The 5 Best-Value Items to Buy at Aldi

Aldi is the low-price grocery store full of hidden gems; find them here!

If Aldi isn’t already your favorite chain grocery store, get ready for that to change. This German grocer has gained in popularity and locations over the past 40 years because of its commitment to quality products at an affordable price. Craving copycat Girl Scout cookies? Aldi has got your back. Stuck with choosing the perfect wine for a friend’s dinner party? Award-winning bottles are at Aldi.

But First, Here’s What to Know Before You Go to the Store

Discover five items that are a must to pick up the next time you’re at this discount store.

1. Organic Foods

If you’ve decided to make the switch to organic, Aldi is your new best friend. With an extensive store-brand organic line, you can pick up everything from chips and snacks to dairy, boxed goods, fresh meat and produce, all with the coveted USDA Organic label. The best part is many of their organic products are a full dollar less than what you would find at other grocery stores, so you can stock up on organic foods without draining your pocketbook.

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2. Canned Goods

Get ready to stock your pantry, because Aldi’s canned goods selection is as extensive as it is affordable. With canned fruits, veggies, tuna, soups, broths and so much more ringing up at less than 50 or 60 cents apiece, you’ll be able to find anything you need at rock-bottom prices. If you’d like a healthier alternative to basic canned foods, check out Aldi’s Fit & Active line, which has products with reduced sodium, fat and/or calories at only a few cents more.

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3. Cheese

Cheese lovers rejoice! Aldi has all of your family’s favorite types of cheese in block, sliced and shredded form, plus other cheesy staples like cottage cheese, cream cheese and ricotta. Where Aldi’s cheese section really shines, though, is the specialty cheeses. With a rotating selection of aged cheddar, creamy Brie, smoked Gouda and flavored soft cheeses and a wide variety of cured meats like prosciutto and smoked salmon, your charcuterie board has never been so tasty (or inexpensive!). Here’s what you need to know about Aldi Savers tags.

4. Chips

It’s practically impossible to pass through an Aldi’s chip aisle without picking up a bag or two. Which isn’t surprising since they have almost any kind of chip you can imagine (say hello to jalapeno kettle, guacamole tortilla and sweet potato chips) at a reasonable price. If chips aren’t your thing, check out Aldi’s other crispy snacks like cheddar puffs, gluten-free pretzels, rice snacks and flavored popcorn. The one thing missing? Homemade dip.

5. Wine

If you’re looking for a nice bottle of wine to bring to a dinner party or holiday event without breaking the bank, look no further. Aldi wine has consistently won awards for taste and value from the Beverage Testing Institute’s annual World Wine Championship, which conducts blind taste tests of wines from around the world. The best part is, almost all of Aldi’s wines cost less than $15 and many are less than $10. Keep an eye out for a bottle of Cotes de Provence rose or Stormchaser Red Blend, both of which are award winners and less than $9.

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Grab your quarter and reusable grocery bags, it’s time to get shopping!

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