7 Things That Make Aldi Brands Worth Buying

Updated: May 04, 2023

You only see products from brands like SimplyNature, Fit & Active and liveGfree at your local Aldi. Here’s what makes ‘em so special!

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Roughly 90 percent of the Aldi brands are “exclusives,” which means you won’t find them anywhere else. That’s why shoppers can stock up at Aldi for half what it costs at a regular grocery store.

Here are 7 more things we absolutely love about the Aldi brands!

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Courtesy Aldi

They Beat the “National Brands”

“We test our products to meet or beat the national brands’ quality,” says Kate Kirkpatrick, an Aldi spokesperson (and expert). That means a product like Fit & Active Yogurt, for example, has to be able to hang with the best-selling yogurts.

Here are the 5 items you should definitely be buying at Aldi.

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They’re Customer Approved

Aldi’s customers help give the thumbs-up to 100 or so products each year.

“Our ALDI Finds are limited-time only products,” says Kirkpatrick. “If people love them enough, then we make them available all year.”

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They’re Serious About Quality

SimplyNature products have 125 ingredients you won’t see on the label, like high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and flavors, plus a bunch of other crazy things (methylene chloride, anyone?).

Never Any! is the label for meats with no antibiotics, added hormones, steroids or animal by-products. No exceptions!

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Products are Tested… A Lot

“We quality test our food regularly,” says Kirkpatrick, “and have heard from our supplier partners that we test our food more than anyone they know!”

They have an Aldi Test Kitchen at their HQ in Illinois where all the magic happens.

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You Return What You Don’t Love

“We guarantee the quality of our ALDI-exclusive brands, and if you don’t like one of our products, bring it back. We’ll return your money and replace the product,” says Kirkpatrick.

(Yes, the Double Guarantee has been put to the test!)

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High Quality at a Low Price

Aldi’s no-frills approach to grocery shopping helps keep prices low. Things like bringing your own bags, not using coupons and paying $0.25 for a cart all add up.

“We want everyone to have high-quality food at affordable prices,” says Kirkpatrick. Check out this guide to find regular, seasonal and hot items at cheaper prices with Aldi Savers tags.

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They’re Very On Trend

It took Aldi less than a year to develop their Elevation protein bars (that’s a Millville brand) and PurAqua Belle Vie sparkling water. That’s lightning-fast in the food world!

Aldi was also the first grocery store with their own almond milk, Greek yogurt and a gluten-free line, liveGfree.