These Pretty Reusable Paper Towels Are an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solution

Updated: Jul. 28, 2023

Patterned reusable paper towels are machine washable, eco-friendly and your latest kitchen must-have.

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As the Great Paper Product Shortage of 2020 revealed to us all, paper towels (and toilet paper) can come at a serious premium. Despite this, throughout the following months, we steadfastly relied on them to mop up messes, disinfect surfaces and wipe our faces and hands. As much as we hate to admit it, the takeaway is this: Paper towels are a constant presence in our kitchens that we’re willing to re-up immediately—no matter the price.

So, what if we told you that there’s a product that does the exact same thing, never needs restocking and is cute, too? The product in question is a roll of reusable paper towels—not to be confused with Swedish dishcloths—and they, which can be used and washed for years, only cost $20!

What are reusable paper towels?

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A bit of a misnomer, The Useless Brand Reusable Paper Towels are, yes, reusable, but they’re made of cotton flannel rather than paper. (Oh, and they’re certainly not useless either!) Each roll contains 12 towels, available in a number of fun, vibrant patterns, including lemons, cacti, waves and plain white. The absorbency of the cotton proves ultra-effective at cleaning up messes. The soft, machine-washable squares cling to each other and wrap neatly around the provided cardboard roll, which is designed to fit all traditional paper towel holders.

Reusable paper towels have garnered popularity in the past few years, as has the eco-consciousness movement—and that’s no coincidence. The zero-waste towels are a green alternative to ever-present disposable paper towels and, as are many reusable products, they’re also money-savers in the long term. Not to mention that they’ll add a colorful flair to your kitchen, too!


  • Eco-friendly
  • Money-saving
  • Attractive colors and patterns


  • Each roll only includes 12 towels
  • Require washing, so they might not always be readily available

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How to Use Reusable Paper Towels

When you unbox your reusable paper towels, first things first: Unfurl that roll and toss all 12 towels in the washing machine. This step boosts absorbency. (Psst! These are our favorite laundry detergent sheets.) Next, roll them, one towel at a time, back onto the included cardboard tube, then thread the whole roll onto your paper towel holder.

From there, use the towels as you would their paper counterparts. They were designed to sop up spills, use as napkins or general cleaning. (One Amazon user, Shelly Ballesteros, recommends placing rolls in the bathroom as well.)

Once you’re through the roll, run the towels through the washer. Note: They can also be dried, but they’ll likely shrink a little. Then, begin the process all over again for infinite convenience.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

If you’re still clinging onto your disposable paper towels, let these reviews wipe away your worries about switching to the the reusable variety.

Amazon buyer, Amanda Dittmer, says, “These seem to hold my natural or environment-friendly cleaning products well. They don’t leave streaks on glass or mirrors. They wash and dry well. And the pattern is obviously so cute! I even got my dad to start using them in place of paper towels at times—that’s a win!”

Another five-star reviewer, Amanda J., especially appreciates the green aspect of this product. “In my house, we have a paper towel problem. We use way too many,” she shares. “These are a great replacement. This roll lasts through the week for our family. They wash nicely, and are soft and fairly absorbent. This is a simple way to reduce waste.”

Although these reusable paper towels aren’t the only ones on the market, they’re more cost effective than other brands. “I really wanted to try to use less [paper towels], but I couldn’t bring myself to spend the money until I saw this brand,” writes Amazon purchaser, LD, “For $20, I got the same amount as the more expensive brands, and they are also a little bigger than some of the competitors.”

Where to Buy Reusable Paper Towels

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Once you’re ready to ditch the disposable version once and for all (or at least give it a try), head over to Amazon to purchase reusable paper towels in the pattern that suits your style. You’ll get a roll of 12 for $20. With a few quick clicks, you’re a couple days away from making your kitchen cuter and your cleaning routine eco-friendlier.

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