10 Totally Rad Foods ’80s Kids Loved

We rounded up some totally tubular treats straight out of the '80s. All you '80s kids, are you ready for this?

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Hi-C Ecto Cooler

All ’80s kids surely know Hi-C Ecto Cooler: the perfect blend of sugary sweetness and Ghostbuster hype. What child of the ’80s didn’t have one of these juice boxes in their lunch once in a while?

Check out these recipes from the ’80s that still rock.

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PB Max

Released in 1989, this candy bar was part peanut butter, part cookie and 100% irresistible. For this treat, Mars whipped peanut butter and oats together, set them atop a cookie and covered it all in chocolate. Get more delicious peanut butter desserts.

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Smurf Berry Crunch

Hey, ’80s kids! You can’t forget Smurf Berry Crunch cereal (how could you with that catchy commercial?). This fruity cereal was the perfect accompaniment to Saturday morning cartoons.

Love cereal (even the super sugary kind)? Try these treats.

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Planters Cheez Balls

Of course, you can still get a whole assortment of cheese puffs at the store, but there was something special about Planters Cheeze Balls. Maybe it was their poppable nature or maybe it was how the company spelled cheese with a z.

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Keebler Magic Middles

’80s kids know the magic of these cookies: soft shortbread filled with gooey chocolate filling. Remind us why these were discontinued again? Get our copycat recipe here.

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In 1984, PepsiCo introduced Slice, a soft drink made with real fruit juice. Soon the sweet yet fizzy drink became a slumber party staple. Devotees may have noticed that Slice disappeared back in 2005, but it’s poised to make a comeback in the very near future.

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Original New York Seltzer

Before LaCroix rose to fame, there was Original New York Seltzer. This brand pioneered preservative-free, color-free soft drinks starting back in 1981. The brand was definitely ahead of its time. In fact, Original New York Seltzer was reintroduced recently. Devoted fans can find it online.

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Skor Bars

Back in 1981, Skor bars broke onto the scene. These thin, chocolate-covered toffee bars were an instant hit. After all, that fancy crown logo and foreign-sounding name made the candy seem pretty high brow. Of course, you can still get Skor bars today, but they’ll never taste as amazing as the one you first tried in the ’80s. Learn how to cook like an ’80s mom.

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keebler tribbles

Keebler Tribbles

Everything is cuter in miniature. In the ’80s, Keebler released Tribbles, tiny bite-size cookies in a handful of flavors like mint chocolate and chocolate chip.

Cure your cravings for all things mini with these dainty desserts.

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Flintstones Push-Pops

While these frozen treats haven’t quite gone extinct (you can still find them at your local grocer under the Nestlé label), there’s no doubt these fruit pops experienced their heyday in the 1980s.

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