How to Organize a Freezer in 5 Steps

Updated: Feb. 09, 2023

Sick of digging through popsicles and bags of frozen peas to find tonight's dinner? Learn how to organize a freezer like a pro with step-by-step instructions!

There are endless tips and products for organizing your refrigerator, but what about the freezer? Because of its long-term storage capability, the freezer often becomes an afterthought—overcrowded with expired leftovers and messy bags of frozen food. But once you organize a freezer correctly (and with the best freezer organization products), you’ll be amazed at how accessible everything is. A clean and organized freezer makes meal planning more efficient and cuts back on wasted food.

What is the best way to organize a freezer?

There are various different types of freezers, including side-by-side freezer and refrigerator, top freezer, bottom freezer and chest freezer. Each one varies dramatically in size and shape, so your organization method and products will depend on what type of freezer you have. However, we’ve created a general list of tools and steps that will help you in the process of freezer organization—no matter what type you own (or how small it is!).

How to Organize a Freezer


  • Reusable freezer bags: Use silicone bags to store leftovers in smaller portions, or for when a food bag (like frozen peas) breaks or tears.
  • Freezer bins: Clear bins help you separate frozen foods by category or corral loose items, like individual popsicles.
  • Freezer labels: Labels track the date and contents of frozen food containers. This set of 500 labels is water-resistant and won’t leave a residue.


Step 1: Empty the freezer

Empty your freezer completely. This is the only way to see exactly what you have and to clear out the graveyard of expired and freezer-burned food.

Step 2: Throw out expired food

Spread the freezer contents out on the counter or kitchen table. Throw away anything that is expired (or no longer recognizable!).

Step 3: Categorize

Separate foods into categories, like frozen vegetables, premade frozen dinners, leftovers and baking ingredients.

Step 4: Organize by date

As you start returning the food to the freezer, think about what you reach for the most; and those items should go at the most accessible location. Then, sort them by date. The oldest items should be placed in front or on top, and the newest items should go in the back or bottom. Use labels to mark expiration dates (if not visible on the packaging).

Step 5: Use bins and bags

Now is the fun part! Place bins or baskets in the freezer for each category. Bins designated for things like vegetables, meats and frozen meals maximize space and help you locate things quickly. Use freezer bags to separate large bags, like bulky bags of frozen vegetables, into smaller meal-size portions that are easier to organize—and be sure to label each one.

How to Organize a Deep Freezer

If you have a deep freezer, like a chest freezer, things can get forgotten or lost at the bottom. Use bins of different sizes to create layers, so you can easily lift the top layer out to reach the lower items. Stack the most commonly used foods on top, and others you don’t need as often on the bottom.

How to Organize a Bottom Freezer

Most bottom freezers have shallow drawers or baskets on top. That’s where you should store your most used items and kids’ grab-and-go items, like frozen yogurt and popsicles. The deeper section in the bottom will hold the bulk of your items. Here, you can separate things into categories using bins, or create neat stacks of like items together. Store boxed dinners or frozen pizzas sideways so you can read the labels. Use stackable organizers for things like ice and frozen soup.

Where can you buy baskets to organize a freezer?

If you prefer baskets to bins, these highly rated freezer baskets come in a set of four and feature easy-carry handles. You can also purchase replacement baskets for your freezer with handles that rest on the rails of the freezer and slide. This affordable freezer basket fits several Frigidaire and Kenmore models.