14 Crazy Foods You Can Buy at Major League Ballparks

Updated: Apr. 18, 2024

Move over, peanuts and popcorn! The new home-run ballpark eats are...churro dogs and "totchos"?

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Texas Rangers: Pickle-Stuffed Corn Dog

The pickle craze extends to this corn dog, served at Globe Life Park, home field for the Texas Rangers. Dubbed #dillydog by Instagrammer imacarbygirl, the food-on-a-stick is a hot dog is stuffed inside a giant pickle that’s battered and fried. The ultimate corn dog!

If you’re after a more traditional baseball dog, browse through our ballpark copycat recipes.

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St. Louis Cardinals: Totchos

Everybody loves nachos and tater tots—and together they represent the ultimate comfort food! Every ingredient in the basket is something you’d find on nachos, except instead of tortilla chips you’ve got tater tots.

Find totchos at Busch Stadium in St. Louis or make your own using this recipe.

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totasted grasshopppers

Seattle Mariners: Toasted Grasshoppers

Score these—er, crunchy—snacks at Safeco Field, the Seattle Mariners’ home turf. The grasshoppers are available through Poquitos, a local restaurant with a stand at the stadium, and served toasted in chili-lime salt.

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Fenway Park and Boston Red Sox Fried Dough Sundae
Instagram / fenwayfood

Boston Red Sox: Fried Dough Sundae

Fenway Park is full of food that makes us drool, but this fried dough sundae really hits it out of the park. Fried dough is topped with creamy ice cream that’s coated in the toppings of your choice. Sounds like a home run to us!

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Arizona Diamondbacks: Churro Dog

You’re going to love that churros and soft-serve ice cream come together as one! We’re already crazy about churros, but the Arizona Diamondbacks’ stadium in Phoenix serves ’em like an open-faced sandwich, with ice cream on top. Learn how to make easy homemade churros at home.

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donuts, chicken

Texas Rangers: Chicken & Doughnuts

You may have heard of chicken & waffles—but how about chicken and doughnuts. For baseball-goers at the Texas Rangers’ home stadium this dish is a satisfying mashup of savory and sweet!

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New York yankees and Yankee Stadium Bao Buns
Instagram / theculturedpig

New York Yankees: Bao Buns

Take a trip around the world while in the Big Apple. Yankee Stadium is serving up meaty Filipino bao buns that are stuffed with chicken and pork rinds. The soft and fluffy bun is the perfect accent to this marinated wonder. Try these recipes from around the world.

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Cleveland Indians Slider Dog
Instagram / whatsupcbus

Cleveland Indians: Slider Dog

Happy Dog Cleveland is one of Progressive Field’s hidden gems, but this dog does anything but blend in! Underneath bright fruit loops, creamy macaroni and cheese and savory bacon is a massive beef hot dog. This might just satisfy all of your cravings.

If you can’t make it to Cleveland every day for one of these, here are 20 other ways to dress up a hot dog.

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New York Mets Wowfull
Instagram / thefantasmicfoodie

New York Mets: Wowfulls

Wowfulls has hit Citifield and we are planning a trip to a Mets game because of it! Wowfulls sells unique waffle and ice cream concoctions that only a child could imagine. No need to worry— fans of all ages are encourage to scarf these down!

By the way, there are other ways you can combine your favorite breakfast and dessert in your own home.

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Minnesota Twins Bloody Mary
Instagram / bloodymarysofmn

Minnesota Twins: Double Bloody Mary

Like any other baseball stadium, Target Field is full of fans who enjoy the occasional beer, but sometimes the crowd wants to change it up! Which is why these Double Bloody Marys are perfect for any fan who wants to kick back, cool off and relax. We’re fans of the sausage and slider munchies that come with it.

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Cincinnatti Reds Cloud Waffle Cone
Instagram / robindabank

Cincinatti Reds: Candy Cloud Waffle Cone

Step right up to cloud nine when you snag a candy cloud waffle cone. Believe it or not, there is a waffle cone under all of that fluff! And then it’s filled with soft serve and topped with sprinkles. This “pure magic” treat comes in blue too!

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Crab Fries at PNC Park
Instagram / fedcrumbs

PNC Park: Crabfries

If pangs of hunger have you feeling crabby, reach for these delicious crabfries at the next Pittsburgh Pirates game. These strips of goodness are coated in a speciality spice blend and served with white cheese sauce. The crinkle cut wonders are by Sections 129-132.

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Citi Field Banana and Caramel Frozen Yogurt
Instagram / _snacksinthecity

Citi Field: Banana and Caramel Frozen Yogurt

Bananas and caramel go just as well as peanut butter and jelly— and the pretzels certainly take it to the next level. This summer MLB treat is sure to become a classic in no time.

For those hot summer days when your stadium is closed, make your own frozen yogurt with this easy guide.

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Dodger Stadium Chee lote
Instagram / abrandnewcolony

Dodger Stadium: Chee-lote

The Los Angeles staple has officially made its way to the ballparks. An elote is essentially grilled corn on the cob that’s topped with cotija cheese, lime, mayo and chili powder. But the chee-lote has a little something extra— it’s coated in cheeto powder! Just trust us on this one and your taste buds will thank you.

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