The 55 Best Baby Shower Gifts, As Chosen by New Parents

Updated: May 09, 2024

Shopping for a baby shower gift? We tapped our Taste of Home mamas to find the best gifts for showering parents-to-be with baby essentials that are as adorable as they are practical.

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When it comes to finding baby shower gifts for new and seasoned parents (and of course, their little ones), it’s hard to determine whether that cute toy or decoration is really essential or a gag gift at best. Do you go big with the latest and greatest baby tech or keep it practical with clothing? To ease your baby shower gift woes, we tapped our fellow Taste of Home mamas for their guidance on what gifts are a total must-have for baby showers.

According to Jamie Grayson, dual-certified CPST and internationally-recognized baby gear expert, it’s always best to listen to the parents first and foremost. “I cannot tell you how many times I would have people come in to where I worked, and they would be shopping for gifts off of a baby registry that an expecting family built based on their needs, and they would be all ‘I don’t like that, it’s not cute, etc.’ and get something else in the store,” he says.

“Or, the only thing left on the registry would be a changing pad and they didn’t think that was exciting enough. This is a list of needs and wants that an expecting caregiver has put together to help them out. Shop for them. Not for you.”

He also urges folks to consider “gifting” support when the baby is born, if you’re on a budget. “Go over and offer to clean once the baby arrives. Go over to their house and cook. Go over and hold the baby so the caregiver can sleep. There are so many things you can give us a gift that do not cost money,” he notes. There are also a few tried and true favorites he recommends if you can’t find a good gift. “When in doubt: books and Uncle Goose wooden blocks. I always include these for gifts when I have expecting friends, and you quite literally cannot go wrong with them.”

Our product experts and parents thoroughly researched and tested the following items to help you impress expecting parents—and ease their anxiety. We hand-selected gifts ranging from smart sleep tech to healthcare essentials and developmental must-haves based on overall quality and gift-ability. Babies require a lot of gear, so you can rest easy knowing these gifts are what expecting parents need.

Pro tip: If you’re just starting your baby shower gift search, check to see if the parent-to-be made a baby registry on Amazon or another favorite store. It’s an easy way for expecting parents to communicate their wish list items.

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One of the best baby shower gifts for keeping baby close, the Moby wrap baby carrier is a tried-and-true option for moms that want to maximize bonding. Each secure wrap works for littles anywhere from infants to toddlers and allows mom to use her hands while ensuing little one stays safe.

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Baby Starter Set

Baby Starter Set

Not sure what the new parents need? No worries—this baby starter set has a little of everything! Included in this newborn bundle is a sleep sack, two pairs of pajamas, bodysuits, leggings, hats, muslins, blankets, a bath towel and a wooden ring toy. Talk about the best baby shower gifts!

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Oatmeal Mini Trolley

New parents no doubt need storage solutions for their baby shower gifts, and this mini trolley offers both form and function. The large wheels make it easy to move it around the room, and this handwoven basket doubles as a fun toy when baby is big enough to walk.

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Little ones love a soft friend, but many options out there simply aren’t safe for newborns. Not so with Gund’s My First Teddy, which doesn’t include easily swallowed parts or rough patches. Gund is one of the most trusted names in stuffed animals, so expect this furry friend to stick around for years to come.

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Baby shower gifts aren’t just for little ones. Consider splurging on this new baby gift basket that’s brimming with gourmet snacks for mom and dad. Inside is a package of caramel Moose Munch, snack mix, lemon shortbread cookies, vanilla shortbread cookies, white chocolate raspberry cookie bars, passionfruit-flavored yellow elephant gummies and a decorative fabric basket that can be repurposed as baby storage.

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When it comes to baby shower gifts, this multi-functional sound machine, clock and color-changing night light is ideal for soothing restless babies. It includes 11 different sounds like white noise, rain and ocean. Plus, users can connect their smartphones for hands-free programming.

Senior Set Stylist and mom of two, Missy Franco, is an owner of a Hatch Rest+ and adds that the time-to-rise feature helps little ones adjust to when it’s time to wake up. It’s a simple feature and one of the best baby shower gifts that will continue to help through their toddler years.  

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The Realist Play Kit

Play Kit Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are the baby shower gifts that keep on giving, especially when they’re packed full of fun like Lovevery play kits. Choose from a variety of toy kits perfect for 0 to 12-week-olds, 3- to 4-month-olds and beyond. Every two months, recipients will score a variety of educational toys to inspire their baby’s learning.

Former Senior Shopping Editor, Cher Checchio, has a couple of these play kits and highly recommends them. “The kits are perfect for toy rotation and toddler development as they help with fine motor skills and more. Plus, they’re just so pretty to look at.” This subscription box is also a top-notch gift for baby’s first Christmas.

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Cheeky Changing Table Kit

Changing Table Kit

At under $30, this gift isn’t just affordable, it’s a necessity. Stock their changing table station with this all-in-one kit including four packs of baby wipes, diaper rash cream and baby powder. Created by beloved actress, Kristen Bell, Hello Bello is known for their plant-based and cruelty-free products, making it a go-to for top-notch baby shower gifts.

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There are regular pacifiers, and then there are Wubbanub pacifiers. Part pacifier, part stuffed animal, the easy-to-grasp design is an instant baby soother, making it the ultimate baby shower gift for parents and little ones alike. “Some parents aren’t huge fans of pacifiers, but WubbaNubs are so cute and fun for when babies do need one (read: at the doctor or in the car),” says our Manager of Strategic Growth & Optimization, Gina Burke. “Everyone who has seen our daughter with hers is blown away by the concept.”

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Foodie Swaddle

Every foodie will swoon over this muslin swaddle available in avocado, pizza, sushi and taco patterns. The swaddle is made from soft, breathable fabric designed to comfortably wrap newborns up like a little baby burrito. 

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Car mirrors are a must for keeping babies entertained—and helping mom and dad keep an eye on their little one while driving. This light-up mirror includes a remote to control light settings, including choosing from soothing warm tones and energizing cool colors. Senior Set Stylist, Missy Franco, who bought this car mirror for her second baby, adds: “I love that it has a remote and light up option so I can see my baby while driving at night.” 

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Every expecting family needs a rock-solid collection of iconic baby books, and these beloved Disney books are no exception. Complete with 12 classic tales including Alice in Wonderland, The Three Little Pigs and Dumbo, this set is ideal for Disney fans young and old. Plus, it’s a fabulous way to introduce Disney stories to little ones. These gifts for 1-year-olds might come in handy for their next birthday party.

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Made from 100% pima cotton, this set includes footie pajamas, a bib and a hat to keep baby cute and cuddly well after they arrive home from the hospital. Choose from three sizes: newborn, zero to three months, and three to six months. The brand offers tons of other prints and colors to match the expecting parents’ style, too.

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Montessori Toys For Babies 6 12 Months

Montessori Soft Baby Toys

Not only does this soft baby toy bundle come with 22 toys designed for teething and educational play, but they’re also pretty enough to keep on display. The toys are ideal for babies 6 to 12 months old, and they feature a variety of textures and uses to keep little ones entertained. Plus, the toys are BPA-free.

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This smart baby monitor contains a super-powered HD camera that’s compatible with smartphones and other smart devices so mom and dad can keep an eye on their little one through the night. It comes with a wall mount to capture a bird’s eye view of baby’s activity. Plus, a breathing band is included to monitor baby’s breathing—and alert parents if they need help. Everyone will sleep soundly with this high-tech gift.

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Trust us, this baby shower gift is cuter than it sounds. Gift a diaper bundle arranged like a cute little cake. They’ll get more than just diapers including shampoo and body wash, face and body lotion, baby balm, wipes and baby laundry detergent. Choose the diaper pattern that fits your loved one’s style best (or match it with their nursery’s theme!). Every parent will appreciate as many free diapers as they can get their hands on.

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Baby’s post-bathtime ritual isn’t complete without these snuggly hooded towels. Available in a rainbow of colors and patterns, these 100% cotton towels are ultra-soft and absorbent for easy swaddling.

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Baby Keepsake Library

Baby Keepsake Library

From their hospital bracelet to their favorite stuffed animal, this sleek baby keepsake library helps new parents cherish their little one’s milestones in one organized place. It boasts drawers, labels, envelopes and vertical files for stashing all of their precious moments from birth to toddlerhood. The whole family will cherish this keepsake for years.

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Give the gift of time and peace of mind thanks to this high-tech bottle washer. Not only does it clean baby bottles on its own, it kills 99.9% of germs so parents never have to worry about time-consuming (and tiresome) scrubbing—or having to worry about semi-dirty bottles. With six cleaning modes, 20 high-pressure spray jets and a large capacity that cleans, sterilizes and dries four bottles at a time, this is one of the most high-tech baby shower gifts parents will benefit from every. single. day.

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A budget-friendly portable sound machine that’s perfect for on-the-go lullabies, this device clips onto cribs, strollers and playsets. It features four relaxing sounds: White noise, heartbeat, ocean and lullaby. Plus, it boasts the National Sleep Foundation’s seal of approval.

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Funny Baby Bodysuit

Friends Baby Bodysuit

Perfect for the Friends-lover on your baby shower gift list, this baby bodysuit is downright adorable and sure to be their baby’s go-to ‘fit. Choose from a variety of sizes from 0 to 18 months old and two sleeve lengths. Now that’s one of the cutest baby shower gifts!

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We could dedicate a whole list to breastfeeding products alone. If you get one as a baby shower gift, let it be this manual Haakaa breast pump.”I will sing the Haakaa praises for the rest of my life,” says our Manager of Strategic Growth and Operations, Gina Burke. “I found this manual breast pump essential for breastfeeding.” It relies on natural suction for pumping, making it not only portable but ideal for busy mamas everywhere.

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Personalized Woodland Nursery Pillow

Personalized Nursery Pillow

The best baby shower gifts are ones that are tailor-made for baby, like this customized nursery pillow. Not only does it boast an adorable woodland forest print, but there are illustrations with baby’s birth stats sprinkled all over for a personalized design. It’s a gift parents will cherish throughout their little one’s childhood! Check out more personalized baby gifts they’ll love.

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When in doubt, keep it sweet and simple with gear to deck out their nursery—and keep baby warm and cuddly. “Baby blankets are big, and babies can’t have them in the crib until they’re older,” says our Manager of Strategic Growth & Optimization, Gina Burke. “That’s where lovey blankets make beautiful baby shower gifts. Anything from Jellycat, like this bunny lovey, is a total hit with kiddos these days.” Plus, the lovey comes in more fun animals and colors guaranteed to impress expecting mamas.

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The Skip Hop wipe-clean changing pad is a registry fave—and it makes sense why. No cover is required thanks to its cushy foam surface, making it ideal for easy clean-ups, meaning no extra laundry for mom and dad.

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Help welcome your loved one’s newborn with this cozy bathtime gift set. It’s stocked with all the essentials like gentle shampoo, body wash, conditioner, bubble bath and body lotion. Bonus: A bath toy is also included. Mom and Dad will be thankful to have a nourishing personal care set on hand after their little one arrives.

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Blisslights Sky Lite

Galaxy Lights Projector

“This isn’t your typical baby shower gift, but trust me on this,” says Senior Shopping Editor, Caitlyn Fitzpatrick. “This galaxy lights projector helps in multiple ways. For one, babies love staring at lights slowly moving across the room and ceiling. (It’s also nice for the parents as they rock their little one to sleep.)

Plus, it acts as a night light that’s not overwhelmingly bright, so when baby wakes up in the middle of the night, you don’t have to turn on the blinding main light in the room.” Parents will be lucky to have this on hand during nap time or bath time to add a little more solace and excitement for baby.

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Everyone’s favorite cozy essential gets a pint-sized upgrade with this adorable Barefoot Dreams baby blanket. Don’t be surprised when they carry this blanket well into childhood—it’s that cozy.

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The most adorable NutriBullet blender ever, the baby food prep system is equally convenient as it is fun when meal prepping for a little one. The set includes a blending bowl and motor, a mini cup with handles, storage containers (plus a date dial to track freshness) and a silicone tray to store up to 12 ounces of pre-made baby food. Homemade baby food awaits!

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Silicone Bibs With Decal

Food Catching Bibs

ICYMI: Bibs with catch-all pouches for food and spills are all the rage in the parenting world. Snag these adorable silicone bibs before your loved one’s baby shower for a quick and sweet gift.

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Every baby needs an entertaining activity center, which is why we recommend this Fisher-Price jumperoo that sits, spins and bounces while baby plays. “When I say my daughter loves this bouncer, I mean it,” raves Senior Shopping Editor, Caitlyn Fitzpatrick.

“It has different levels to fit your little one’s height, and it plays music when the different accessories are touched. It keeps my girl entertained while I put away dishes or open Amazon deliveries. We especially like to use it before bedtime to wear her out.” How’s that for the best baby shower gifts?

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The Original Boho Rainbow Bookends Perfect For A Baby Girl Or Boy Nursery

Boho Rainbow Bookends

These mid-century modern rainbow bookends put the “fun” in functional when it comes to nursery decor. Etsy reviewers rave about the bookends’ stylish colors that shine bright in their children’s rooms. Plus, they’re so pretty that they can be used beyond baby years.

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Self Care Gift Kit

Self-Care Gift Set

Baby shower gifts aren’t just for babies. Shower new moms with this self-care kit featuring body oil, soaking salts, body lotion and a face mask. Mom will look forward to using this self-care bundle long after their little one arrives or before baby arrives—the choice is hers. 

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Babies require a lot of gear. Sure, a diaper pail may not sound like a super sexy gift, but it’s an essential item parents will thank you for later. “The Ubbi diaper pail is amazing, comes in different colors and traps smells so well,” says Manager of Strategic Growth & Optimization, Gina Burke. “I especially love that it doesn’t need special bags like some diaper genies require.” Trust us, you can’t go wrong with practical finds like this.

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The award-winning Owlet Dream Sock is so much more than just a sock. It’s a wearable monitor that wraps around baby’s foot and tracks their sleep quality, like how many times they wake up, movement and even oxygen levels and heart rate. Baby’s vitals connect to the Dream App for easy monitoring by Mom and Dad.

And with access to sleep prompts and a digital sleep coach, the app acts as a source of guidance to new and seasoned parents. The dream sock is perfect for babies 0 to 18 months old and will help new parents sleep peacefully knowing their little one is safely asleep.

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The Fridababy healthcare kit is a pediatrician-approved starter kit that will be there for Mom and baby from day one—and well into their toddler years. It includes a peri bottle, newborn clippers, a nail file and a hospital bag for Mom all neatly packaged in a reusable pouch that makes for fantastic baby shower gifts.

“Upon first glance, you might be wary of trying the Windi and NoseFrida, but both are a lifesaver when your baby is gassy or stuffy,” says former Senior Shopping Editor, Cher Checchio. “The Windi provides instant relief, and the snot sucker comes in handy every time baby gets a cold, which is quite often if in daycare.”

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The Play Gym

Hello, tummy time! Aesthetic and oh-so practical, this play gym is about to be a staple in baby’s routine from their first several weeks to toddler age. “This Lovevery Playgym is life,” says our Manager of Strategic Growth & Optimization, Gina Burke.

“We’ve used it every. single. day. for the first year of our daughter’s life, and now at 19 months, we’re still using it because it has a cover to become a little tent. It also comes with an awesome book/cheat sheet that talks through different developmental activities you can do during the baby’s first year based on where they are developmentally and it’s honestly amazing.”

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Personalized If My Pet Could Talk Book

Personalized If My Pet Could Talk Book

Perfect for pet lovers, this customizable book depicts silly conversations between baby and the family pet. Personalize it with the name of your loved one’s furry friend (bonus points if you add their newborn’s name) for a gift the whole family will enjoy.

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If you’re shopping for soon-to-be parents who are short on living space, this space-saving high chair is the perfect gift. It grows with baby from infant to toddler years thanks to three recline positions and four belt adjustments, and it fits on most dining and restaurant chairs for optimal space-saving. As a bonus, the deep food tray is machine washable.  

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What’s more adorable than babies acting like adults? This Fisher-Price Baby Biceps toy set includes a pretend dumbbell with clacker beads, a protein shake that jingles, a kettlebell with rattle beads and a wearable fitness headband to help baby pump their motor skills. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on Mom and Dad’s faces. Note: This gift set is designed for babies 3 months old and up, so newborns will have to wait a bit before pumping make-believe iron.

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Not only is this simple rocker a number-one bestseller on Amazon in stationary baby swings, but it boasts more than 13,000 five-star ratings. It’s a high-quality and affordable baby swing, with six swing speeds, plush fabric and a starry mobile to keep baby comfy and entertained.  

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Both Mom and Dad will be happy to flaunt this stylish diaper backpack that includes a spacious interior, more than 10 pockets and a changing pad for on-the-go diaper changes. Interior insulated pockets keep bottles cool, while exterior side pockets offer easy access to wipes. And the backpack easily attaches to strollers for shoulder-free carrying on the go. 

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Baby Book The Story Of You

The Story of You Baby Book

Give the gift of precious moments with this modern baby book that documents baby’s milestones. The book is filled with thoughtful prompts and pockets to keep track of every little memory, and you can choose from a variety of book fabric colors to fit your loved one’s aesthetic. 

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Just like an activity center or play gym, a baby bouncer is always a welcome baby shower gift. This top-of-the-line pick comes highly recommended by our Social Media Director, Mel Matzker. It keeps little ones entertained when parents need to focus on household tasks, work or take time for some self-care while keeping baby within view. From one mama to another, “My baby loves this bouncer, and yours will too,” says Mel.

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Muslin Blankets With Felt Frame Triangle

Muslin Milestone Blanket

Help Mom and Dad capture their little one’s growth month-by-month with this Instagrammable muslin blanket. They’ll get one blanket printed with months one through 12, a felt triangle to frame baby’s age and a black and white triangle muslin blanket as a bonus.

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A newborn must-have, this swaddle two-pack is perfect for babies 0 to 3 months old. The bottom zipper makes for painless diaper changes so baby stays swaddled at all times. “What I loved most about these were the hook and loop closures,” adds Senior Shopping Editor, Cher Checchio. “They are way more convenient when you have a tired baby and can’t remember how to burrito-wrap your baby in a blanket like they did at the hospital.”

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Billed as a bottle “helping babies easily transition from breast to bottle (and back!),” these anti-colic bottles are a new parent essential. The bottle mimics the shape and feel of the breast, making the feeding transition as smooth as possible. Choose from two adorable colors.

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Infant Optics Dxr 8 Pro Video Baby Monitor

Infant Optics Baby Monitor

This HD baby monitor grows with baby through their toddler years. Interchangeable lenses give parents multiple views of their little one, and the display screen includes a speaker and a zoom-in and out option. The best part of all? It’s noise-reducing, so parents will only hear their baby’s sounds (and nothing in the background) for a restful sleep.  

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As Senior Set Stylist Missy Franco’s preferred brand for car seats and strollers, the Graco Modes Nest travel system is a three-in-one car seat, stroller and bassinet that’s guaranteed to wow any parent on your list. The infant car seat carrier easily attaches and detaches, while the stroller itself converts into a bassinet and toddler seat. The extra-large stroller basket offers optimal storage for baby essentials. Parents will be happy to have this high-tech stroller on hand through their little one’s toddler years. 

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This best-selling bassinet is lightweight and compact to move throughout the house. Moms will love that it’s designed to keep baby close to any surface and that it’s travel-friendly. The best part? The lowering bedside wall makes it easy for recovering mamas to grab their little one from the couch or bed. Senior Set Stylist Missy Franco loves this bassinet because “baby can be near mom at night, but still in their own space.”

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Keepsake Baby Memory Book For Boys And Girls

Baby’s First Years Memory Book

From baby’s arrival to their first words and beyond, this gender-neutral memory book keeps track of baby’s milestones from pregnancy to age 5. Parents can leave sweet notes and pictures as they watch their little one grow and cherish memories for years to come.

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This portable baby dome doubles as a play center and napping spot. The canopy protects baby from harsh weather and bugs, while two hanging toys make for entertaining play. It folds flat, so Mom or Dad can pop it in their car trunk and pull it out when adventure calls.

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Putska Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer Nursery Basket Set

Diaper Caddy

A most-wished-for baby gift on Amazon, this diaper caddy helps Mom and Dad organize their little one’s essentials around the house. It features eight external products and three roomy compartments, giving it versatile use as a diaper caddy, storage basket or changing table organizer. Plus, it’s lightweight and foldable so parents can take it on the go.

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Every parent needs an umbrella stroller, and this cloud umbrella stroller is a lightweight option designed for kiddos up to 40 pounds. The extended canopy and rear hood keep little ones safe from the sun, while a roll-up, mesh seat pad keeps them cool. At under $50, this stroller is sure to come in handy when exploring parks and attractions and be one of the best baby shower gifts to receive! 

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Babyletto Hudson 3 In 1 Convertible Crib

3-in-1 Convertible Crib

A Pottery Barn Kids bestseller, this convertible crib grows with baby through their toddler years—and it’s pretty to look at too. It easily adapts from crib to toddler bed to daybed, safely caring for little ones until they reach 50 pounds. Select the color that best fits your loved one’s aesthetic and they’ll be thanking you for years to come. 

For this piece we consulted baby gift expert Jamie Grayson. Jamie is a dual-certified CPST and internationally-recognized baby gear expert on TikTok with 20 years experience in the industry. He is passionate about helping parents make decisions on the best baby gear for each and every family through honest and entertaining product testing, reviews, and parenting events both virtual and in-person.