzz-infused foods and find out how they stack up against a cup of coffee.

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pumpernickel bagel
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Einstein Bros Bagels offers the Espresso Buzz Bagel, which carries 32 mg of caffeine per serving. That’s about a third of a cup of coffee!

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Milk and dark chocolate on a wooden table
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Chocolate, made from cacao, carries the caffeine inherent in the beans from which it’s made. Hershey’s dark chocolate¬†has around 20 mg of caffeine which is about half a can of Coke. Find out what other surprising benefits dark chocolate has.

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chewing gum
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Of all the innocuous products out there, who knew gum could pack so much power? Gum companies did, as it turns out. That’s why Mini Thin Rush Gum has roughly 40 mg of caffeine and Military Energy Gum has nearly 100 mg.

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Ice cream

It seems like they can put caffeine in anything these days! Edy’s Grand, also known as Dreyer’s in some parts of the country, has a brand called Coffee Craze with 60 mg of caffeine. The Edy’s Grand Yogurt Blends with Cappuccino Chip has 90 mg or the equivalent to a full cup of coffee per serving. Psst:¬†Scoop that coffee ice cream into these delish dessert cups.

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Decaf coffee

Oh yes, decaf coffee has caffeine, too. According to a study conducted by Consumer Reports in 2007, decaf coffee at big-name brands like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts all had caffeine, and not in trace amounts either. A regular cup of coffee has around 90 mg, while the decaf brands had up to 12 mg.

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Protein bars

These products are well-known for providing stimulating energy, but some companies add caffeine to increase the perky effects its consumers are looking for. Clif Energy Bars contain 50 mg of caffeine which is equivalent to half a cup of coffee.

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Bowl of oatmeal porridge with blueberry on marble table, with glass of milk, hot and healthy breakfast every day, diet food


Morning Spark instant oatmeal is a healthy breakfast that combines healthy whole grains, fiber, Vitamin C and 60 mg of caffeine into a single packet. That’s near, but not quite, a single cup of coffee.