10 Best Christmas Cookie Cutters for Holiday Baking

Updated: Mar. 14, 2024

Take your holiday cookies to the next level with these fun shapes.

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Gingerbread House Impression Cookie Cutters via merchant

Gingerbread House Cookie Cutters

Keep it classic with gingerbread cookie cutouts. These gingerbread house impressions take gingerbread cookie decorating to the next level. The Christmas cookie cutters come with three house impressions, featuring spot-on detailing like a front door, windows and scallop roof designs. All that’s left is decorating the houses with colorful frosting!

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Milk And Cookies Cookie Cutter via SugarDashCo/etsy.com

Milk and Cookies Set

Here are Christmas cookie cutters you don’t already have in your collection. This set of four cookie cutters is complete with one reindeer, one carrot, one milk jug and one half-eaten cookie shape. They’re a fun way to show off your skills, plus Santa will be really impressed with these cute cookies! You could also opt for a cookie delivery service.

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Hanukkah Cookie Cutter via Inpressing/etsy.com

Hanukkah Cookie Cutters

Happy Hanukkah! Keep celebrations sweet with this Hanukkah cookie cutter and press set. Choose from four designs: Dreidel, Menorah, happy Hanukkah and Star of David. Or, score all four for an extra bright Festival of Lights cookie decorating party. Pair them with the best Hanukkah decorations to take all eight nights to the next level.

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Santa Reindeer Cookie Cutter Ecomm Via Etsy via merchant

Santa and Rudolph Cookie Cutters

Fill your cookie tray with whimsy, thanks to this adorable Santa and Rudolph cookie cutter set. This pack of two includes a jolly old Santa and one reindeer. Be sure to make enough reindeer cookies to account for everyone guiding Santa’s sleigh. Have you seen these cookie decorating kits?

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Ann Clark Cookie Cutters Extra Large Vintage Pickup Truck with Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter, 5" via merchant

Christmas Tree Truck Cookie Cutter

Special delivery! This truck cookie cutter represents the annual tradition of placing a freshly-chopped tree in the back of your truck and making your way home to decorate it. Tap into that feeling of nostalgia by decorating green trees coming out of an old red pickup truck.

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Leg Lamp Cookie Cutter via merchant

Leg Lamp Cookie Cutter

Don’t miss out on one of the most iconic and recognizable movie props of all time: the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. Any of our favorite sugar cookie recipes will make for a great base for your holiday cookies.

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Ugly Sweater Christmas Cookies via Hilbe/etsy.com

Ugly Sweater Cookie Cutter

Level up your decorating game with this ugly sweater cookie cutter. The opportunities are endless when you add colorful frosting, sprinkles and creativity. What ugly sweater will you design first?

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Snowboarding Santa Cookies via MakeCookies/etsy.com

Snowboarding Santa Cookie Cutter

Ho, ho, ho! Who’s that coming down the slopes? It’s snowboarding Santa of course! Looks like the jolly man in red has traded in his sled for an amped up ride this winter. The only thing missing is his helmet.

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Elf Cookie Cutter via KaleidaCuts/etsy.com

Adorable Elf Cookie Cutter

It’s true. You can’t get away from the Elf on the Shelf. Santa’s scouts are everywhere this holiday season. Even your cookies. Use this clever cutter to wow your favorite elf-watchers. Check out these Elf on the Shelf ideas for stirring up mischief in the kitchen.

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Christmas Light Cookie Cutter via merchant

Holiday Lightbulb Cookie Cutter

Let your light shine bright this holiday season with this holiday light bulb cookie cutter. Decorate them your favorite color, but don’t forget to add some sparkle with edible glitter. Try threading several bulbs together using decorative ribbon to recreate a string of lights.