Announcing the Winners of Our Valentine’s Day Cutest Sweets Contest

Home cooks showed off their most adorable treats for our Valentine's Day Cutest Sweets Contest. These are the four that stole our hearts.

We are delighted to announce the winners of Taste of Home‘s Valentine’s Day Cutest Sweets Contest! Back in January, we invited bakers to submit photos and videos of their adorable (and edible) art.

Our talented home cooks came through with a multitude of Valentine’s Day treats bedecked with hearts, candies and all kinds of chocolate. Our panel of judges watched countless videos from around the country to decide which sweets were the cutest and most creative. Here’s what they landed on.

Meet Our Winners

Valentines Day Cutest Sweets Contest Winners GridTaste of Home, Courtesy Contributor (4)

3rd Place: Tic-Tac-Toe Crispy Bars

Amy Peyton from San Antonio, Texas

The panel was smitten with Amy’s edible mini game of tic-tac-toe, a cute Valentine’s Day activity that incorporates crispy bars, chocolate sauce and festive M&M’s candies. You can make Rice Krispies Treats or buy them at the supermarket if you’re in a rush. Then decorate with a chocolate-sauce board, grab a friend and use candies to play the game. (And before you play, don’t forget to wash your hands!)

2nd Place: Don’t Break My Heart Valentine Bark

Lisa Allen from Joppa, Alabama

Lisa’s giftable treat combines all the delicious things that Valentine’s Day is made of (even love!). To make it, the Community Cook stirred up pink candy melts and white chocolate almond bark and mixed in mini chocolate chips, conversation hearts and all kinds of M&M’s. The judges agreed it’s a super smart big-batch Valentine’s treat.

1st Place: Twinkie Hearts

Annie McDaniel from Calera, Alabama

These Twinkie hearts are equal parts DIY craft and sweet snack. The judges thought Annie’s approachable method was not only brilliant, but adorable, too. The creator of Miss Annie’s Home + Kitchen, Annie made these hearts by cutting two Twinkies diagonally in half and using a wooden skewer to hold the hearts in place. She placed a gummy heart on the end of each skewer to give it an arrow effect, then frosted the Twinkies to her heart’s desire! Follow Annie on Instagram for more fun food ideas.

Grand Prize: Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies

Ashley Bennett from San Ramon, California 

Ashley’s cookies are positively pink and just the cutest, cupid-approved Valentine’s Day sweet. The judges loved that Ashley took from-scratch cookies to the next level by topping them with more homemade cookies. To make these treats, she made a sprinkle-infused sugar cookie recipe, piped on white chocolate hearts and topped them with Valentine’s Day sprinkles and X and O shaped circus animal-style cutouts. Find tons more decorating inspo on Ashley’s Instagram or her blog, Bake Drizzle Dust.

Congratulations to all our winners! Bookmark our Contests page for more ways to participate and win.

Angelica Cataldo
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