7 Bake Sale Ideas That’ll Help You Sell out of Goodies

Cookies and snack mixes will look and taste great when you follow these tips for your next bake sale.

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Banana Foster Crunch Mix
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Choose packaging for your treats that coordinates with a theme

For example, use holiday wrap or plastic bags at Christmastime or primary colors for back-to-school. Or take a cue from a key ingredient, like using yellow when your recipe includes bananas, like this Bananas Foster Crunch Mix.

These bake sale treats will earn big bucks.

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woman hand give dessert on plate
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If you are selling pieces of pie or cake…

…put them on small and sturdy paper plates and cover with plastic wrap. Gather all of the plastic wrap on top and cinch with a colorful ribbon to add an extra-special touch. Looking for more ideas? We’ve got you covered with our favorite fall bake sale ideas.

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Freshly baked peanut butter cookies in plastic wrap at a coffeehouse bakery counter.

Cut a roll of clear plastic wrap in half…

…to use for individually wrapping homemade granola bars, brownies and cookies. Instead of one wide roll, you end up with two narrower rolls of the perfect size wrap.

If you’re worried the treats will be jostled in transport, here’s how to keep them in mint condition.

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Cookies inside a clear jar with ribbon
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Dress up your treats

Little dressing up is needed when you fill [easyazon_link identifier=”B0171YP2H8″ locale=”US” tag=”tohmke-20″]inexpensive clear jars[/easyazon_link] with colorful cookies, snack mixes and individually wrapped candies. Simply tie a festive ribbon around the top.

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Don’t throw out your old containers

Instead of discarding potato chip cans, coffee tins or shortening cans, wash them, decorate the outside with wrapping paper or Con-Tact paper—this design from The Pioneer Woman is so pretty! Then fill with cookies or candies. Attach a bow to the lid and close.

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Crisp sugar cookies
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Store crisp and soft cookies properly

For crisp cookies the general rule is to store them in a container with a loose-fitting cover. If you prefer soft cake-like cookies, store in a container with a tight-fitting cover. However, if the weather is humid, you should store crisp cookies in a container with a tight-fitting cover. Using waxed paper between the layers should keep them separate and from sticking together.

Don’t make any of these cookie-baking mistakes!

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Fruitcake Christmas cookies
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Remember to always cool cookies completely before storing them

Warm cookies stored in a sealed container can cause an entire batch to soften from the steam they create. And don’t mix soft and crisp cookies in the same container. The moisture from the soft cookies will cause the crisp cookies to soften.

Baking en masse? Try this cooling rack hack.

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