How to Store Baking Soda to Keep It Fresh

You don't want to store baking soda in its cardboard box. We recommend using an empty spice jar!

When you think of kitchen staples, baking soda is high on the list—and for good reason. Whether you’re using it to eliminate garbage can odor, improve your garden or bake up a loaf of Irish soda bread, baking soda is a must-have.

But when it comes to storage, baking soda’s cardboard box isn’t actually the best way to keep it fresh. Here’s what you should do instead.

How to Store Baking Soda

Once you open a new box of baking soda, transfer it to an airtight container to help it stay fresh. We don’t recommend keeping it in its cardboard box because it isn’t resealable. Since one of the best uses for baking soda is absorbing odors, leaving it open in your pantry isn’t ideal, either!

While the expiration date on the box may be up to a year or two from the date of purchase, the potency of the baking soda starts declining six months after you open it. An airtight container can help maximize its shelf life. (If you’re unsure whether the baking soda is still fresh, try this trick.)

The Best Storage Containers for Baking Soda

We recommend a spice jar because it not only extends the life of the baking soda, but makes it more useful as well. Before you transfer the baking soda, however, be sure the container you choose is clean and odor-free so the baking soda won’t absorb the smell of whatever was previously stored in the container.

A spice jar with a shaker lid makes baking soda so easy to use around the house. You can shake it to attack burnt-on grease or use in one of these clever ways to clean with baking soda.

Just be sure to keep the baking soda away from these sensitive surfaces in your home!

Alexa Hackfort
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