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13 Amish-Inspired Kitchen Tools Everyone Should Own

If you're craving simplicity, check out these Amish kitchen tools and accessories: butter churners, baskets, cast-iron skillets and more.

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Kilner Butter Churn LsVia

Bring old-fashioned flavor into your home with these Amish kitchen tools. We found time-tested products and gadgets that help you work smarter, not harder. From a trusty cast-iron skillet to items crafted by actual Amish artisans, these picks make it easy to prepare home-cooked dishes.

Get started with our best Amish recipes.

Honey Can Do Bread BoxVia

Bread Box

If you’ve recently gotten into bread baking, you’re not alone. Save those beautiful loaves of sourdough right on the counter with a wooden bread box. This gorgeous kitchen accessory—complete with a built-in knife slot—provides easy access to slices of your favorite snack.

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Le Creuset Pie BirdVia

Pie Bird

The secret to a perfect pie? An amazing crust. And for that, you’ll need a pie bird. This old-school secret helps excess moisture escape from your pie, leaving the crust nice and crisp. For more secrets, check out these baking tips straight out of Amish country.

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Nordicware Stovetop Belgium Waffle IronVia

Waffle Iron

While an electric iron may first come to mind when you hear “waffle maker,” there’s a manual version, too. This stovetop waffle iron lets you cook waffles right on the stovetop. Go ahead and grab our recipe for Amish Waffles—and some maple syrup—then get ready to dig in!

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Kilner Butter ChurnVia

Butter Churner

Nothing beats fresh butter—and the joy of churning it yourself. While modern cooks might use a stand mixer, this handheld butter churner requires nothing more than good ol’ fashioned muscle. Kids will enjoy turning the handle—and devouring the fruits of their labor on freshly baked Amish bread.

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Lodge Cast Iron SkilletVia

Cast-Iron Skillet

Cast-iron cookware is hearty and perfect for using over an open flame—making it a top pick in Amish kitchens. We’re fond of this cast-iron skillet. Available in a variety of sizes, each pan is pre-seasoned for a nonstick cooking surface, and its durable, American-made construction will last a lifetime. Get started with our best cast-iron skillet recipes.

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Old Country Dough WhiskVia

Dough Whisk

Mixing up dough can be a challenge—especially without a stand mixer. But this dough whisk, available in both 12- and 14-inch sizes, makes blending ingredients a breeze. Plus, it’s made by an Amish craftsman. If you’re still not convinced, see why one of our editors loves this tool.

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Walnut SpoonVia

Simple Wooden Spoon

Simplicity is key in an Amish kitchen. And there’s nothing flashy about this sleek walnut spoon. It’s ideal for stirring soups, tasting sauces and serving up big helpings of casserole. Plus, the spoon’s natural walnut material can hold up to even the heartiest tasks.

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Amish Made Serving TrayVia

Serving Basket

Whether you’re serving glasses of lemonade on a hot day or fresh-baked pie slices, this ample basket makes it easy to share with friends, family and neighbors. This particular vessel was made by an Amish artisan.

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Amish Made Noodle CutterVia

Noodle Cutter

When we’re craving comfort food, nothing hits the spot quite like an Amish Yummasetti Noodle Casserole. Take this wholesome dish (and many others!) to the next level with homemade egg noodles. This Amish-made noodle cutter makes the job easy enough for a weeknight.

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Ball Canning Jars With LidsVia

Canning Jars

From juicy summer strawberries to fall’s best beets, Amish families love to can produce now to enjoy later. And this classic set of 16-ounce canning jars is perfect for jams, pickles, relishes—you name it. Check out our favorite canning recipes and supplies to get started.

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Set Of Biscuit CuttersVia

Biscuit Cutters

Whether they’re slathered in homemade jam or freshly churned butter, biscuits are an essential Amish food. Make your own with this set of five biscuit cutters. They’re great for shaping doughnuts, too!

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Stainless Steel Egg BeaterVia

Egg Beater

Grandma definitely had one of these old-fashioned egg beaters in her kitchen. And this heavy-duty version is ideal for whipping up meringues, beating batters or any other too-hard-to-do-by-hand task.

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Amish Community CookbookVia

Amish Community Cookbook

While this isn’t technically a tool, the Amish Community Cookbook will take your kitchen skills to the next level. This beautiful book is packed with nearly 300 recipes from Amish cooks across North America. Find how-tos for all of your favorites, like Shoofly pie, Amish friendship bread and homemade pickles. Yum! For more inspiration, check out these Amish cooking tips.

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