12 Products to Keep Bugs Away from Your Outdoor Eats

Updated: Mar. 27, 2024

Whether you're looking for mosquito repellents or wasp traps, we found the best products to keep bugs away during outdoor gatherings.

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Bitefighter String Lights via merchant

BiteFighter String Lights

One of our summer essentials, these string lights are one of the most aesthetically pleasing products to keep bugs away in our collection. Half Edison-style LED bulbs and half mosquito-repellant pods, this dual-purpose product creates an inviting ambiance, both with its warm glow and marked lack of bugs. With each 36-foot strand, you receive 200 hours and 330 square feet of pest protection.

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Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller via merchant

Patio Shield

If you’re in search of products to keep bugs away from a patio, deck or campsite, try the Thermacell patio shield. This colorful gadget repels mosquitos up to 15 feet away without any sprays, scents or flames. Simply add the mat insert, twist in the cartridge, rotate to the on position, hit start and you’re good to go! It’s the perfect patio party idea for keeping bugs away while entertaining.

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Tiki Brand Bitefighter Torch Fuel via merchant

Torch Fuel

Put those tiki-style torches to work with Tiki BiteFighter torch fuel. Pour the citronella and cedar into tiki-style torches or tabletop lanterns to keep mosquitos at bay. One of the easiest ways to keep backyard pests away, this torch fuel is a surefire solution.

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Wasp Trap via merchant

Wasp Trap

Wasps and other stinging insects are more than annoying—they can be downright dangerous! Rid your patio of stinging pests with these clever wasp traps. Fill each trap with a sugary bait (we like fruit juice), then wait for the wasps to crawl inside and perish. Pair it with a natural wasp repellent for extra protection.

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Livin Well Bug Zapper via merchant

Bug Zapper

Lightweight and easy to clean, this bug zapper is one of the best products to keep bugs away. It’s a weatherproof, electric bug trap that lures gnats, flies, moths, wasps and mosquitos into its bright light and 4,000-volt zapper grid. It hangs like a lantern, protecting up to 1,500 square feet and keeping your delicious eats safe from pests. Plus, it provides up to 8,000 hours of protection, making it a bug-repellent that requires infrequent replacement.

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Fly Fan via merchant

Fly Fan

Stick a fly fan on either side of your outdoor dining table and you won’t have to waste any more energy on expelling bugs. The holographic pattern on the blades bends the light and deters bugs from flying near it. The soft-stop blades of the fan mean you needn’t worry about small hands getting caught, either. The gadget comes in multiple colors and weighs less than half a pound to protect against pests on the go.

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Murphys Naturals Mosquito Repellent Balm via merchant

Mosquito Repellent Balm

For precise protection from mosquitos, this mosquito repellent balm is just the ticket. It’s made from a blend of plant-based essential oils, such as peppermint, lemongrass, rosemary, cedarwood and castor. Simply rub the balm on bug hotspots, including the neck, ankles and feet for a DEET-free safeguard.

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Mesh Food Tents Ecomm Via Amazon.com via merchant

Mesh Food Tents

Nothing kills the vibe at a picnic or outdoor potluck like bugs crawling on the food. These pop-up food covers protect whatever fare you’re dishing up, from burgers to potato salad to watermelon. It’s a camping cookware essential. Bonus: Use them to guard fledgling plants from pests, too.

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Best Choice 9 Ft Adjustable Bug Screen Accessory via merchant

Umbrella Table Screen

Create a bug-free oasis around your patio table with this super-smart umbrella table screen. The see-through mesh net creates an instant barrier between you and flying pests, making it possible to sip your fruity summer drinks in peace. It’s designed for umbrellas 7.5 to 11 feet in diameter and features a base of fillable water tubes for extra sturdy protection.

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Zap It Bug Zapper Racket via merchant

Bug Zapper Racket

This bug-zapping racket is so fun (and effective!) to use, it’s almost an outdoor game. Each swipe sends pesky pests to their graves. One Taste of Home editor’s husband is obsessed with this zapper and uses it all summer. Bugs don’t stand a chance against this zapping racket.

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Mosquito Dunks via merchant

Mosquito Dunks

If you have a pond, birdbath or any other standing water in your backyard, these Mosquito Dunks are essential products to keep bugs away. The disks contain a bacteria that kills mosquitos and other bug larvae before they can fly, bite and reproduce. Plus, they’re nontoxic to humans, pets and wildlife!

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Vibrant Colored 6 Pack Drink Shield via merchant

Beverage Barricade

Say goodbye to pests sneaking into your drink with these beverage barricades. They easily snap onto pop-tab drinks and seal them shut. Simply rotate the doodad to the side to completely cover your drink when you’re not sipping. Because they come in a variety of colors, these beverage barricades double as drink markers.