50 Best Easter Gifts for Teens (That They’ll Actually Love and Use)

Updated: Apr. 06, 2024

Easter gifts for teens are notoriously tricky to shop for. We found the best social media-approved finds and thoughtful (yet practical!) gear guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

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Lego Flower Bouquetvia merchant

Your kids may be too old to believe in the Easter bunny, but your teens are never too old for an Easter basket.

As a mom of two teenage boys, I find it much more fun to shop for a variety of small, affordable gifts rather than a few big-ticket items. I also like to cater to their interests.

Not sure where to start? There are plenty of things that are universally loved by every teen. Affordable accessories, like special lenses that turn smartphones into professional-quality cameras or earbuds that let them take their music on the go, are always welcome Easter gifts for teens.

And even though the eggs get all the attention, Easter is one of the biggest candy holidays of the year. Any Easter gift for teens should be paired with plenty of sweet stuff! You can be extra sentimental and make homemade candy to give as gifts, which could end up starting a new family tradition. But teens will be disappointed if they’re basket doesn’t have at least some store-bought goodiesand we found fun twists on old favorites.

You also can’t go wrong with Easter gifts for teens that help them decorate their room, which is undoubtedly one of their favorite places to hang out. Teens crave a space of their very own and relish the opportunity to turn their bedrooms into a reflection of who they’re growing up to be.

No matter what your teen is into, we found plenty of delightful ideas to stuff in their basket—all at a variety of price points. Easter falls on Sunday, March 31 this year, so what are you waiting for? Hop to it!

Dino Nugget Plushies via merchant

For the One Who Loves Their Nuggs

Dino Nugget Plushies

Your teen might be growing into a mature adult with grown-up tastes, but there’s a very good chance they still love dino nugget! This set of three dino nugget plushies will keep them snuggling in silliness, whether they’re watching cooking shows or dino documentaries while kicking it on the couch. And just like real dino nuggets, these plush pillows come in three different shapes: towering T. Rex, breaded brontosaurus and savory stegosaurus.

For the Bracelet Stacker

You Are Loved Bracelet

Every teen needs a gentle reminder that we love them. And Little Words Project bracelets, like this You Are Loved pick, offer simple, yet heartfelt, messages. It’s a stylish accessory to carry your love with them at all times. Plus, thanks to Taylor Swift, friendship bracelets have never been more popular!

Freeze-Dried Skittles via merchant

For the Sweet Tooth

Freeze-Dried Skittles

What would the holiday be without lots and lots of Easter candy? Upgrade your Easter gifts for teens with this out-of-this world variation on Skittles by Space Aged Snacks. This company takes the classic strawberry, lime, grape, lemon and orange candies you know and love and puts them in a freeze dryer. All the water is removed, and what’s left is an airy, crispy, crunchy candy shell.

Tortilla Blanket via merchant

For the Carb-Loving Cuddler

Tortilla Blanket

Who hasn’t wished they could feel as warm and snuggly as a burrito? With this warm tortilla blanket, they’ll be able to wrap themselves up in comfort. Made of soft, breathable fleece, this blanket is as thin as a freshly-warmed Chipotle tortilla and is perfect for cuddling up on the couch. It comes in three different sizes, too!

For the Trendy Teen

Smiley Face Slippers

Consider your Easter shopping complete by taking a note from TikTok gift ideas. These smiley face slippers are all over social media. Cute and cozy, they come in a variety of colorways made for the teen who’s always on top of the trends. Plus, the bright smiley face design is ideal for spring.

For the Aspiring Interior Designer

GE Neon Lights

These bendable LED strip lights let them outfit their space in neon like never before. Make up a unique design, or follow one of the templates found on the connected app. They can change the color and brightness, control the timer and light mode settings, sync it to a smart home devices or connect to their playlist for customized light shows.

Soy Candlemaking Kit via merchant

For the Calm Crafter

Soy Candlemaking Kit

A scented candle is always a nice Easter gift, but a candlemaking kit will keep them fully stocked with candles until next spring. They don’t need any experience, either. This set is perfect for beginners, with easy instructions and all the supplies they need to get started. Packaged in a ready-to-gift box, it includes plenty of soy wax, a melting pot, candle vessels, dye blocks, seven fragrance oils, wicks and plenty more.

RosieLily Vintage Apron via merchant

For the Barbie-Obsessed Teen

Vintage Apron

Are they a fan of all things Barbie, but not so big on hot pink? This vintage-inspired apron gives off serious Barbie vibes without the fluorescent tones, thanks to a black-and-white striped pattern reminiscent of the swimsuit worn by the original doll. This Easter gift for teens is as functional as it is pretty, protecting their clothes when cooking or cleaning up around the house.

Outdoor Projector via merchant

For the Backyard Camper

Outdoor Projector

Your teen will love inviting friends over on a warm spring night to watch movies or play video games in the backyard with this portable outdoor projector. (And you’ll love not hearing them complain about boredom.) It comes with built-in stereo speakers for sound and projects images up to 240-inches on a screen, sheet or bare wall. It’s simple to operate and connects to game consoles, smartphones, laptops, TV/USB stick drives, DVD players or just about any other device.

For the Kitschy King or Queen

Cheeseburger Lamp

At first glance, this adorable cheeseburger lamp looks like a nightlight. A bit over 4-inches tall, this rechargeable LED light is placed on a nightstand or dresser to emit a soft glow. Lift up the top bun, though, and a secret stem inside lets it extend into a full-fledged desk lamp. The LED lights have three brightness settings to keep it dim at bedtime. This clever Easter gift for teens lights up the room when it’s time to study.

For the Chronically Bored

Rechargeable Game Cube

Want to keep your teen amused while also keeping them off screens? This Galaxy Game Cube will grab their attention and keep their eyes and hands occupied. It’s a perfect addition to their basket if your Easter plans include a long car ride to visit friends or family. It features multiple one- and two-player games with voice-guided instructions to teach them how to play and is fully rechargeable, so they’ll never have to worry about dead AAs interrupting their good time.

Looking for Easter gifts for teens with an impressive mane of hair? Over 82,000 Amazon reviewers rave about this detangling hairbrush that glides through unruly hair without pulling or tearing. It gently separates tangled strands with cone-shaped plastic bristles that gently push them sideways, instead of tugging downwards and causing breakage. (Not to mention pain!) It comes in a variety of colorways and patterns, like blue cheetah, pink hearts and terrazzo.

For the Practically Stylish

Strawberry Milk Cross Body Bag

Your teen could use a trendy cross body bag to keep their belongings together, so why not pick up a fun one to stuff in their Easter basket? After all, accessories turn even the most basic jeans-and-a-T-shirt outfit into a signature look, so a collection of cross body bags is not only cute, but practical. We like the pastel pink strawberry milk variation, but it also comes in chocolate, banana and whole milk designs.

Fruit Earrings via merchant

For the Fruity and Fabulous

Fruit Earrings

These brightly colored dangling fruit earrings are sure to make a statement. And at about one dollar per pair, they’re one of the most affordable Easter gifts for teens we’ve seen! Indulge in 12 different designs: whole pineapples, wedges of watermelon, plump strawberries, cucumber slices, halved apples, cut-down-the-middle kiwis and three different types of slivered citrus: grapefruit, orange and lemon. If they’ve got room for multiple piercings, they can accessorize their outfit with a whole fruit salad!

Celestial Suncatcher via merchant

For the Teen Who Could Use a Daily Dose of Magic

Celestial Suncatcher

Their room will be filled with rainbows whenever light hits this sparkly suncatcher, featuring dazzling crystals dangling from a golden frame. It’s a beautiful accent to put near a bedroom window, or wherever else they retreat to when it’s time to relax, like a book nook or bathtub. This also makes an excellent gift for cat loving teens, as their fur babies will go absolutely crazy chasing the rainbows as they flitter around the room.

Slam Dunk Basketball Hamper via merchant

For the Teen Who Needs to Clean Their Room

Slam Dunk Basketball Hamper

No more dirty laundry on the floor! With this door-mounted basketball hamper, teens will finally have a fun reason to put their clothes in the hamper. When it’s time to do laundry, releasing the cord at the bottom will funnel all their dirty clothes into a basket. They’ll love you for making cleaning their room feel like less of a chore and you’ll love getting all their stinky socks in the wash where they belong.

Feeling Feelings Card Deck via merchant

For the Moody Teen

Feeling Feelings Card Deck

Everyone who has survived being a teenager knows what an emotional rollercoaster those years are. Learning about your feelings is just as important as learning your ABCs and this Feeling Feelings Card Deck will help the teen in your life learn to understand theirs. Split into five sections—joy, fear, sadness, anger and “wild card”— these therapist-created cards assist teens in starting difficult conversations and supports their emotional growth.

Cake Decorating Turntable via merchant

For the Great British Baking Show Addict

Cake Decorating Turntable

Do they dream of building a showstopper cake that’s worthy of a Paul Hollywood handshake? Help them achieve their goals with this cake decorating set that will take their bakes to the next level, making them look just as good as they taste. It includes a non-slip cake decorating turntable, three frosting combs, angled and silicone icing spatulas and a stainless steel cake cutter.

Flower Hair Clips via merchant

For the Beauty Queen

Flower Hair Clips

Claw clips are one of the top hair trends, but instead of gifting teens with ones they probably already have, go for these colorful flower clips. Not only do they scream spring, they offer a playful way for teens to try new hairstyles.

Country Archer Jerky via merchant

For the Gym Rat

Country Archer Jerky

Growing teens need frequent snacks to keep their energy up. If your teen is athletic and regularly hits the gym, they’ve probably asked you to keep your pantry full of high-protein snacks. Instead of filling their Easter baskets with candy, try this assortment of jerkys from Country Archer. This sampler includes multiple flavors: Original Beef, Teriyaki Beef, Mango Habanero Beef, Hickory Smoke Turkey, Crushed Red Pepper Beef and Jalapeno Beef Jerky.

Dry Botanical Bubbly via merchant

For the Budding Sophisticate

Dry Botanical Bubbly

Why should your teen toast special occasions with super-sweet sparkling apple cider when they could celebrate Easter, Prom or graduation with a bottle of sophisticated soda instead? DRY has been making sugary soda alternatives for well over a decade and their newest creation is a bubbly beverage infused with botanical extracts and other flavors like rose petals and strawberries. Cheers!

For the One Who Instagrams Everything They Eat

Upgraded Phone Camera Lens Kit

With this set of phone camera lenses, start taking pictures in a whole new way! They’ll get a 198-degree fish eye lens that distorts their surroundings. It lets them play with perspective and get artsy with their shots. Two magnifying macro lenses (15X and 20X) let them get up close and personal with the tiniest things, like insects, flowers and leaves and a 2x telephoto lens puts objects far in the distance into focus. This set also includes ultra-wide angle, PL and kaleidoscope lenses, as well as a starburst filter for light effects.

If you want to create some hilarious memories Easter morning, party games are one of the best Easter gifts for teens. Once they lay eyes on this ridiculous chicken and hot dog duo, they’ll want to get them out of the box and get to playing right away. The rules of Chicken vs. Hot Dog are learned in less than a minute and it’s played with as little as two or as many as 10 players—perfect for instant family fun.

For the Pedicure Lover

Collapsable Foot Bath

Summer is just around the corner and that means it’s almost time for strappy sandals, flip-flops and open-toed shoes. This collapsible foot bath makes it easy for them to keep up their pedicure game at home. Keep their nail polish looking fresh all season long. Make this Easter gift for teens extra special by pairing it with a few different bottles of nail polish and a pedicure tool kit.

Fresh flowers are traditional for Easter, but they have a short shelf life. Alternatively, gift your teen this Lego set to make their own flower bouquet, which not only lasts forever, but is fun to put together. It comes with 15 stems and instructions on how to make different types of blossoms and leaves, like roses, snapdragons, poppies, asters and daisies. The petals are individually poseable, too, so their bouquet is guaranteed to be as beautiful and unique as they are.

For the Fearless Feminist

Inspirational Women Trivia Cards

History is filled with fascinating women whose stories aren’t taught in school. Help clue your teen (and possibly yourself!) into the past with this Inspirational Women Trivia Card Game. It’s ideal for two or more players of all ages, so it’s fun for family nights, long car rides or quality time with the girls. Featuring 80 trivia cards full of fascinating parks, they’ll love learning more about luminaries like Maya Angelou, Malala Yousafzai and more.

Bamboo Hair Towel via merchant

For the One With a Mop of Curls

Bamboo Hair Towel

A hair towel from Texere is a luxurious splurge at an affordable price point! Made of bamboo viscose, it quickly wicks moisture away from hair, drying their hair naturally and reducing the need for harsh heat tools. An elastic loop keeps hair up and out of the way while putting on makeup, getting dressed or laying on the couch for a few hours of binge-watching before bedtime.

For the Teen Who Needs to Drink More Water

Hydroflask Water Bottle

Everyone knows how important it is to stay hydrated, but it’s hard to remember to drink eight glasses of water a day when you’re always on the go! But this insulated bottle from Hydroflasks makes things much easier, letting them carry around 32 ounces of water, iced tea or whatever else floats their boat without having to worry about leaks. It also comes with a straw lid which will encourage them to sip even more, and it’s dishwasher-safe, too.

The Shashibo Sensory box is not your average fidget toy! Inside this shape-shifting box there are 36 rare earth magnets that allow it to be twisted and formed into over 70 different shapes, which will captivate their minds as well as their hands. Available in four different patterns and colors, link them with other cubes to make bigger shapes—or use them to design and create a sculpture!

For the Smarter Snacker

SmartSweets Candy

Yes, it’s possible to overload your teen with Easter candy without overloading them with sugar. These Easter gummies from better-for-you candy brand SmartSweets come in four delicious flavors: sweet fish, peach rings, sour blast buddies and sour melon bites. Each serving contains only 3 grams of sugar— up to 92% less than standard candy brands. They’re free of artificial sweeteners and food dyes, too!

For the Teenage Pet Parent

Custom Pet Portrait

If your teen is utterly obsessed with their pet (and let’s be honest—why wouldn’t they be?), they’ll love a custom canvas portrait of their best furry friend. And this isn’t AI art; you’ll work with a professional digital artist to perfect your pet’s portrait until it’s a fitting homage. Along with wall art, get the finished portrait printed on a mug or throw pillow, or get it printed on a greeting card, which would be fun way to give the gift of cash.

Gamer Neon Sign via merchant

For the Teen Who’s Always Gaming

Gamer Neon Sign

This colorful neon sign looks just like a Playstation controller, but way, way cooler. And because they’re made with affordable LED lights, it gives their room a neon glow for under $40. It comes fully assembled and ready to be hung wherever they want. All they need is a place to plug in the included USB cord and they’re ready to game in style.

For the Teen Who’s Always Ready for a Dance Party

Retro Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Let your teen listen to music in style wherever they go with this Bluetooth speaker that looks like a retro radio. It’s small enough to fit in a purse or backpack and with it’s USB rechargeable battery, they’ll be able to take it to wherever they want to get the party started. It’s small size and vintage vibe also make this an adorable audio accessory for their bathroom, kitchen or desk.

For the Teenage Mod

Vintage Oversized Sunglasses

Spring’s warmer weather means it’s time to head outside to socialize. They’ll bring old school mod vibes to their next hangout session with these oversized vintage-style shades, which will keep their eyes safe from UV rays while keeping them looking good. These stellar shades come in 11 different colors, including milky blue, leopard print and classic black. And since they’re highly affordable, snag multiple pairs to match all their favorite spring jackets.

Bunny Slippers via merchant

For Fuzzy Wuzzy Footsies

Bunny Slippers

What better holiday than Easter than to give the gift of bunny slippers? These fuzzy wuzzy slippers are just about as adorable as footwear can get, with a nonslip rubber sole, a warm wool-like lining and a pair of little pink noses that are so cute you’ll want to bend over to pinch them. Choose from multiple women’s sizes and five different color ways: white, gray, brown, pink or rainbow.

Avocado Plushie via merchant

For the Teen Who Can’t Get Enough Avocado

Avocado Plushie

If your teen eats avocado toast like there’s no tomorrow, they’ll love snuggling with this adorable avocado plushie so they have delicious dreams, too. It’s great to gift with other comfy accessories, like a blanket and slippers, for a themed basket.

Bluetooth Earbuds via merchant

For the Frequently Forgetful

Bluetooth Earbuds

Even if they’re the most responsible teen in town, it’s easy to lose expensive AirPods. These Bluetooth earbuds are practically dupes with killer sound quality, but cost a fraction of the price, so your teen will enjoy their music without having recurring nightmares about losing one of their AirPods and getting grounded forever. The carrying case doubles as a charger and comes in your choice of six colors.

Complete Beginners Crochet Kit via merchant

For the Teen Who Needs to Keep Their Hands Busy

Complete Beginners Crochet Kit

This complete beginners kit will get your creative teen churning out blankets, scarves, sweaters and more in no time! This kit includes five different colors of yarn, 14 aluminum crochet hooks of different sizes and nine crochet hooks with ergonomic rubber grips. It also includes plenty of small tools like seam rippers, needles and rulers. Set them on the path to mastery!

Makeup Brush Cleaner via merchant

For the Glamazon

Makeup Brush Cleaner

Any teen that’s into makeup should know how important it is to keep their brushes as clean as can be—especially if they want to keep their faces breakout-free. This automatic makeup brush cleaner makes the task practically mindless; all they need to do is fill the bowl with soapy water and attach their brush to the battery-powered, size-adjustable spinner. A press of a button rapidly spins and cleans the bristles and dries them, too.

Large Hair Clips via merchant

For the Effortlessly Beautiful

Large Hair Clips

Any teenager with a long mane of hair will always appreciate easy, stylish ways to put it up. This set of large claw clips works on fine hair as well as it does thick, luscious locks, keeping them snuggly clipped into a messy updo with minimal effort. And to match just about any outfit, each of the eight clips comes in a different color, including light gray, pastel pink, khaki brown and classic black.

Legos aren’t just for the littles! Spread some Easter cheer with this seasonal rabbit Lego set. It’s a fun activity for teens who love a creative challenge or anyone who’s always building stuff.

Tie-Dye Throw Blanket via merchant

For the Homebody

Tie-Dye Throw Blanket

When it comes to Easter gifts for teens, you can’t go wrong with cozy finds, like this throw blanket. The classic faux fur blanket gets a spring upgrade with the beautiful tie-dye colorways. It’s a must-have for cozying up with their favorite book or TV show. If green isn’t their color, this blanket is available in 38 more options.

Belt Bag via merchant

For the Teen Always on the Go

Belt Bag

ICYMI: The belt bag is officially the new go-to accessory for teens. It’s practical, stylish and keeps all the essentials within reach. Even if they already have one, Easter is just the occasion to gift them a new color.

For the Astrology Buff

Zodiac Socks

Teens and zodiac facts go together like two peas in a pod. These astrology socks are personalized to their sign and keep their feet cozy no matter the season.

Bunny Ears Spa Headband via merchant

For the Self-Care Queen

Bunny Ears Spa Headband

How cute is this bunny ears spa headband? We can’t think of a cuter hair essential to keep their hair out of their face while they complete their morning and evening skin care routine.

For the Aspiring Content Creator

Selfie Stick Tripod

Whether they’re always filming beauty content in their bedroom or on their way to becoming the next big food creator, these selfie stick and tripod duos are great Easter gifts for teens. It comes with a Bluetooth remote for snapping the best shots and the tripod’s sleek design makes it easy to travel with them to friends’ houses, vacations and beyond.

For the Hard-to-Shop-for Teen

Custom Shortbread Cookies

When in doubt, go with foodie gifts, like these custom message shortbread cookies. Personalize the message with something like, “Hoppy Easter” or “You Are Loved,” for a one-of-a-kind treat. Don’t forget to order your Easter cookies just in time for the holiday dinner!

For the Book Worm

100 Books Scratch-Off Poster

Looking for Easter gifts for teens with book worm tendencies? Here’s an interactive gift for book lovers to get lost in. The 100 Books Scratch Off Poster is a fun way to spark inspiration while introducing them to new titles.

Personalized Tumbler via merchant

For the Coffee Fan

Personalized Cold Cup

Whether they’re obsessed with Starbucks cups and iced coffee or tea, personalized daisy cups make cute Easter gifts for teens. Customize it with their name and favorite color for a wow-worthy surprise.

Sugarwish via merchant

For the College Teen


For teens away at college, or any faraway family member, a Sugarwish virtual Easter basket is the ultimate care package. Giftees get to choose their sweet treats, such as candy, cookies, popcorn and more, ensuring they get exactly what they want this holiday. Talk about the sweetest Easter gifts for teens! Here’s why Sugarwish is the personalized care package of our dreams.