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The Best Aldi Finds to Look Forward to This August

Nothing says "treat yourself" like discovering a great Aldi find!

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PB&J Bites

Craving a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but not looking to dirty a knife? Aldi’s PB&J bites are the perfect, poppable treat to curb those nostalgic cravings.

$3.99 / Available August 5

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If you love all things pickle, you won’t be able to put these down! Aldi is selling two different varieties of pickles—classic Bread & Butter and Atomic Spicy (for those who prefer a little heat with snack time).

$3.79 / Available August 5

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Apple Wine

Treat yourself to a little sweetness after dinner with Aldi’s delicious Sweet Apple wine!

$3.49 / Available August 5

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Hostess Dessert Kits

If you can never seem to curb that craving for all things Hostess, you’re not alone. Now you can make your favorite Hostess goodies at home thanks to Aldi’s new dessert kits!

$2.89 / Available August 5

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Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces

There’s no better way to upgrade your wing game than with these sauces straight from Buffalo Wild Wings, including Parm Garlic, Honey BBQ and Asian Zing.

$8.89 / Available August 5

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Frozen Cocktails

If these cocktails look familiar to you, you have good taste. Claffey’s frozen cocktails, originally sold at Costco, are now available at Aldi!

$18.95 / Available August 5

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If you’re looking for a healthier snack that doesn’t skimp on the flavor, Aldi has just the hummus for you—available in Lemon Poppy Seed and Everything Bagel flavors!

$1.95 / Available August 5

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Mini Loaf Cakes

Craving homemade banana bread but don’t feel like preheating the oven? These Aldi mini loaf cakes are perfect for a sweet pick-me-up, and they come in Banana Bread and Lemon Blueberry flavors!

$3.49 / Available August 5

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Food Storage Pods

Keeping your vegetables fresh is easy with a little help. These Aldi storage pods save everything from onions to bananas—and they’re so cute!

$2.99 / Available August 5

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Unicorn and Galactic Ice Cream ConesCourtesy Aldi

Unicorn Ice Cream Cones

Each pretty pink ice cream treat is covered in the cutest sprinkles and totally made for a day out by the pool. (You can find unicorn ice cream at Target and Walmart, too.)

$3.49 / Available August 5

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DunkaroosCourtesy Aldi


Not long ago, we were graced with the epic comeback of a classic ’90s snack, Dunkaroos. Head to Aldi for a single pack to relive that sweet, sweet nostalgia.

$1.49 / Available August 5

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Easy Home Deco Basket AssortmentCourtesy Aldi

Easy Home Deco Baskets

Everyone loves a bit of home storage mixed with adorable home decoration. These bins come in pink, black and white, so they’re as chic as they are practical.

$4.99 / Available August 5

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Kids BackpacksCourtesy Aldi

Kids Backpacks

Sunshine means fun times outside! Grab an adorable backpack at Aldi, fill it with some healthy snacks and take your favorite little one on a brand-new adventure.

$9.99 / Available August 5

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Pink MoscatoCourtesy Aldi

Pink Moscato

We love Aldi’s moscato so much, and this gorgeous pink moscato is no different. Perfect for pouring in a glass while hanging out on the deck in your favorite chair.

$7.95 / Available August 12

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Double Rotating Waffle MakerCourtesy Aldi

Double Rotating Waffle Maker

Nothing is better than a fresh, crisp Belgian waffle in the morning. No doubt this will be your favorite new kitchen appliance. Don’t forget the maple syrup!

$29.99 / Available August 12

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Chocolate Enrobed Assorted Fruit BarsCourtesy Aldi

Chocolate Enrobed Fruit Bars

Who doesn’t love some chocolate-covered fruit? Add some ice cream to the mix and you’ve got a masterpiece! Choose from coconut, banana or strawberry and be careful not to eat the whole box immediately.

$2.99 / Available August 12

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Sausage and Cheese Breakfast PizzaCourtesy Aldi

Sausage and Cheese Breakfast Pizza

Pizza is definitely one of the most versatile foods in existence. This delicious, morning-style pizza will give you a marvelous start to your day.

$3.99 / Available August 12

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Deli Fresh PicklesCourtesy Aldi

Deli Fresh Pickles

Just imagining a jar of fresh pickles already has my mouth watering. Grab a few tubs and enjoy to your pickle-loving heart’s content!

$3.79 / Available August 19

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Key Lime Sour BeerCourtesy Aldi

Key Lime Sour Beer

A frosty can of boozy key lime sure sounds like a great addition to a hot day outside, don’t you think?

$6.99 / Available August 19

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Cauliflower StarsCourtesy Aldi

Cauliflower Stars

These adorable cauliflower star-shaped crackers are the perfect snack pack to munch on. They’re even vegan and gluten-free!

$4.99 / Available August 19

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Blazin' Chicken FriesCourtesy Aldi

Blazin’ Chicken Fries

These hot chicken fries from Kirkwood are a great midday snack or frozen appetizer to have on hand. Dip them in some savory ranch for a foolproof accompaniment.

$5.49 / Available August 26

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Insulated Wine CarafeCourtesy Aldi

Insulated Wine Carafe

Interested in a fashionable way to serve up your favorite Aldi wine? Check out these white, black and royal blue designs to give your favorite boozy beverage a fresh pop!

$6.99 / Available August 26

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