People Are Making Snickers-Stuffed Pickles—Here’s How to Make “Snickles” at Home

This candy bar-and-pickle "sandwich" will take your pickle obsession to a whole new level.

Pickles are an interesting eat. Most people I know either love them—and want all the pickle-flavored foods—or are absolutely disgusted by them. If you fall somewhere in the middle, this TikTok recipe from user @williamcraft09 might not be for you. But in the chance that a classic chocolate bar stuffed inside a pickle piques your interest, we’ll tell you exactly how to make a “Snickle.”

How to Make a Snickle

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The first thing you’ll need is (yep!) a pickle, and I don’t mean one of those bite-sized ones from a relish tray. Remember, you’re trying to fit a candy bar somewhere in this pickle, so bigger is probably better.

Once you have a suitable pickle, slice it lengthwise down the middle, and then use a spoon to hollow out the inside. Next, unwrap your Snickers bar—you can use the original, but you can also dress things up a bit by using the Almond Brownie or Peanut Brownie Snickers flavors.

With the pickle sliced and hollowed and your candy bar prepared, all that’s left to do is place the Snickers inside the first pickle half and top it off with the other—just like making a tangy, juicy, chocolaty sandwich.

More Pickle Recipes from TikTok

If you need proof that people do actually love these unconventional pickle recipes, just open up TikTok. Pickle hacks and pickle treats are always going viral, and the combinations that people have come up with go beyond just chocolate. Taco pickles and ranch-flavored pickles were trending for a while, and nothing prepared us for Koolickles—pickles soaked in Kool-Aid brine.

If you decided to try making a “Snickle” at home and actually enjoyed it, try your hand at these chocolate-covered pickles.

Hannah Twietmeyer
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