Our Best-Kept Secret for Making a Lot of Baked Goods at Once

No room for your fresh-baked goods to cool? This ingenious idea saves the day.

Whether it’s for a school bake sale or big holiday, baking in bulk can get stressful. Juggling timers so you know which batches need to go in the oven and which need to come out can lead to even the most seasoned bakers to cut some corners, like letting fresh goods cool properly.

Wire racks allow piping-hot muffins, cookies, quick breads, pies and other baked beauties to cool evenly and quickly, and prevent steam-induced soggy bottoms. But when your counter is already covered in countless bowls, spatulas and other baking tools and equipment, it’s tempting to just throw them on a plate or in a Tupperware. Luckily, Reddit user spongespatula has come up with the perfect solution, using something that’s already in your house—your ironing board!

How to Use an Ironing Board as a Cooling Rack

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Spongespatula advises removing the cover from your ironing board to use it as a stand-alone cooling rack. The air circulation from both top and bottom helps baked goods cool evenly. We recommend using pans, paper liners, parchment or some other barrier between your baked goods and the rack to keep the rack clean and free of crumbs or grease.

Not only does your ironing board ensure that there’s plenty of room for multiple batches worth of treats, it also frees up a ton of space on your counters. Plus, it can be moved out of your kitchen altogether. Just be sure to put it in a low-traffic area to avoid any of your goodies taking a tumble.

It’s a pretty cool trick, don’t you think? Check out these other clever kitchen hacks you won’t believe you’ve lived without.

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