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The Best Aldi Finds to Look Forward to This August

Nothing says "treat yourself" like discovering a great Aldi find!

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Unicorn and Galactic Ice Cream ConesCourtesy Aldi

Unicorn Ice Cream Cones

Each pretty pink ice cream treat is covered in the cutest sprinkles and totally made for a day out by the pool. (You can find unicorn ice cream at Target and Walmart, too.)

$3.49 / Available August 5

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DunkaroosCourtesy Aldi


Not long ago, we were graced with the epic comeback of a classic ’90s snack, Dunkaroos. Head to Aldi for a single pack to relive that sweet, sweet nostalgia.

$1.49 / Available August 5

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Easy Home Deco Basket AssortmentCourtesy Aldi

Easy Home Deco Baskets

Everyone loves a bit of home storage mixed with adorable home decoration. These bins come in pink, black and white, so they’re as chic as they are practical.

$4.99 / Available August 5

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Kids BackpacksCourtesy Aldi

Kids Backpacks

Sunshine means fun times outside! Grab an adorable backpack at Aldi, fill it with some healthy snacks and take your favorite little one on a brand-new adventure.

$9.99 / Available August 5

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Pink MoscatoCourtesy Aldi

Pink Moscato

We love Aldi’s moscato so much, and this gorgeous pink moscato is no different. Perfect for pouring in a glass while hanging out on the deck in your favorite chair.

$7.95 / Available August 12

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Double Rotating Waffle MakerCourtesy Aldi

Double Rotating Waffle Maker

Nothing is better than a fresh, crisp Belgian waffle in the morning. No doubt this will be your favorite new kitchen appliance. Don’t forget the maple syrup!

$29.99 / Available August 12

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Chocolate Enrobed Assorted Fruit BarsCourtesy Aldi

Chocolate Enrobed Fruit Bars

Who doesn’t love some chocolate-covered fruit? Add some ice cream to the mix and you’ve got a masterpiece! Choose from coconut, banana or strawberry and be careful not to eat the whole box immediately.

$2.99 / Available August 12

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Sausage and Cheese Breakfast PizzaCourtesy Aldi

Sausage and Cheese Breakfast Pizza

Pizza is definitely one of the most versatile foods in existence. This delicious, morning-style pizza will give you a marvelous start to your day.

$3.99 / Available August 12

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Deli Fresh PicklesCourtesy Aldi

Deli Fresh Pickles

Just imagining a jar of fresh pickles already has my mouth watering. Grab a few tubs and enjoy to your pickle-loving heart’s content!

$3.79 / Available August 19

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Key Lime Sour BeerCourtesy Aldi

Key Lime Sour Beer

A frosty can of boozy key lime sure sounds like a great addition to a hot day outside, don’t you think?

$6.99 / Available August 19

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Cauliflower StarsCourtesy Aldi

Cauliflower Stars

These adorable cauliflower star-shaped crackers are the perfect snack pack to munch on. They’re even vegan and gluten-free!

$4.99 / Available August 19

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Blazin' Chicken FriesCourtesy Aldi

Blazin’ Chicken Fries

These hot chicken fries from Kirkwood are a great midday snack or frozen appetizer to have on hand. Dip them in some savory ranch for a foolproof accompaniment.

$5.49 / Available August 26

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Insulated Wine CarafeCourtesy Aldi

Insulated Wine Carafe

Interested in a fashionable way to serve up your favorite Aldi wine? Check out these white, black and royal blue designs to give your favorite boozy beverage a fresh pop!

$6.99 / Available August 26

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