10 Decorating Tools You’ll Need to Make Pretty Christmas Cookies

Updated: Mar. 19, 2024

These cookie decorating tools are great additions to your Christmas list—but why wait? Get 'em now to make your holiday treats spectacular.

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Christmas-Themed Cookie Cutters

Start with the basics and use festively shaped cookie cutters ($20) to craft picture-perfect cutout cookies. Since each cookie will be the same size, they’ll be even more irresistible thanks to their bakery-window uniformity.

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Cookie Turntable

Like a lazy Susan specifically for decorating cookies, this rotating surface ($20) keeps awkward reaches out of the cookie decorating equation. Since you don’t have to rotate cookies with your hands, it prevents smudges and mistakes when making even the most impressive cookie arrangements.

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Bag-Free Icing Tool

Forget hassling with cumbersome plastic bags and use a convenient icing pump ($15) to adorn cookies with sugary sweetness. With a variety of nozzles, you can create decorated treats that will wow the entire family—like a happy sweater-wearing gingerbread man.

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Christmas Stencils

Take the guesswork out of precise decorations by using pre-made stencils ($13). Spread over them with royal icing or melted chocolate, or sprinkle them with cocoa or colored sugar to add fuss-free details to any cookie. Before you start to decorate, read up on these cookie decorating tips.

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Holiday Shapes Cookie Pan

Pans with Christmas-themed molds ($18) make it a cinch to whip up a dozen cookies with festive shapes. Use them to add effortless flair to decoration-free recipes like our fruitcake Christmas cookies.

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Scriber Needle Set

These thin needles ($6) can be used to gently drag icing to create ornate swirling patterns and subtle textures. Their fine points are also handy for popping air bubbles, prying decorations from parchment and removing fondant shapes from molds.

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Edible Markers

If piping isn’t your thing, go freehand and use edible markers ($8) to draw any design you see fit. Just coat cookies with a layer of royal icing and get in touch with your creative side to make one-of-a-kind decorations. Here’s how to use them like a pro.

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Airbrushing Kit

Vivid backgrounds and smooth-flowing color gradients are a cinch with an airbrushing kit ($120). Use one to set a backdrop for other decorations or pair with a stencil to whip up large batches of beautiful cookies.

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Cookie Press

A cookie press like this ($30) will push dough through cutout discs to create perfectly shaped cookies with factory-like efficiency. That means less time perfecting the shape of Christmas-tree cookies and more time enjoying the festive flavor. Whip up these spritz cookie recipes. 

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Christmas Cookie Gift Box

Put the finishing touches on your Christmas creations with a cheery gift box ($16). Thanks to the see-through windows, recipients will get a sneak peek at your delightfully decorated cookies.

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