10 Potato Vodkas You’ll Want to Add to Your Next Cocktail

Updated: Apr. 05, 2024

It's slightly sweeter and earthier in flavor than vodkas made with fermented grains, so potato vodka is perfect for mixed drinks. Here's what to look for at the liquor store.

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Chopin Potato Vodka

Made in Krzesk, Poland, Chopin vodka has a creamy and full-bodied flavor. It’s also the most awarded potato vodka in the world. Did you know that James Bond had a preference for Polish vodka? Follow these tips to make the perfect martini.

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Zodiac Vodka

This vodka hails from eastern Idaho and is made from Russet potatoes and water from the picturesque Snake River aquifer. It has hints of citrus, pepper and vanilla on the nose and a smooth flavor and finish.

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butelka luksusowa
via luksusowavodka.com

Luksusowa Vodka

Did you know that “luksusowa” means “luxurious” in Polish? This premium Polish vodka, which has been in production since 1928, is triple distilled and has a cocoa-forward sweet flavor and lush mouthfeel. It made our list of the best GF of vodka, too.

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Woody Creek Distillers Potato Vodka

This award-winning Colorado vodka is made from potatoes processed the same day they are dug out of the ground. Does it get any fresher than that?

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Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka

This small-batch Pennsylvanian vodka is made from locally grown potatoes and has a sweet, earthy and creamy flavor. Learn more about how vodka is made.

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Karlsson’s Gold Vodka

This Swedish vodka is made from new potatoes and is distilled only once and left unfiltered. As a result, it has a very earthy and vegetal flavor, making it an ideal component in a Bloody Mary. Do you know the secret to making the best Bloody Mary?

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Vesica Vodka

This Polish vodka is sweet and caramel-flavored on the nose and has a red berry fruit flavor, creamy mouthfeel and warm finish. The unique crescent-shaped bottle makes for easy pouring, too. By the way, vodka isn’t just for drinking; it’s also a delicious ingredient in recipes like this!

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Born and Bred Potato Vodka

If you’re looking for something with a little more, shall we say, “magic,” check out Born and Bred, a small-batch potato vodka made in collaboration with actor (and dancer extraordinaire) Channing Tatum. Produced by the Grand Teton Distillery, this vodka is made from locally grown potatoes and glacial water from the nearby Grand Teton mountains.

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Chase Original Potato Vodka

This British vodka is distilled on the very farm where the potatoes are grown. Each bottle is made from 250 Herefordshire potatoes. It’s smooth and creamy flavor makes it ideal for cocktails or sipping on its own. Looking for a cocktail recipe for a crowd? Try this delicious vodka punch.

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Murlarkey Divine Clarity Vodka

This potato vodka hales from Virginia. It’s distilled 16 times before being run through activated carbon and charcoal filters, making for a very smooth and sweet flavor.

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