How to Get Rid of Gnats in Your House with a DIY Gnat Trap

You can get rid of gnats for good with a DIY gnat trap.

Have gnats flying around your trash cans, sinks and houseplants? It’s no fun to see gnats making a home in your home! Luckily, there’s a clever hack for how to get rid of gnats, and it only requires a few household staples.

How to Get Rid of Gnats Indoors

This homemade solution will help get rid of gnats in no time. TikTok creator @brynleebruce shared that all you’ll need to pull it off is apple cider vinegar, Dawn dish soap and a spoonful of sugar. Add the three ingredients to a glass, a plastic cup or any other vessel. Stir it up, and then place the glass where gnats are floating around.

Be patient as the gnats are drawn toward the homemade solution, ultimately getting trapped in the glass. Once you’ve trapped the bugs, simply dump the solution. It’s that easy!

Gnats vs Fruit Flies

Are gnats and fruit flies the same thing? No, but the pesky insects have a lot in common. Both are tiny, about 1/8″ long. Both are attracted to decaying or decomposing organic matter, though fruit flies are more likely to be hovering around your fruit bowl, while gnats prefer potted plants.

The method to get rid gnats and fruit flies is similar, too. You can make a simple homemade fruit fly trap with apple cider vinegar and dish soap.

More Handy Hacks to Get Rid of Bugs

You can keep wasps at bay with a natural wasp repellent. If the flies won’t leave you alone, this clever trick using a bar of soap can put a stop to them. To be sure your outdoor spaces are free of pesky pests, check out clever products that keep bugs away.

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